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Genie or Jeannie.....

Here I share with you my collection of erotic stories which I find interesting. It can also be found in other Erotic sites.
The contents is 100℅ NOT from me, but just added some local Flavours & Erotic Images to enhance the story.
Isn't it amazing how everyone in most of these tales is the most beautiful or handsome, has a perfect body, massive breasts or huge erections. Not me, I was an average youngster, with average looks, an average penis, though I will allow myself above an average IQ. At least that's what my test scores proclaimed.

My sister, Sue was not especially pretty. I didn't know much about her body, though not from lack of trying to see it. Usually she wore loose fitting clothes which hid her figure. Even when I did get a rare peek down her top, she always wore a bra. Being good enough to be first or second string on any team she tried out for, Sue was normally involved in a sport after school most days. 

Our parents were nice enough. Both were physically attractive, active at church, had good jobs, were well liked, and respected in our small community. Unfortunately, to my way of thinking, they were also very conservative. While they enjoyed a love life, it was a very private one. In front of Sue or me they'd kiss or hug, but they'd never in a million years admit that anything ever happened behind a closed bedroom door.

Basic birds and bees I got shortly after Mom first caught me masturbating. The mechanics of sex was briefly presented by my Father. When he got to "Have any questions son?" it was obvious, even to a kid like me, that he didn't want any. About the only information I got from either parent from then on has been of the "...wait until marriage:", or "...nice boys don't do THAT", or "'re too young for..." variety. In other words, not a scrap of useful information, ever, about sex.

As I developed, I actually grew more shy. Even though I got along well enough with my sister, neither of us knew much about communicating with other people. Oddly enough, we both tended to get along better with adults than kids our own age.

Sue and I tried to talk to each other. While we were fine with mundane matters, we both had a hard time with truly personal details. Over time I did discover that Sue got about as much help from Mom regarding sex as I'd gotten from Dad. Sue had gotten Body Parts 101, followed by a Ph.D. in Advanced Celibacy.

At 19, Sue is just over a year my senior. She did have infrequent dates, but she never found a boyfriend that wasn't totally turned off by our folk's piety and over-protectiveness. Being shy, unsure of herself, Sue wasn't a very good conversationalist. Sadly she wasn't allowed out of the house unless she dressed like an old lady. Those factors resulted in Sue mostly being asked out by jerks, and she was simply too bright for them.

Sue and I were only allowed a narrow range of 'acceptable' activities. A church social was OK, if there were plenty of chaperones, of course. A bowling alley...maybe, but a Drive In, forget it. A party at a friend's house was out of the question, unless several sets of parents were in attendance. Hey, couldn't allow any of that "wild stuff that misguided young people do!" 

Dating? Tried it, wasn't very good at it. Not being able to only made a boy-girl relationship more difficult. Having so little experience and confidence, I fell into a ferocious cycle of doing poorly on a date because I was shy, then becoming even shyer because I'd done poorly. There had been a couple girls I'd liked, but I suspect I soon lost them because I was so sexually awkward. Hey, if it was written on a billboard I'd probably miss a 'signal'.

God, I wanted to do stuff! I wanted to experiment, but I'd been totally brainwashed. One thought about French kissing, or touching a breast, and my body would almost jump because of the lighting bolt that was surely going to zap me. My reality was that I knew if I did try something, and word got back to my parents, there'd be seven kinds of Hell to pay!

From all I've shared, it might not come as too big a surprise that Sue and I were often in front of the Rec. room TV on Friday and Saturday nights. Therefore there was absolutely nothing unusual about the Friday night where this story unfolds, except that we were parked on the sofa a little earlier than usual. 

Every other Friday our parents ate dinner out after a church function. Afterwards they'd drive 25 miles to where they did the food shopping, etc. Happily, when they went out, all our little make work chores left with them. 

This particular evening, a local UHF station was having an 'I Dream of Jeannie' marathon. After a couple hours of watching Barbara Eden, I was horny as hell from ogling her sexy harem outfits...what a body! Hormones led my thinking along the lines of "wouldn't it be great to have a few wishes granted, heh, heh, heh!"

I don't know if there are many people who've never seen 'I Dream of Jeannie', but she was a bona fide, Arabian Nights type, wish granting, lives in a bottle, Genie, named Jeannie who was rescued by an of-course astronaut who'd landed on a desert island. Being a Sit Com, Jeannie used wishes to 'help' Tony, her fly-boy master. Chaos always ensued, but Jeannie was so adorable ya had ta love her.

Like most people, even though my mind was swirling with sexual fantasies involving foxy Barbara Eden and wishes, I was still able to manage a conversation with Sue. Mostly it was just a throw away comment, half question, or half just thinking out loud.

"Sue, if you had a few wishes what would ask for?'

"Well, no offense Lewis, but I'd be out a nice date at the Drive In instead of watching TV with my brother on a date night."

We exchanged 'hell yeah' glances, made a few irony laced chortles, then returned to viewing the tube. Way in the back of my brain wheels began turning. A few minutes later a 'ding' sounded as an idea finished cooking. My mind played with it, then added a few more ingredients. "Might be fun..." I thought.

Laughing a little as I stood, I turned to Sue, folded my arms, then did a 'I Dream of Jeannie' nod of my head and blink. "Your wish has been granted, Master. You have a date for the Drive In. Please go dress. Do whatever you normally would to get ready for a date. Meet me in the kitchen in 30 minutes."

Sue looked at me as if I were crazy.

"Go girl, shoo, shoo, you only have 30 minutes!"

Standing there with a silly grin, I extended a hand to help her up. When Sue accepted my hand, I pulled her to her feet. We held hands as I led her up the basement stairs, then to the second floor. Turning Sue by her shoulders towards her room, I gave her a gentle push. "I get the bathroom first, just for a couple minutes. Remember, 30 minutes, meet me in the kitchen."

Diving into the bathroom, I stripped to the waist, brushed my teeth, washed up, combed my hair, then patted on a dab of cologne.

"All yours!" I shouted as I left the bathroom, heading to my room where I threw on a nice pair of jeans and a decent shirt.

From the depths of my closet, I dug out a tape of Starship Troopers I kept hidden. Had to hide it, there was some nudity in might stop spinning ya know. Ready myself now, I flew down to the basement. Crossing the landing, I was gratified to hear Sue in the bathroom. Cool, she was going to play my game.

From a parts box, I grabbed a cheap speaker which I was able to plug into the front of the basement VCR. As if it was a Drive In speaker, I ran wire to a small end table by the sofa. Next I adjusted the TV's volume to zero, put in the Troopers tape, then left the remote where I could easily reach it. Off I went to the kitchen.

Two bags of microwave popcorn were ready in a flash. After dumping the contents into a big plastic bowl, I zapped 4 hot dogs. Even warmed the buns, then wrapped each dog in a paper napkin so they looked a bit like concession stand food. In the cupboard, I found a couple jumbo plastic drink containers from a 7-11. While the dogs heated, I filled the cups with ice and cola. In case Sue raided my room, I had hidden a Hershey's Almond bar on a top cupboard shelf. Climbing a stool, I retrieved mere moments before Sue descended the stairs.

By the time she reached the kitchen, I'd packed the eats into a small cardboard box I scrounged from the pantry. To my great delight, Sue had a quizzical look as well as a cute smile as she half-peeked into the kitchen before stepping all the way into the room.

Falling into my role as her date I said, "So, you're finally back from the restroom. What do you girls do that takes so long. Look, I've already bought the refreshments. Let's hurry back to the car, the movie's about to start." Sue gave me a 'are you for real' smile that made my night.

It was as dark downstairs as a movie theater because I'd turned off all the Rec. Room lights except for the TV. Happily it was a 27" set, so it threw a lot of light.

Directing her to the sofa, I passed her 2 dogs and a soda. Unobtrusively I hit the PLAY button on the remote. I'd already skipped ahead 10 minutes to bypass all the utter garbage commercials Columbia had loaded on ahead of the movie. Abruptly, the banner appeared and the intro music blared.

"Hope you can hear OK, you know how these cheap Drive In speakers are, hope we don't have to move the car. I heard Starship Trooper's is pretty cool...lot's of great special effects, and of course giant bugs out to destroy mankind."

That did it, Sue broke up laughing.

"Lewis, you're amazing!! This is hysterical, how'd you ever come up with all this? I'm really impressed."

Sue looked into my eyes for a time. "This is already a better date than most I've had. This was really sweet of you, I was feeling a bit depressed earlier."

