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Re: Thread For Exchange Of Points

Originally Posted by thedevil666 View Post
Justin bieber is a point scammer. he will say u are in the queue before he MIA and come back few months later. trade with him at your own risk
Originally Posted by dyelook View Post
nice.. shit like you ask for exchange but wont return points.. even have the cibai face to pm me twice for exchanging points.. haha.. your zapping is worst than mosquito bite to me..
btw, the legendary JohnBass is much much more better than you.. fucking piece of shit, Justin Bieber..
Originally Posted by El Bistro View Post
I received 2 pm from justin bieber too requesting for points.

Btw bro dyelook, I up you 11 points
Originally Posted by HayDay View Post
Bro datou, I doubt he can provide a list of bros that up him
I upped him on 09/08/2018, and yet he still can pm me on 24/08/2018 asking for points - that just proven that he does not check and keep a record of favours he owed all bros.

I lost confident in him already

Originally Posted by jgosh80 View Post
Same here. Msg me to exchange points and after I upped his points and msg him, he sent another two msg to me asking to excha ge points. That's when I know unlikely to get anything back. But then again not like the points can exchange for money so oh well. If he does return me the points sometime this year will just as a bonus. Otherwise no hair off my back. Just that it's the principle of it.
Originally Posted by Shiofukis View Post
Originally Posted by storm3 View Post
Justin bieber send me a pm 3 weeks ago which I upped him a few days later. Then recently PM me the same stuff again. But also never see him return anything. Haha joke siol.

Honest mistake learnt. Now I will just wait for people to up first instead of taking my initiative.
Originally Posted by joelee1688 View Post
3 wks gone also n couples of PM to u. No up my points. And still ask me to up your points again!!!!
Originally Posted by ShittyAss View Post
Your bad logs are horrible. You should consider clearing your bad logs first instead of mass pm-ing people to keep exchanging for points.
Originally Posted by MerlinW View Post
Upped you 09-08-2018. No returns. Show your uplist leh justin bieber
Originally Posted by dinoo View Post
up-ed JB on 24/8/18

Great Bonks 24-08-2018 07:39 AM Justin Bieber up - dinoo

since then been receiving 2 more pms from him to exchange but everytime i reply still waiting for his return but to no avail
Originally Posted by sofiansusanto View Post
Iíve up JB on 14 Sep 2018. Still waiting for him to return points
Originally Posted by Wu Song Jr View Post
A very lame donor clone zapper that scam for points and goes by the nick Justin Bieber is zapping bros who have bursted his big ego with their honest comments ...
Originally Posted by Wu Song Jr View Post
This donor clone zapper
Justin Bieber is a piece of smelly shit ...
Originally Posted by Hanster View Post
A lots of bros are very depressed after exchanging with JB! so they cum here to chit chat !
Originally Posted by Docow1000 View Post
got a message on 7 Sept 18, upped him on 14 SEpt 18. received another PM on 14 SEpt 18. I was
Originally Posted by ml1138 View Post
Hi JB still waiting for your return points, :
Originally Posted by lonelyboy View Post
kena scam by justin bieber that loser also. lol in this day and age really got ppl scam points..
Originally Posted by sky_liner2 View Post
Despite my reminder, TS Justin did not bother to return points thou he was the one whom initiated points exchange. Heard about his bad-kind in other threads too, so all samsters stop upping his points.
Originally Posted by alantan27 View Post
Message me asking me to exchange point.
So I up his, point
Never return my point
I message him. He reply he will.up me
But still never up me
I was like never mind its ok
But he keep message me another 3 -4 times asking me to exchange Point
Pls do not exchange point with him
Originally Posted by justdarrennn View Post
yeah I up him too and didn't get any in return.
I think he mass PM-ing people just to get points. anyway, I'll up you then
Originally Posted by romidogdog View Post
I'm a victim too...::
Originally Posted by toto4d12d View Post
I received pm from justin bieber and gong gong up him. He replied back and said will up me when he recovered. This fucker is too much. All his reputation must be through such unethical mean.
Originally Posted by NorthGuy View Post
Same here too. Justin bieber message me to exchange previously. I up him and he never return. Weeks later he msg again for exchange. In total he pm me 3 times. Looking at his points now, guess he is mass pm-ing people to exchange.
Originally Posted by dinoo View Post
wtf so hes a scammer??

no wonder he msged me out of nowhere to exchange, i upped him, then he says he needs to up those bro who upped him earlier before me ... then 3days passed, I asked him again he replied with the same message machiam template ... then another 3days later he message me the same message he sent me the first time to exchange. I told him bro im still waiting for your return up then he MIA liao .. wtf this point thing also got scammer
Originally Posted by scorelan View Post
totally agree... if cannot up others back, then don't ask for points... he really make a fool out of all the samaster who up him... NB
Originally Posted by sianren View Post
Received text from Justin to exchange...after that, didn't reply nor return back the pts...

