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Old 14-10-2019, 09:21 AM
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Re: Trip To BKK Thermae Bar Now!

Originally Posted by F-boy View Post
Yes I gave him tips and he gave me free popcorn
But itís saltish one so I never eat gave to the girls....

I never saw the counter pour la. I sat at one spot among the ladies and he served me
When in bars and clubs, go to the bar with your waitress, order your drink ( except beer in bottles ), speak to the bar tender on what goes inside your glass, stay and see.

You pay for what you ordered. You wanted tequila, you get tequila with salt and slice of lime or lemon, drinks poured from the bottle. Not laici, water with lemon taste and a bit of tequila that are well prepared, in trays of glasses, at the bar counter. They wanna earn more, so gave you shit drinks.

Even Hello Bangkok Club, Danok, I was at the bar, watched the bar tender poured tequila onto the glasses. Tasted a glass, tasted liked water with lime juice. Real cipet ( pardon my language ), even the drinks poured from the bottle was useless as they all diluted the whole bottle that had an pouring out opener. Told him, I wanted a new bottle with that brand. These glasses.....these good. I will not pay for diluted drinks. He looked at me.

Chief cashier, told him to do what I needed.

In O Yes Club, a basement club in Betong, ordered 12 neat tequilas with salt and lime slices. Bar tender was sloppy at his work. Head captain, took over his job. Did what I ordered. I was there, with waitress, order taker, my 2 out of 6 puyings, saw him do it. While, the head captain was doing his work, helped my self to the chips and chewing gums in salad bowls displayed for sale at the bar counter. Free food. Served some chips to my 2 coyotes.

When done, the trays were on the table, I tasted the drinks. Neat and real tequilas. Not cheated by this club.

Puyings all very high with tequilas, mixed with beer, all sanuk liked crazy. Chances of getting a few to bed with you is now excellent.

In a small agogo bar in Patpong, ordered black with nam to the bar tender ( who was the Thai owner ). He took out a Black Label. I asked him to give the bottle to me. I looked see the bottle, took several deep sniff at the alcohol, nodded my head and told him to give me a black with nam. Had several glasses there.

All syts looked at me. Owner told me if I am interested in any of the girls. Told him I worked in BKK, Pattaya for 10 years and if I need a lady, I will ask for her. Me not high so not that interested in girls, only interested in get real alcohol in me. Spoke to him in English, then talked to him in Thai when he asked me where I came from. Later, we both chat TCSS.

Please be damn steet smart in cheonging in LOS.

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