Her broad smile turned into a gentle, loving one. Soft lips were kissing mine before I realized what she was doing. Perhaps the kiss was just a sibling smooch, but it did feel extraordinarily nice. Our lips pressed together for longer than I ever recalled us kissing before. Mostly, any kisses we'd ever shared had been quick pecks. Sue's kiss left me feeling warm all over. 
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Sue hadn't seen this movie. Recently I'd found it on sale, now that it was an 'older' movie. Still, since it had an R rating, I hadn't told a soul I'd bought it. Since I was concerned about her reaction, I warned Sue there was a little nudity; I didn't want her getting ticked at me. Certainly we could watch a different flick if bare boobies would bother her.

Guess she was getting into the game. "What's the good of going to a Drive In if you aren't a bit naughty!" was her grinning reply.

Before long the dogs were eaten and the popcorn gone. Pulling out the Hershey's bar from under a napkin where I'd hidden it, I said, "Guess I must actually like you, this is the last of my chocolate."

"Well, good sir. I'm sure your kindness will be rewarded some day." The earlier kiss had been so sweet, I secretly hoped for another. A warm smile was all I got, but it made me feel mighty special nonetheless.

With the food gone, we put what was left of our drinks and trash on the end table. Normally we'd sit at opposite ends of the sofa when we watched TV. Guess with this being a 'date' we unintentionally settled in close together in the middle of the sofa. Our hands found each other. Looking back, I believe it was strictly because we were feeling very good about each other, glad for the companionship. We held hands simply because it felt nice to. As we settled back to watch the show, Sue rested her head against my shoulder.

Very sweetly Sue offered, "Wish I really had a magic lamp, this wishing stuff is pretty nice."

While we watched, we were fairly quiet. Just a "ooh", "ICK!!", or "Cool!!!" now and then. When my hand finally needed to breathe, I put my arm around Sue. Enjoying her warmth, I wanted to keep her close. She seemed to enjoy our nearness as well. Snuggled up close, Sue turned her body slightly more towards me.

My feelings so far had been mostly about affection. Physically we were as intimate as we'd ever been before. Moreover I was feeling emotionally closer as our evening progressed. As I basked in her warmth, felt her firm muscles underneath her Peter Pan blouse, for the first time ever, I began to appreciate her as being a young woman. She'd actually been a fun 'date' so far; I liked having a 'date'.

A shower scene came on. A dozen or more male and female recruits were bathing together, apparently a matter-of-course event in the army of the future. One of the reasons I'd bought this movie was so I could masturbate watching Dina Meyer, not to mention a few other nice breasts in this scene. Bingo: sex was on my mind. Abruptly I was thinking about the warm, female body I had my arm around; wondering, as I had so many, many times what my sister would look like undressed, or in the shower.

Truly, I believe what happened next was a total accident. As the shower scene unfolded, we both shifted positions slightly. I suspect we both were uneasy because sex was such a big taboo in our house. All I know for sure is my middle fingertips were ever, ever so slightly brushing the side of Sue's right breast. I could just barely feel her bra within the blouse, but I was actually in contact with a female's breast! Hormones instantly flooded my system, my heart pounded. As if sitting near a blaze, I felt very warm. My penis filled with blood, I felt tingly all over.

Afraid Sue might notice my hand, I froze like an ice sculpture. My hand begged me to go exploring. God, how I wanted to cup the breast that was so near, yet so very far away. An internal war ensued. The fear side won out, my hand remained motionless.

Happily, the human side scored a few points as well. The next time Sue shifted, I was prepared. Lightly my fingers caressed the curve of her breast, before rapidly retreating to her arm as if it'd just been a chance encounter. When Sue didn't react, I felt relieved that I'd gotten away with it. Still, oh how my heart raced, how my penis throbbed.

Totally absorbed, I savored the memory of the texture and warmth of her bra-encased breast. When Sue spoke, quiet as she was, I jumped.

"Lewis, you've gone out with a few girls. Have you ever seen a girl's breast? You don't have to answer, but if you tell me the truth, I'll answer tough a question of yours."

The answer was no, but the guy ego thing, plus my shy-sexually repressed baggage made it hard to speak. Thank God, Sue was patient; I think she understood how difficult it was for me to open up. Our closeness that night helped me to finally find my voice.

"No...never seen, never touched. There were two girls I think who might've let know, but every time I thought about trying, I'd hear Mom's disapproving voice in my head, then I'd freeze."

After a long pause I asked, "Have you ever seen a guy, or anything?'

"Same boat as you; never seen, never touched...and for darn sure no 'or anything'. With me it's Dad's voice in my head. Though basically it's been due to the guys I've gone out with; mostly jerks, or very immature. Somehow I just know the first time I fool around that far will be something I'll always remember. [laughing now] So I didn't want the first one I saw to be attached to an idiot."

Sympathetically, I laughed along with my sister.

"Lewis, I hope I didn't embarrass you. Seeing those guys in the shower...Well, I caught myself wishing the camera would go lower, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I don't dare tell you what I was wishing earlier when Jeannie was blinking her brains out." That made Sue laugh. Reaching across me, Sue took my left hand with her right one. She kissed my palm, then held my hand.

Some cool action scenes came on; our attention was drawn back to the screen. Nothing more was said for a long time. Late in the movie came a scene where Dina jumps into a bedroll with the starring hunk. Whoosh, hormone flood! Immediately I was hornier than ever. Like some giant magnet, Sue's body was powerfully attracting mine.

My dreams shattered when Sue asked me to let her up. Being insecure, I thought she was upset. When she said "Pause the movie, I'll be right back." I breathed a huge sigh of relief, gathering she simply had to pee.

I'm not sure how long Sue was gone. Guess I got distracted. I didn't hit pause, instead I played the tape backwards until I could freeze a shot of Dina's sexy little breasts and swollen nipples. Quickly opening my fly, my fingers slid through my underwear to stroke my erection. God, my shaft was hotter than Hell. I rubbed myself a little bit, but soon had to zip up because I heard Sue returning.

When she snuggled up tightly against me, just as close as she'd been before she'd left, I was soooo pleased. Gently, I again draped my arm over her shoulder. Hormones instructed my fingers to accidentally graze her breast again. Please understand, I was terminally horny at that point.

Executing my stealthy move, I got a surprise, shock, and a jolt. The jolt was because I rubbed her breast much harder than I'd intended, part of my brain was screaming RED ALERT - SISTER IS GOING TO KILL YOU. The surprise: another part of my brain was shouting "She is NOT wearing a bra!" The shock: Sue had only been gone a very short time. She left with a bra on, she came back with it off. Ergo, this was no accident!

I didn't move, I didn't speak. Gradually my tension drained away as it sunk in that Sue wasn't reacting to the mini-feel I'd copped. Vaguely I realized I was watching the show, but not seeing it. Unconsciously my left hand was toying with Sue's right hand. Time passed, I couldn't say how much. Sue broke our silence. Very gently, very lovingly she spoke.

"Lewis, I've been thinking. You granted me my wish for a nice date tonight, just as if I had my own Genie. Tonight has been so totally wonderful. You know, we could give each other a magic lamp, we both could have wishes come true."

Less than a second later, Sue guided my hand onto her breast. As my hand cupped her soft tit, we both exhaled deeply. Silently, she guided my hand's movements over her breast for long enough to assure me it was OK to fondle her gift.

For several minutes we stayed just as we were; Sue's head on my shoulder, us holding hands while I explored her warm, firm mound. Even through her blouse, I couldn't miss feeling her nipple grew swell until it became as thick as my middle finger. I was in heaven, I'd never been so excited.

With my head reeling, it took a while before I could think clearly enough to figure out Sue might want a wish.

"Sue, I so want you to have a lamp. If there's a wish you want to make, it's yours, whatever it is. Would you wish to see your first penis?"

"No." My heart stopped.

"Right now I want to touch your penis, I want to explore it with just my fingers. While you're fondling my breast, I'd like to feel you. I want to save seeing it for our next date."

My heart almost thumped out of my chest.

Shaking, I slid the soft, feminine hand I'd been holding onto my now obvious bulge. Sue felt me up through my jeans for several minutes. At long last her fingers lowered my zipper, unbuttoned the brass fastener, then slid into my briefs. Sue's fingers glided over the glans before curling around my shaft.

No sooner did my sister get a slow, steady pumping motion going, then I ejaculated. Already wet inside my shorts from the seminal fluid I'd been leaking, I was soon drenched with my own semen. We both moaned long and slow as we felt her hand become coated with my sperm. My body became all the more excited by the added slipperiness and wet sounds as Sue stroked me. 

Guess Sue understood how terribly excited I'd become by her actions. When my penis finally stopped pulsing within her grip, she turned her head to gave me an extremely tender kiss.

When her lips withdrew, she almost whispered "Everything is so nice, let's finish the movie just like this." I was too drained to speak. Nodding, I continued feeling up her heavenly right breast, Sue steadily fondled my still firm penis or testicles. 

There wasn't much of the movie left. I only half watched it as I recovered. Thought I'd deflated considerably after my orgasm, I never went fully soft.