Just move on
Originally Posted by Battersea View Post
Me kanna: also....
Originally Posted by asdfghjk1234 View Post
Same here. Maybe justin bieber get point and sell his account?
Originally Posted by minibusa View Post
I also kena. But i have upz you bro
Originally Posted by Power666 View Post
Justin Bieber is still going around asking for exchange. What can we do to stop him?
Originally Posted by xiaohanhan View Post
Haha me too gong gong up him. Msg him saying Iíve up him, no response. Then 2 days later same PM from him asking me exchange points. I was like ďheck! Aiyah want up then up I donít care liao ď lol
Originally Posted by smellycatt View Post
Oh no...
Saw this thread too late...
Originally Posted by garbage8889 View Post
lol i also kanna...wonder why he need so many points, its not like can exchange for NTUC vouchers...
Originally Posted by holala View Post
Justin biebieber send me average 1 msg per month asking for points
Originally Posted by theDarkness View Post
Justin bieber pm-ed me twice asking to exchange points. The second time was after I alrdy upped him.

Till now haven't return. -_-
Originally Posted by hunter12 View Post
Hahaha.. just stumbled onto this thread.. well already up him and well, he did ask me to up again.. ��.. funny guy.. really meh? Need to do all these just to gain points?? Can exchange for NTUC voucher? Or can exchange for food??
Originally Posted by Becky View Post
Donít know why this joker like the points so much . Can exchange into money for him to piak piak ah ? Keep spamming me msgs to ask me exchange points non stop .
Originally Posted by chimera117 View Post
KNN. just up him then now see this thread.
Originally Posted by Arcon View Post
I also kena from justin bieber.. sian
Originally Posted by fauste View Post
reporting in . upped jutin bieber points a month ago and yet to receive anything back.
Originally Posted by Secres77 View Post
I kena also... he PM'ed asking if can exchange points.

Next time make sure they up you first :/
Originally Posted by chris91 View Post
This cbk justin bieber. I upped him already never up me back. Still dare to pm me again to up him.

So much points for what. He think can change money like bitcoin is it.
Originally Posted by andrew101 View Post
I Upz justin bieber on the 9 August, till now still havenít return. And PM me to Exchange Point again. Will zap him when time come.
Donít know why still
Got ppls Upz him
Originally Posted by pussylicious12345 View Post
I mean scammed by justin bieber too.... upped him and he never return
Originally Posted by bigbuffalo View Post
whoever received justin bieber massage for exchange of points ,if you bothered to reply him , tell him to up you first than return...
Originally Posted by Brunt View Post
Never returned.
Originally Posted by trama View Post
Ya. I kanna too.That fucker will always say will return u the middle after he return others who up him. Most impressive he always remain 57 missile. Kns
Originally Posted by freeleyluke View Post
Ya me also. Noticed he didn't return favour and still can message the 2nd time. Good thing never follow up liao
Originally Posted by funmeister View Post
I fell for the trick, too. upped him my humble 12 pts. a month ago...never returned pts. to me. scammed....I should know better.
Originally Posted by L0stInL0ve View Post

For An Asshole who created a thread called League of Extraordinary Gentleman, he should be named Justin BABI.

Oh Justin BABI, you can Zap me. Thank You Very Much.

Btw Justin, You want so many Points for what huh?

Other Bros, Pls do NOT Ups me.
Just here to promote the Famous BABI. Hahaha. HeeHeeHee.

Justin Bieber? Please returned all the points that you con from bros before up new bros for points ok:

New comer, DO NOT LURE by JUSTIN BIEBER high points. He is very very famous for conning bros to ups him but you could check the link below for all the threads that bros complainedabout him. Let him up you first.

Justin Bieber is a points scammer. BEWARE Click below for more information

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Smile Re: Thread For Exchange Of Points

Originally Posted by clapton View Post
Open for short x-chg

As need to return bros but got error

So have so spend the power somewhere 1st...

Hi bro,
Have upped your points, for exchange, please.
2nd round :
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