Gradually I was learning how to please Sue. A couple times she gently guided my hand, teaching me how to best fondle her. The more she responded to her nipple being teased, the more my erection returned. By the time Earth had beaten the alien bugs, I was hard, hot, and praying Sue wouldn't stop.

"Lewis, our folks could get home any time now. I'm guessing you'd like to get off again before we have to go upstairs."

Nodding, I groaned out a "Oh, yeah, please!"

"Then close your eyes, lay your head back, and relax. I think I know how to help you get where you want to go."

Sue had my erection in a golf grip, her whole arm moved as she stroked me. My sensitive knob would rub her wrist on the down-stroke, then pull across her palm on the upstroke. H baby, I was close, but just short of the finish line. Shutting out the rest of the world, I felt nothing but my sister's hand, and the intense pleasure it was giving me.

For the briefest instant, Sue's hand slid between my hand and her breast, moving from left to right. When her hand slid from under my fingers, my palm settled onto her now bare breast. As badly as I wanted to see her bare breast, there was no time. I was too busy pumping sperm to look.

Sue kissed for me the entire time I came. My mouth hung somewhat open as I fought for air. Achieving orgasm via her hand was far too powerful an experience for me to respond to anything. Though barely conscious, I tried to kiss her back, but mostly Sue just trailed soft kisses around my wet, parted lips.

Until long after I went limp, Sue didn't release me. Truth be told, I might've passed out if she hadn't stayed to ensure I didn't. By the time I was with it enough to want to see the tit she'd exposed, Sue had buttoned up again. In fact, she'd zipped me up and fastened my pants.

"We'd better go upstairs before they get back. I DO NOT want them catching me without a bra, and you need to hide your ' naughty' tape.

"Wow! My God, I came twice. Sue, what about you? Are you OK, is there something I should do for you? I don't want to be selfish!"

As she stood, Sue moved into my arms, head on my chest. "Thank you, Sweetie. I like it a lot that you're being so thoughtful. But we're out of time. Plus, I got what I wished for. Your penis felt ten times nicer than I thought one would. In case you're wondering, I loved how your hand felt on my breast. No, I'm absolutely fine for now...but I'm wishing for another date tomorrow night. I think we could both have a few more wishes come true, even with our folks at home. What do you say Oh Genie of the Lamp?"

"Granted, Master Sue!"


Videos Anyone?

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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

I slept like a log. When I awoke, I felt amazingly terrific. Seconds later it hit me that having had a soft, female hand jerk me off twice just before bedtime might've had something to do with it. "Wow!"

Eagerly I got out of bed. I needed to find Sue. I had to assure myself last night really happened, that it wasn't simply the best dream ever. It was almost 9AM. Grabbing my robe, I donned it as I headed to the bathroom for my morning routine. No signs of life were to be seen on the second floor where all our bedrooms were. Sounds from the kitchen drifted up the stairwell though.

Minutes later I was freshened, dressed, and walking into the kitchen. "You were close to cold cereal for breakfast. Lewis." Mom teased. "Your Dad and Sue ate a half hour ago. They're already out running errands."

Mom fell into a lengthy, familiar a monologue. She always had to tell me about the super bargains she'd scored at the market, any new gossip, all the chores she expected that day, etc. There was seldom much beyond a "ugh huh" for me to say, plus I was eating. Today I was distracted as well.

Now I was awake enough to know last night was real. Best of all I had another date tonight with a girl who'd allowed me to fondle her wonderful breast the night before. My groin tingled already. Last night had...happened.

During the next hour I grew nervous because our next date was a planned event. Is there something I should do, or not do, so I didn't blow this incredible opportunity to hopefully go a bit farther with my sister? I was honest enough to know how little I actually knew about being with a girl. Since I had planned a nice surprise for Sue for our first 'date', should I do something spectacular for tonight.

Christmas! I wished Sue was there so I could talk to her. 'Hot damn', I thought. How much had I changed in 24-hours? I actually wanted to open up and tell Sue about my desires and fears. I wanted to share my thoughts with someone, wanted her to know how scared, yet excited I was. This epiphany allowed me to put everything out of my mind for a bit.

As a degree of emotional calm returned, I decided to knock out all the piddling little things I had to do that day. When evening came, I didn't want my folks to have any reason to be looking for me, or Sue for that matter. I did all my chores, and all of Sue's that I could think of. I did my best to make sure Mom didn't have anything left on her To Do List without making her suspicious.

Our folks rarely went down to the Rec room. When they wanted us, they'd just holler down the stairwell. Unless of course, Sue or I had company. In that case, they'd find 20 reasons to be up and down the stairs, making sure everything was proper.

I had a large collection of movies that'd I'd taped off the dish. I picked out a few that were so bad they were funny. The kind if you didn't want to watch because you had something better to do, that you wouldn't mind missing at all.

Unable to think of another thing I could do, I took a nice long shower. Having no idea what the evening might bring, I still knew looking and feeling my best couldn't hurt. So I showered and primped until I couldn't think of another thing to spiff up.

It was still early afternoon when I stepped out of the bathroom. Sue almost ran into me. I was only wearing towel, Sue was still in her grunge clothes. How dressed up do you get to haul junk to the Recycling Center?

We smiled at each other, but both felt a bit awkward at first. It was great how quickly we relaxed with each other. I updated her about the chores I'd finished off, and how I'd subtly probed Mom so she wasn't likely to have any late surprises. "Do you still want to have another Drive In date tonight?" I asked. I was terrified she'd changed her mind.

We could hear our parents talking downstairs. Sue rose up on her toes, I got a short, but soft, sweet kiss full on my mouth. A sly, sexy smile crept over Sue's face. "As for this evening, Sir. I have every intention of 'seeing you' later. As Sue said 'seeing you' her hand briefly cupped my groin. My knees almost buckled. Sue scampered away into her room. Once I was fairly certain I could walk, and I'd rearranged my towel so my boner wasn't too obvious, I followed her.

I stood in her doorway grinning like a fool. "Sue, I'm changing now for tonight. If you don't have anything else you have to do, maybe we could talk a while when you're ready."

"Sure, gimme a half hour."

True to her word, 35 minutes later we were sitting on the front porch swing. I told Sue about the crazy thoughts I'd had that morning, about the movies I'd picked and why. In fact I told her more about what going on in my head than I probably had my whole life.

"Lewis, I'm so glad you trusted me enough to tell me all that." After a pause, Sue laughed. "The movies you picked sound perfect. You've mentioned 'Plan 9 From Outer Space', but I've never seen it. Best of all, none of those titles will tempt Mom or Dad to join us, thank God. By the way, I know exactly what you meant about not knowing what I should do, or not do. Your idea about going to the 'Drive In' was so cool, I've been feeling pressure all day to think up a cleaver surprise for you. Sweetie, just the fact that you took the trouble to worry about how I'd feel, or how you could make me happy, is about the nicest thing you could've ever done."

Sue's expression changed from loving, to a slightly naughty look as she continued. "Don't give it another thought. I'll bring the popcorn and drinks. You just bring the movies, I hope tonight can be a double feature." She winked and squeezed my hand. After a little more discussion, we went in to help Mom so we could have an early Dinner. We did.

We also got the kitchen cleaned in record time. Sue zapped some popcorn, she even melted butter to drip over it. I carried the drinks, she brought the bowl and tapes. By 6:30 we were settled on the sofa with a movie running. I'd undone the speaker deal from last night. With our parents home, I wanted the regular TV speakers going to drown out our conversion.

Before I could worry about what I should do, Sue spun around so she was laying on her back across my lap; her arms went around my neck, her eyes locked onto mine. "Oh Mighty Genie, I wish my brother to know how very much he touched me today by giving him a soul kiss good enough to curl his toes."

The distance between our faces slowly decreased to zero. Just before my eyes closed, I realized her lips were parting. Reflexively my mouth opened a tiny bit. Sue's warm lips found mine. The tip of her tongue slowly circled the oval my lips had formed. I had French kissed a few times, but I'd always felt awkward doing it. Mere seconds later, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. My tongue chased after Sue's. We took turns playing in each other's mouth. Our tongues would meet, entwine, caress, and tease. We became lost in a sensual paradise.

I broke away. I stroked Sue's hair and cheek as I smiled. My eyes moved to the buttons at her cleavage, my hands followed my gaze. I only undid 2 buttons, I saw the clasp for her bra. It opened on my second try, Sue caressed my cheek with her palm all the while I undid those barriers. I'd undone just enough so I could slide my hand under a cup and onto a bare breast. We both audibly exhaled as my palm covered Sue's pliant tit.

We stared into each others eye's for several minutes while I massaged her mound. "You may look at my breasts if you wish." Sue whispered in a breathy voice.

"I want to look more than I can tell you, but I'm going to torture myself a little longer."

"Same here. Ever since I first touched you last night, in my mind I've been dreaming about how you must look, uuummmh. I'm going to get off you, I 'wish' you'd lay down so I can lay along side you. My fingers want to perform a little more research."

Reluctantly I released her breast. Sue stood. I laid down on my left side, my back against the rear of the sofa. Sue slithered against my body like a giant sexy snake. Trailing light kisses over my face, her hands undid a couple buttons on my shirt much as I had done to her blouse. Her hand slid in, cupping my chest, playing with my nipple much the same way I'd been playing with her breast. My hand slipped inside her blouse, surrounded her breast, then resumed fondling.

Our mouths soon found each other, our tongues resumed their erotic dance. Sue pressed her groin into mine. I groaned into Sue's mouth as she ground her pelvis against my erection. It must have been a quarter hour or more that we made out that way before Sue withdrew her hand. Sue could easily sense my mounting excitement as her hands moved between us to open my pants. I had to stop kissing just to breathe when a hand reached into my shorts. I'd worn boxers tonight so she'd have better access if our date went as I'd been hoping.

Fingers played all over my erection. She spread my clear lubricant, covering the head and shaft. For the first time she explored my balls. Just once she was a bit too rough. A tiny "Ouch!" I made was all it took for Sue to adjust her pressure. Her fingers and their warmth felt wondrous.

I'd been close to going off when her hand had coated my shaft. When she gripped my penis again I moaned. "Ooooh Sue, I'm almost there."

Sue sat up suddenly, her hand withdrew. "Lewis, tell the Genie I wish I could see you now. I wish to see your sperm shoot out." I sat up, co-operating fully when she swung my legs ahead. I raised my butt so she could remove my pants. Sue moved into position between my legs. Eyes fixed on my bulge, her hands reached for the waistband of my shorts. Sue lower my boxers, my drooling erection waved in the air before her eyes. Her deep inhalation was clearly audible. "I'm going to watch you come, watch you go soft, study your beautiful penis, then make you ejaculate again baby brother."

Exposing myself to Sue was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced, I was very ready to go off. I warned her. Her fist went around me. At first she pumped me slowly, but like a train leaving the station, she went faster with every stroke. My hips were thrusting, each breath was labored, even a novice could see I'd erupt any second. Thank God a noisy scene was playing, because the 'OOOOoooooohhhh!" I made, as the first rope of white sperm shot high into the air, was so loud I winced. As much as Sue was expecting me to come, my geyser surprised her enough that her head popped back reflexively. Thankfully her hand never missed a beat.

I was well rested, had been primed all day, now I launched bolt after bolt for her viewing pleasure. Each new gob caused me to take a short, noisy breath. Exercising great self control, I kept my vocalizations to a level that wouldn't attract unwanted attention. As my flow gradually subsided, as my glans became unbearably tender, I guided her hand, showing Sue how I wanted to be fondled.

True to her word, her eyes took in every detail of my genitals. She moved in close as I softened, her warm breath felt divine. Sue lifted my balls, peered at my penis from all sides and angles. Once I'd recovered enough to think, I took a couple tissues from the box on the end table to wipe up a few gobs that'd landed about. Happily this old sofa had been here for years. We'd grown up playing on it, so it already had every kind of stain imaginable. Or at least now it did. I reached to wipe my groin, but Sue waved me off. She rubbed any puddles into my skin, my entire groin got massaged, teased, and probed.

Looking between my legs, watching a girl play with me like a cat with a mouse soon had me aroused again. My penis began to inflate in her hand. I loved the way she beamed as my dick came back to life. While one hand stroked my sex, her other slid everywhere she could reach on my body, face, chest, or legs. It felt marvelous. What my eyes beheld was so erotic that my brain became engaged in my growing arousal. A real female was entranced by my body, enthralled as she set about bringing me to orgasm for her own pleasure.

I wanted the girl before me. I wanted this young woman who was between my legs. My hips began to move with a sexual rhythm as I envisioned the girl beneath the clothing. Sue asked me to warn her just before I came. I was glad she told me, my climax wasn't far off. I was getting there far faster than I'd expected. I alerted Sue. She asked me to close my eyes. I laid my head back on the sofa while she brought me closer my peak. Her hand left my cock. It mercifully returned moments later; I'd reached the agonizing 'don't stop now' stage.

"Lewis, open your eyes." As if they had radar, my eyes went straight to Sue's bare breasts. I was just able to think how amazingly beautiful they were before I lost it. Sue correctly guessed the impact of me seeing her tits for the first time. Her right hand furiously pumped my shaft as her left formed a cup over my knob. Immediately I began to come against her palm. She twisted her cupped hand all around my glans, bathing it in the heat of my own fluids. The warmth and double stimulation short-circuited my brain. I stared numbly at each jiggling breast as my body expelled it's life-giving liquid into Sue's fist.

The pleasure washing over me became so intense I couldn't even sit. I slumped onto my side, but never lost sight of her seductive nipples. Sue milked me until I went dry, then massaged me until I went limp. I may have slept/passed out for a bit, I'm not sure. All I definitely knew was my system was flooded with pleasure, I tingled from head to toe. I felt immortal, like I'd slept for 2 days having nothing but great dreams. I understood the word bliss.

When I was finally able to speak, I thanked Sue profusely. I did my best to answer her quiet questions about what I'd experienced. I couldn't find words to describe much of what I'd felt, but I tried. I assured Sue her instincts had been spot on for making me feel incredible.

She had me get back into my clothes just in case our folks got nosy. Sue put her blouse on sooner than I preferred, but I was too wiped to protest. She snuggled against me. We stretched out so our groins could press together as we kissed.

Finally I thought to ask. "Sue, you've helped me come 4 times. Can't I do something for you?" My question earned me a very sexy soul kiss. Apparently Sue was very much in need of relief. We kept kissing, our tongues became very active. She took my hand from where it was laying on her hip. Sue guided me through the flap of her wraparound skirt, over her panties, down until my 3 middle fingers covered her clitoris. Her fingers showed mine how to make the perfect small circular massage she needed to achieve her long overdue orgasm.

We ate each other's face ferociously. Who was more excited by my hand discovering Sue's pussy is hard to say. I felt the soft, humid warmth of swollen vaginal lips for the first time. Sue felt fingers on her sex for the first time that weren't her own. "I want to touch you, Sue." My words were whispered into her wide open mouth.

"Not tonight, Sweetie. I'll explain later. Just don't stop. I'm so close. Hold your boxers open so I can feel your cock.

With effort My other hand was just able to pull the waistband open enough. Her hand slid inside, her fingers curled around me. Ooooohh, you're penis is so hot. Oh, Lewis, Lewis, I'm...I'm...Don't stop...a little faster, that's it. I'mmmmm cominnnggg oooooooooohhhh!"

Her hand clamped hard around my penis, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth, her pussy jammed my hand into my thigh as she ground her clit against my fingers. I had a weak orgasm, Sue's excitement was enough to cause me to pump a small amount of semen into her hand. It seemed like a very long time before her hips slowed. Suddenly her hips were rotating again. Sue had a second, milder orgasm. "Softer, yes, a little slower now...I'm becoming very sensitive. Ahhhh. Just gently pinch the lips together, then move them slowly. Yes, that's it, don't touch in the middle. Oooohhh, that's so nice."

Her hand fell open in my shorts, my semi-erection lay unmoving on her palm. I kissed Sue's face and lips as she basked in her post-orgasmic ecstasy. After her hips finally stopped, I still gave her lips a little squeeze and tug every so often. Her smile and breathing made it clear she was a very, very happy girl. That made me a very happy guy. I loved getting off, but I never wanted it to be a one-way street. Especially now that I'd just learned how good it made me feel to help Sue climax. I couldn't wait to get her off again.

I toyed with her long hair. Sue could be a bit of a Tomboy, but her long, brown hair was totally feminine. As I studied it, I realized it was super soft. The sheen was beautiful. I ran the back of my fingers over her cheeks, Sue purred. I was in heaven.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Grabbing the remote, I turned the volume down low. Yep, I heard our folks heading up the stairs. Checking the clock, I knew they'd go to bed now. Church in the morning and all. My hand slid into Sue's blouse so I could rest my palm atop her soft flesh. I stayed like that, kissing her face and neck until Sue felt like speaking again.

When Sue rejoined the living, I told her we could relax a bit more now, Mom and Dad and gone to bed. They didn't force us to go to bed at a certain time Saturday nights, but we knew, come 9AM we'd be out of bed to get ready for 10AM service.

I was about to wish for her to be naked so I could see all of her body. Before I could, Sue, as promised, explained why she'd asked me to not reach inside her panties.

Sue was at the very end of her period. There was something inside her and a little string. She didn't want me seeing anything but her the first time I saw her pussy. Her simple statement, making it clear she expected me to see her pussy sometime soon, was enough to make my dick jump. She smiled so sweetly when she felt my physical reaction to her words. She hadn't been trying to do anything sexy, yet Sue understood instantly that my body was reacting strongly to the prospect of seeing hers. She liked that. I know, because she told me so as her heretofore limp hand resumed its loving fondling.

Fully aroused now, I made an official wish. I asked Sue to stand so I could undress her, agreeing she could keep her panties on. Sue wanted to see me buck naked as well, so we took turns removing an article of clothing. It didn't take long. We stood admiring each other for a time, but soon our hands were exploring exposed flesh. I'd only been able to touch her right breast until that moment. I now fondled both tits, making each nipple rise. Sue used both hands on me, one rolling my balls, the others pumping my shaft.

All too soon we were both panting lustily, desperate for more intense play. Sue said she had an idea for something we both might like. She laid on her back, raised her knees, then beckoned me to lay on top of her. Eagerly I moved between her legs. I lowered myself. We groaned together as our bare flesh pressed together. It was a powerful experience, we kissed like long lost lovers. Our kisses were so intense that I stopped feeling anything but our tongues and lips for a time.

The kissing was too good to last, it aroused us so much that our hips were soon writhing. I again became very aware of the breasts mashed against my chest, of the unique softness pressing against my erection. Sue reached between us, I lifted my hips to give her access to my needy erection. She arranged my shaft so it lay directly atop her clit. She wrapped her legs around my waist, preventing me from straying from her upper slit.

Our deep kissing resumed, our hips naturally fell into the motions of intercourse. My thrusting shaft rubbed Sue's clit with every back and forth thrust I made. The clear seminal fluid I profusely drooled made her silky smooth panty material so slick we could almost believe our genitals were actually touching. Sue's hips made the small circular motions of a pussy begging an invading penis for insemination.

"Give it to me. Give to me!" Sue's body silently shouted to mine. Our frenzy increased. Moans filled our joined mouths. My head fell beside hers, my hips hit a fevered pace, I groaned into Sue's ear. I came. I came and I came and I came. My warm sperm bathed her groin, my penis rubbed plenty directly onto Sue's clit. Sue came. Her vulva pressed harder against my shaft. We humped and came and came and humped. By far this was the best sex either of us had ever known. There was no guilt, no pain, nor fear, just wave after wave of soul satisfying joy.

I reluctantly rolled off Sue. We were both sweaty, and I was too spent to keep my weight from crushing her. She was still on her back, I was on my side. I sat up also so my eyes could explore her 'down there'. Between sweat and sexual fluids, the thin, silky panties were almost a second skin. Her lips were still puffy, my penis had pushed the material between her vaginal lips deep enough that an image of her pussy was unmistakable. I couldn't resist running my finger tips all over her magical swollen area. Sue purred as I lightly stroked her.

As much as we never wanted to stop, unspoken, we geared our intimacy for parting. We'd shared many firsts, were both sexually satisfied, and it was getting late. I lay beside Sue a while longer. We held each other, exchanged affectionate kisses while whispering words of appreciation.

Even though my self-confidence had soared from these two 'dates', I still had to know one thing. "Sue, do I still have any wishes left? I won't sleep tonight unless I know this isn't our last date. I adore your body, I want more wishes. I've never felt this happy before, making out with you has been better than any fantasy I've ever had."

"You have lot's and lot's of wishes. As long as I have wishes, so do you." It was several minutes before I spoke again. It's hard to speak with 2 tongues in your mouth.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Excellent story bro, please cuntinue soon…
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Supporting and hope to read more.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Sunday's are pretty busy days at our house. Church in the morning, followed by a huge family dinner. Every Sunday without fail. I suspect if I died on a Saturday, I'd still be expected at both events the next day. Church is OK, we have a good preacher who mostly gives his flock a good weekly message. Our last minister seemed far more interested in preaching at us, telling us what we 'should be' doing, while this guy offered inspirational ideas for being a better person.

Sunday dinner is always a mini-Thanksgiving. Lots of good home cooked foods, needing plenty of preparation and clean up. Our Sundays are a nice family tradition, but it left me little time to talk to Sue. I also had some school work to finish up since I hadn't been able to concentrate worth a damn since Friday night.

After our bellies were stuffed, and the kitchen was clean, I was able to drag Sue out to the porch swing. I couldn't do what I wanted to do, so I sat like a gentleman. During the day there wasn't a lot of privacy around the house, so I contented myself with surreptitious finger mingling. Having gotten a taste of sex with a real female, I dreaded having to wait until Friday to make out with Sue. To make things worse, we were discouraged from spending much time in the Rec. Room during the week.

Apparently Sue was as frustrated as I was about a lengthy interlude. She allowed me to speak first. We agreed we had to be very careful around the house. Not getting caught was paramount, but not acting like we were anything more than siblings was also critical. Looking very proud of herself, Sue informed me she 'wished' to go to the park for a little exercise tomorrow. It was suggested I wear sweats, be ready around 5..."If I wanted to see her bare butt."

Since it just so happened that I was dying to finally get a solid look at Sue's naked tush, 5PM Monday found me ready to go in more than one way. Lord be praised, the weatherman was dead on, it was a lovely Spring afternoon. I like to be truthful whenever possible, yet still have a life. We told Mom we were going to walk in the park, and we did. We walked up a little used Nature Trail. It had several short trails branching off to individual picnic sites that no one would be likely to use on a Monday.

The moment we seemed to be alone, our arms were around each other's waist. We both knew this trail well. Basilone Park was only a block from home. There were several trails, we were on the longest one. It'd be busy on weekends, but deserted during the week because most joggers went for the shorter trails before dinner time. I knew the perfect branch to take, I'd explored them all many times. We headed up the third branch on the left, it had a couple of short, worked logs that served as benches, plus a single picnic table.

Spotting a broken branch, I moved a bunch of dried leaves onto the trail behind us at the top of the path leading to our secluded spot. If anyone walked onto this side path, we'd at least have fair warning. The moment we stepped into the cleared area, we were in each other's arms. Our first kiss went straight to passionate. Our tongues were eager to make up for 48 hours separation. Before our kiss broke, my hands went under her sweat top, under her bra cups, until each held a warm, pliant breast. Sue ran her hands under my top, they roamed my chest, tummy and back.

How long did we stand there making out? Five minutes, fifteen? Not sure. I only know when we came up for air, our motors were running flat out.

"Oooooh, that was worth waiting for Sweetie. If it's Ok with you, I'll lead this dance. You were so clever Friday night, I want to surprise you with my brainstorm."

"I'm in your hands, Sue. Soon I hope." I said with my best 'I want you' expression.

"For starters, I do believe my brother wants to see what's inside my pants?" 

"Oh, God yes!!"

Adopting the most sultry smile I'd ever seen from Sue, she stepped to the picnic table. Turning her back to me Sue's hips began a dance-like circular motion. Her hands cupped her breasts, then slid at a teasing snail's pace to her pant's waistband. I had no idea it could ever take so long to lower a pair of pants. Just a hint of her cheeks finally showed, then enough that her crack was identifiable. She hadn't worn panties, my racing heart beat faster still. Slowly, slowly, slowly a magnificent female ass was revealed, the first my eyes had ever feasted on. I reached into my pants, seeking some relief.

"Lewis, wait. I have something special for you soon." I suspect I wore a sheepish expression as I withdrew my hand. "Enjoying the show?" I rolled my eyes, but they quickly returned to Sue's athletic bubble butt. "I hope you're enjoying yourself, 'cause it's your turn next. I've wondered about your buns more than once, I know you're in good shape. You've got a very nice body little brother."

I was hoping Sue would bend over, I was dying for my first look at her pussy. I had to wait, she stayed too vertical for me to see much. Her buns were too full and firm to spot her anus, but I could glimpse wisps of pubic hair peeking out below her cheeks at times. I made a mental note to 'wish' her to walk ahead of me on the way out with hers pants down. I had to see her ass rolling unencumbered, as God made her, it had to be an inspiring sight. I'd seen Sue in shorts or a swimsuit that hinted at the beauty I beheld, but I never suspected she had such an incredible derriere!

With a giggle, Sue jerked her sweats up. "OK, Buster, my turn. I want you to lean over the table and drop 'em. Don't even think about hikin' 'em up 'til I say so either!" My jaw flapped a couple times, but I couldn't think of a thing to say. So, I took Sue's place at the table.

Clenching my cheeks, I looked over my shoulder so I could watch her face. Slowly, but steadily, my bottoms went South. Only my briefs remained. I pulled the front of my briefs over my boner, parking it below my balls. Now I was able to slowly lower the back of my underwear until it fell down into my half off sweats. I was gratified by the lust and admiration I saw on Sue's face. "Lewis, you have the butt I've always dreamed of. God it's sexy. Please bend over the table, I want to see your balls hanging in the air. That's been a fantasy of mine, like forever."

Sue stepped in close behind me. Her hands came to rest on my lower back. Pressed flat, they slowly moved lower, kneading my flesh until she'd felt up my buns from top to bottom several times. "Uuuummmm, Lewis you feel so nice."

I'd sounded a number of low moans as she massaged my butt. What she did next made me groan long and loud. While running just her fingertips all over my tush, she slid a flattened palm down my crack, over my balls, down my erection, then pumped my shaft from behind, right between my spread legs. It felt incredible.

When my hips began humping the air, Sue slowed to a stop. She explained she had something special planned, so she didn't want me to come yet. Turning to face her as she asked, Sue gripped my shaft again. On tip toes, she kissed me. Her tongue wormed into my mouth, she pumped my cock, but just barely. Just enough to keep me fully aroused.

Using her free hand, Sue placed my right hand on top of her left breast. I fondled her through her top and sports bra, her nipple soon rose to meet my fingertips. She'd kept her hand atop mine, it now urged my hand lower, down the curve of her breast, over the flat of her belly. Sue broke our kiss, then stood flat-footed again. Looking deeply into my eyes, "I believe we're about to both have a wish come true. The hand on my cock moved to her waistband. She pulled it out, then guided my hand down her abdomen until my fingertips felt the tickling of pubic hair.

"Touch anywhere you want Sweetie, just don't go inside me for now. OK?" I nodded dumbly. Our eyes remained locked as my fingers sank lower. As I reached the top of her folds, I began massaging the hot, humid flesh as I discovered it. Sue resumed almost imperceptibly stroking my drooling penis. I slipped a finger between her folds, sliding over every bit of warm, slippery, hidden flesh. My fingertip discovered the entrance to her vagina. I swirled my fingertip around the opening, but respected her wish to not penetrate her.

I'm sure the facial contortions I observed, as bolts of ecstasy hit Sue, were mirrored on my face. Seeing her pleasure heightened my own. It was heady stuff knowing I could make Sue feel intense joy and pleasure. Our mounting excitement fed off of each other.

I'd never felt anything as wonderful as pussy. Everything about it was astounding. I was overwhelmed by the texture, softness, her natural lubrication, the humidity, everything! I'd never touched a pussy before, yet when I cupped her puffy lips, it felt as familiar as if I'd touched Sue a thousand times.

The hand on my cock warned Sue I was getting very excited. She covered my hand from outside her sweats, stopping my movements. "Ready to see what you're touching, Sweetie?" I suspect if Sue hadn't released my erection that very second, I'd have ejaculated.

"Oh, God Sue yes. Please." She took my hand out of her pants. Looking me in the eye again, she licked my palm. I felt my knees weaken. I reached to pull up my pants, Sue stopped me with "No, leave 'em down. I want to look at your penis, just like you want to see between my legs."

Sue asked me to kneel at the end of the picnic table, then close my eyes. When she said open them, I was staring at her beautiful pussy. Her sweats were around her ankles, she'd spread hers legs wide, and leaned back on her elbows. I saw everything. Her slit was parted enough for me to see pink flesh between her lips. Her butt crack and some cheek showed below her vagina. A light covering of brown fur surrounded her engorged folds, a sexy triangle of it adorned her mound and above.

I leaned towards her. I caught hints of her scent, which set my cock to bobbing. "Sue, I've heard guys talk about eating pussy. Now I know why, you look delicious. I want to eat you Sue."

Sue groaned at length as I spoke. "Lewis, love, not now. I am dying to feel your mouth down there, but not now. I have something special for us to try. I think we're more than ready now." She hiked her pants up just enough to walk a couple feet to a flat square stone that was part of a fire pit. Standing on it raised her about 3". She released her pants, then beckoned me. I duck-walked to her with my pants at my knees.

Sue adjusted me until I was very close, facing her, yet not quite touching. She spread her folds, then closed her legs until only a little gap below her pussy remained. Her breathing was labored, as was mine. Both our bodies were at a fever pitch.

"Lewis, push your penis into this little open space." Sue looked down with me as we watched my erection disappear straight ahead between her legs. Hissing air, I moaned as my crown rubbed along the slick inner flesh of her slit. When she took her hands away, the folds closed around my shaft a bit like a bun around a hot dog.

Placing my hands on her rump, Sue grabbed one of my buns in each hand. As her face got closer to mine, her mouth was opening for a tongue kiss.

"Lewis, I'm betting it feels like you're inside me."

My eyelids drooped. Nodding once slowly, I watched her mouth move ever closer. 

"Then make love to me, come between my legs. Rub my clit with that beautiful hard cock."

Sue's tongue slid into my mouth, my cock pulled back a couple inches. Her tongue pulled back, my penis plunged ahead.

I tightened my lips into a circle, Sue fucked my mouth as I fucked her gap. We moved very deliberately for the first dozen strokes, but eventually my body demanded that I speed up. Already my entire groin felt as if an electric current was running through it.

Sue had guessed correctly, my virginal body swore my penis was inside a pussy for the first time. The way her tongue was spearing my lips, I was feeling as if I was being screwed by her as well. Our love making was far more than my immature system could cope with.

After only a few more strokes I was pumping sperm between my sister's legs. Every part of her pussy and thighs was soon coated with my slippery semen. As my penis continued to swell, her gap became slicker, warmer, tighter. Her squirming simulated a convulsing vagina, my dick was literally in heaven.

Sue was writhing right along with me as my shaft and glans gave her protruding clit tremendous stimulation. Once my warm fluids were added to the other stimulation caused by my penis rubbing along her slit, Sue experienced a series of major to minor orgasms over the next few minutes.

Understand that I hadn't come since Saturday night. At that moment, I'd never been so turned on in my life. Presumably that's why I pumped sperm for quite a while. Assuredly, most of it shot out during the first 5 or 6 spurts, but small pearls continued forming for many, many strokes. Even when I ceased ejaculation, I remained hard and swollen for many minutes. Never wanting that soul-searing orgasm to stop, I humped into Sue until I became so hyper-sensitive that my knees would buckle from the aftershocks.

At some point we had fallen into French kissing. Even after I stopped moving, we still fondled our partner's butt. Looking back, I was so absorbed by the sensations from my penis actually rubbing against Sue's pussy, that I hadn't had enough brain function left to appreciate feeling up her sexy ass for the first time. However, as our orgasms progressed, mine was heightened all the more as I became aware of the muscles in her cheeks flexing sensuously. Her body begged my body a hundred ways to produce sperm; my body had responded completely.

Apparently we both loved feeling each other's butts. Considerable time elapsed while we stood soul kissing, kneading away longer than we should have. At last Sue reminded me to check the time. DAMN! We had to go.

Despite feeling thoroughly drained, I still had Sue walk ahead of me going back, for as long as it was safe, with her bare ass exposed. Each sexy twitch of her buns made my heart race. That night I saw her tight, toned, tush waggling in my dreams.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Sure hope TS will update more soon, this story is nice.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

During most weeks, Sue and I both were committed to several school related activities, so it was common for one or both of us to get home just before dinner time. Thus we hadn't been able to see each other alone for more than a few minutes since our 'walk' in the woods two nights earlier. Tonight we planned on getting together in Sue's room at 9 sharp.

Every Wednesday, from 9 until 10, our folks watched a program on a local religious channel in the Living Room, they NEVER missed it. Knowing for 60 minutes we'd be undisturbed, Sue and I planned on trying out a few things from our wish lists.

Between 8 and 9 Sue and I each took our evening showers. After drying off, I donned PJ's and my robe. Sue wore her robe with nothing underneath. As a precaution, she laid out the extra-long school T-shirt she sometimes wore to bed. At least Sue could always claim she was just changing for bed if she had to.

My PJ bottoms were fastened with 2 snaps, 'pop' 'pop' and my goodies would be hanging free. Our folks always walked slowly up the stairs, so if we heard them coming, with Sue's door closed, we'd have to have at least 20 seconds to get 'dressed'. More than enough time for me to stand, redo my bottoms, then close a robe.

We even rehearsed a real story about someone we both knew from school. In a pinch we could say we'd been discussing him privately, should we ever have to explain why I was in Sue's room with the door closed. While it seemed unlikely we'd ever need to cover our asses, literally, good planning usually pays off.

Now you know why at 8:58 I slipped into Sue's room with lust in my heart. The moment the door closed, my sexy sister was in my arms. By 8:59 my tongue was in Sue's mouth, my hands each held a soft, warm breast, and Sue had a hand through my fly, stroking my already rising erection. At 9 sharp, I waltzed Sue to her bed.

"God help me Lewis, only 2 days, but I'm horny like I never thought I could be."

Breathing hard already, I confessed I'd been getting hourly boner's since Tuesday morning. 

"Sweetie, Monday night you said you wanted to eat me. Do you still feel that way. Do you still wish you could eat my pussy?"

Making a begging puppy dog face answered her question, and made her laugh. 

"Fantastic, 'cause I want you to eat me tonight. I'm dying to feel your mouth between my legs, plus I have another reason. I'll explain Friday night. I also have a surprise for right now."

Sue moved into a reclining position on her bed. Laying on her side, she opened her robe, then raised a knee, which gave me a heart stopping view of her totally naked body, especially her pussy. To my untrained eyes she appeared pretty aroused already. She looked wet, her slit was open, plenty of pink flesh was showing. My dick began bouncing, which made her grin; Sue flashed a very naughty smirk I might add.

Just as I made a move towards her, Sue's voice paused me.

"Sweetie, I also have a wish for tonight. I want to feel your penis in my mouth. I want to suck you till you come, I want you to shoot it into my mouth."

My expression must've been a Kodak moment.

"Lewis, I've heard enough about 69 that I want to try it. Maybe I won't like swallowing your sperm, but some girls like it, so I want try it for myself. Besides, I want this to be perfect for you as well; you won't have to worry about anything but eating me, simply come whenever you feel like it. Now get over here and lay down, big sister wants your dick."

Guess how fast I got onto my side, with my cock pointing as Sue's face, and my eyes boring into her bush! God, just inches away from heaven!

'Pop' 'pop', Sue had my PJ's wide open. For a couple minutes, we teased and caressed each other's genitals. On instinct, I opened her wide: I was fascinated by how intricate her sex actually was. Her pussy was amazing, pure and simple. Because I had a couple old Penthouse and Playboys [from before they got into silicone boobs, which I despise], I'd seen a few good bush shots, but I had no idea what a pussy really looked like. Wow! Eagerly I poked and probed until I was sure I'd seen everything in her little wonderland.

Finally I found a position, that was comfortable, where I could use both hands to hold her furry slit open. Resting my head on Sue's warm left thigh, my tongue slid into her slippery slit. My penis went crazy the instant I first tasted her. Jeez I loved eating her pussy. My tongue ran up one side of her slit, then back down the other, repeating the circuit several times, then I froze.

Without warning me, Sue had just taken my cock into her mouth. Abruptly her pursed lips had slid down, engulfing my shaft as if it was sinking into the oh so warm vagina I'd been avidly licking. My brain was being fried; I had no idea I could experience such pleasure.

The idea of my penis being in my sister's mouth had excited me many times during masturbatory fantasies, but the reality was the difference between a grain of sand and a beach. Groaning like I never had before, my body went limp. Though I fought to not move, my hips defied me by gently thrusting at Sue's face. Thank God I managed not to choke her, but it required a major effort to prevent my hips from thrusting.

A wave of gratitude closely followed the flood of bliss. Instinctively I sought to repay my rapture by returning my attention to the delicious feast before me. Redoubling my efforts, I used my tongue and lips every way I could imagine to excite Sue. I sucked on her clit, I licked everywhere I could. Responding to my probing tongue, Sue's hole soon opened up for me. Finally it dawned on me that I could use my tongue like a small penis. Following a couple test dips, I began probing her hole with my tongue stiffened.

Though I barely realized it, our hips were actually moving to the rhythm of sex; gently to be sure, but steadily, insistent. Boy was I grateful for what Sue had told me earlier. In the back of my mind, I understood that the contents of my testicles was about to travel through my penis, then into Sue's sweet mouth. Part of my mind focused on the pleasure growing in my groin, part remained intent on trying to help Sue have a magnificent orgasm.

The most intense orgasm of my life was building to release. My hips were unrelenting. We both felt my cock swell to it's max. Sue had a hand on my steel hard butt, the other fondled my sac.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt; I emptied my store of semen into my sister's body for the first time. As profound as the pleasure was, the realization that my sperm was going inside a real female body, doubled the intensity level.

Sue moved her mouth so just my knob was being sucked as her first orgasm hit. Her hips writhed around my tongue; I simply pushed it deep into her hole, then did my best to keep it inside her while her hips jerked. Meanwhile, my hips locked into a forward thrust, only jerking an inch or so as my flow continued, but tapered off.

Gradually my cock softened to half it's angry size. Sue took all of me back into her mouth, that felt soooooo damned good.

Her relaxed hips informed me when her orgasm had subsided. While her big 'O' had indeed finally tapered off, when I sucked her clit into my mouth to beat it with my tongue, her "mmmmfff" sounds and renewed pelvic rhythms assured me she was coming once again, stronger than before.

The hand on my butt moved to the back of my head, Sue held me where she needed me as I rode out her second sexual storm.

After Sue had come, her already tasty treat seemed all the sweeter to me. Sucking up every drop of her that I could find, I steadily searched for more. Still munching away at her muff, my penis managed to regain it's former glory. My glans once again sought Sue's warm depths. My talented sister was soon taking me into her throat, her chin would touch my sac when I pushed at her face.

The tingling returned. I felt all the signals that I'd soon be enjoying another glorious ejaculation. Happily, Sue's aroused slit was staying fairly wide open on its own, so I sent my right hand around to play with her buns. Unintentionally, my middle finger discovered her anus. I massaged it, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but that contact drew a strong reaction from Sue. Orgasm was quickly approaching for both Sue and I, we were definitely feeding off each other's excitement again.

Mimicking me, Sue's finger located my anus, then swirled around the tiny pucker. We made good lovers, Sue and I both got excited by finding new ways to arouse our partner. Within seconds of discovering a new erogenous zone, we were coming against each others face. Judging by her writhing, Sue experienced her best climax yet; mine was almost as strong as the first.

To avoid getting lost in our lust, Sue had changed the weekend alarm setting on her clock-radio for 9:50PM. Since it hadn't gone off yet, we took our time. Leisurely we sucked or licked each other to ease our way down from the pleasurable heights we'd just reached.

As soon as the moment seemed right, I swung around so we could kiss. While moving, I checked the clock; only 40 minutes had elapsed. Before we forgot, we performed a quick inspection; as planned, our robes had caught any dampness, so her bed was telltale leakage.

So we could enjoy some after-sex type kissing, I laid next to Sue. Our hands gently caressed here and there while our tongues slow-danced. Already we were looking forward to Friday and our next date. Despite bugging her for more information about her planned surprise, Sue held fast.

The radio quietly came to life, the Associations 'Cherish' came on mid-tune, bringing a knowing smile to our faces. Slowly we stood, fixed our robes, then checked each other for any especially noticeable stains.

Standing on her toes, she gave me a last sexy kiss, then sent me back to my room with a half pat, half fondle of my butt.

More Videos Surprises......
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

really like your story ts... it's a nice read... share more soon please...
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Friday at last, yeahhhhh! Somewhere tonight between 6 and 6:30 our parents should leave the house. By prying I learned they had a Buy One, Get One dinner coupon for a nice restaurant. That meant a long dinner, extra travel time, plus their usual church event, grocery shopping, plus their weekly errands would keep them out until midnight easy, more likely 1AM. Thank God for 24 hour shopping. They got to avoid crowds, we got to avoid being caught naked together.

Around 5PM I spotted Sue coming out of the bathroom in her robe as I was walking upstairs. She waited near her bedroom door for me.

"Where are the folks?" She looked so innocent asking. When I replied that they were downstairs, she flashed me an evil grin, then her entire naked front. I caught a quick glimpse of boobs and bush before the robe snapped closed.

"There should be plenty of hot water left, unless you need a cold shower, little brother. You may want to be squeaky clean pretty soon, hint, hint." Following a coy batting of her eyelashes, Sue added, "If you want your surprise, come to my room when the folks leave."

Already feeling sticky due to a late afternoon classroom that had been way too hot, I did hit the shower the moment Sue headed into her room.

After changing into jeans and a T-shirt, I made sure Mom saw me take out the garbage, walk the dog, and every other routine chore that might tempt her to delay their departure to insure I wasn't goofing off. Of late, Sue and I had behaved like 'perfect kids' so they'd tune us out. Certainly we didn't want our folks watching us too closely. Mercifully our plan seemed to be working.

At 6:18 they left for their usual night out. At 6:18:15 I was knocking on Sue's door. "They're gone!"

In a flash Sue's door flew open, then Sue flew into my embrace. We actually held hands as we walked into our parent's room. From the nearest window we could see a great distance, far enough down the road to be sure Mom hadn't forgotten something and made Dad turn around. A mutual "Yes!!" could be heard as their SUV drove out of sight.

Reaching for Sue, I got a sharp "NO!". "If you want to have any chance for fun tonight, go straight to your room, undress, sit on your bed, and wait for me. Or ELSE." That said, she abruptly turned, heading for her room.

For sure I was stunned, but upon a moment's reflection I was sure I hadn't done anything to tick her off. So mentally I shrugged my shoulders, then went about following her instructions; once stripped, I sat on the edge of my bed awaiting her arrival.

Each second seemed an eternity, but actually I didn't to wait have very long. Moments later Sue strolled in. Unsure of my role, I waited for her to speak. 

"Thank you, Lewis. You look sexy as hell little brother. Sorry if I rattled you, but I wanted to see you naked without a hard on. As a reward, I'm going to do a strip for you; I wanted to be able to watch your limp dick come to life. Forgive me?"

The warm, sexy smile Sue flashed would have melted a snowman. Grinning, I spread my legs, then leaned back on my elbows, eager for her show.

To silent music that I could almost hear, Sue performed a slinky, seductive dance in place. Button by button, she opened her blouse. Once exposed from her chin to her sexy navel, she pulled the shirt tales out of her skirt, but kept the opened blouse on.

While she swayed to the music in her mind, I caught glimpses of one cup then the other. My sister had a very sexy 'inny' navel; her tight, flat tummy showed it off nicely. The zipper on the side of her skirt was lowered at a snail's pace. Hips swaying, she completed two full circles before the button above the zipper was undone. Allowing her skirt to fall, Sue kicked it to me.

Red silky looking panties drew my eyes like a moth to a flame. Yummmm! Undoing the center clasp of her bra forced my gaze higher. Using serpentine motions, her hands slithered behind her head; feet stationary, her hips swung sensuously side to side. Though the cups still hung in front of her breasts, I was treated to peeks of the cleavage-side skin on both breasts. Sue has cone shaped tits, they're so firm they kept even the loosened cups pretty well in place.

Man I adore her breasts. Sue has mid-sized mammary glands, which to my taste, are magnificent. Unlike the plastic looking Barbie Doll fake boobs that ruin so many nice bodies, Sue's had a magic Jello-like sway to them that make my knees weak. They're capped with mouth-watering puffy areolas. Realizing I'd never had the chance to nurse on her, suckling my sister became my number one wish for the night. Her nipples appeared average sized, but I'd noticed they got very fat and juicy looking when aroused.

Turning, she watched my face over her shoulder as she dropped her panties around her ankles. Her shirt kept her buns hidden until she crossed her arms, then bent forward from the waist. Thank God she stood straight up fairly soon, I think my heart was stopped as the electrifying image of her cheeks, crack and puckered vaginal lips was seared into my horny male brain.

Momentarily I felt puzzled by Sue's funny grin. Eventually it struck me; Sue was proud of her role in my penis pointing skyward like a flagpole. As I mentioned early on, Sue was not the prettiest girl, but her body was unbelievably sexy. I've never gotten tired of seeing her nude. Guess I grew up a little about then. I finally understood why some guys went so crazy over girls that I barely noticed, a pretty face is great, but a great brain and hot body can make life worth living.

Keeping her back to me, Sue finally took off the blouse, but tied it sideways around her waist in such a way that I'd be able to see a lot of one leg, but her bush and butt were hidden. The bra was unclasped, and the straps were off her shoulders, but when she turned around, Sue dangled it on high like a trophy, while still covering her chest using her other arm.

Walking over to me, Sue stepped between my legs. Leaning forward seductively, she slowly revealed her tits. Once they hung before my eyes, she make them shake side to side, eliciting a long, low moan from me. When my cock began seriously bouncing, Sue espied it.

"Guess you like what you see!"

Nearly giving me cardiac arrest, Sue suddenly bent far enough forward to clamp her hanging breasts around the top of my upright erection. Slowly she stood until my cock flopped out of the hot pocket she'd made around my drooling erection.

Doing an about face, Sue dropped her shirt, then bent over until her butt and pussy were almost in my face. While swishing her backside in a side to side half-circle, I grabbed her buns. Slowing her swaying to a crawl, she allowed me to feel up everything in sight. As I slid my middle finger up her slit towards her clit I discovered she was extremely slippery. Ah ha I thought, my boner wasn't the only sign of arousal in the room.

As my fingertip diddled her slit, Sue sighed long and loud. Yet after a few moments she stood, turned, then stepped ahead until her bush was right in my face.

"Sweetie, you ate me so nicely the other night, but I never asked. Do you like eating my pussy? Please be honest."

Raising my hands, I grasped her butt, then pulled Sue forward so I could wiggle my tongue into her slick slit. Sue was soon moaning steadily.

Running her hands ran through my hair, she moaned, "Guess that answers my question."

When her knees buckled, I caught Sue, spinning her onto my bed. Once on her back, I moved so I could eat her out while my hands parted her muff. With all her tender, pink inner flesh fully exposed, I used everything I'd learned Wednesday night to see how fast I could make her come.

Pushing her to orgasm took longer than I expected, considering how wet she was. But when she came, it was a big one. Her hips bounced off the bed, her head flopped from side to side, a long string of nearly incoherent "Oh God's", "OOOhh's", and "Yes's" spewed forth. Finally she lay still.

Sliding up her body, I lay atop my sister. We kissed tenderly while she caught her breath. When she seemed more with it, I thanked her for my surprise.

"That wasn't your surprise, Sweetie. I told ya, I wanted to see your dick limp, then watch it get hard. Call that my wish, naturally I hoped you'd enjoy the show. Shifting slightly, her hand groped between us; I raised my hips, allowing her hand to encircle my primed real estate.

"You ate me so well, Sweetie. Now I want to do something nice for you now. Get on your hands and knees."

Not knowing what she had in mind, yet eager to find out, I clambered off her. While Sue rose off the bed, I moved into position as requested. Kneeling beside the bed for a moment, my horny sister explained that she just wanted to see what I'd look like with my dick hanging under me.

"Oh, that is so sexy!"

Guess she enjoyed the view.

Crawling across the bed on her knees, Sue moved behind me. Heavenly best describes the feeling as her hands roamed all over my back, buns, legs and belly. For a while she leaned over me, kissing my back. reaching around me, one hand fondled my balls, while the other stroked my shaft. Once she began pumping me, Sue rubbed her groin against my tush; apparently she liked the feel of my cheeks pressing into her pelvis. Her pubic hairs kept tickling my butt crack, sending tingles throughout my genitals.

Releasing my tingling penis, Sue rose, then shifted a bit. A hand, palm up, slid between my legs. My balls slid over her palm. Moment later she gripped my shaft, pumping me from behind. Sue resumed kneading my buns, began kissing them, even gave me love bites.

Tapping my right leg, Sue asked me to lift it. Hurriedly she rolled under me, her face was below my chest. To my great relief, my cock was soon being pumped again. Using a husky voice, Sue said she wanted me go ahead and shoot all over her. Apparently she wanted to "...see my stuff come out from this view!. In addition to stroking my shaft, her free hand wrapped around the tip, grinding my oozing clear fluid all around the sensitive knob.

Already being near the edge, I warned Sue, since she'd said she wanted to see my sperm come flying out. Of their own accord, my hips had began rocking. Seeing that, plus feeling my penis swell, and scrotum pull up tight, Sue wrapped both hands around my cock so I could slide through her now slippery palms.

Whatever she was doing felt good enough to rapidly get me off. Following a major grunt, puddles of sperm soon rained down upon my sister's soft skin. Bless her heart, Sue pumped my cock until I went soft.

"Want to see what you did to your sister?"

The moment I rolled over onto my side, Sue wriggled up so we shared my pillow. Streaks and spots of semen covered her chest and flat belly. After rubbing most of it into her skin, she licked her fingers clean, reminding me of a contented cat preening.

"I meant to say something to you before, Lewis. You do taste really good to me. I enjoy having you come in my mouth, I like it a lot. Just wanted you to always feel free to enjoy yourself when I'm sucking you, Sweetie."

I thanked her with a series of kisses. I had wondered. Lord I was relieved to know she wasn't just being polite. We rested a few minutes longer. With my brain not preoccupied with sex for the first time in a little while, I recalled an earlier comment of hers.

"Sue, if that sexy strip show wasn't my surprise, was is?"

"Well, since you enjoyed eating my pussy. I've decided to let you shave me. Do you 'wish' to shave me, to see my pussy bald, Oh Master?" She leered at me. 

Guess my eyes rolling back into my head answered her.

Sue assured me she'd do whichever I preferred. Naturally I could eat her so much better without fur in the way. Making my best pervert face, I made a big show of licking my lips. When Sue busted a gut laughing, I was purely delighted.

Correctly I might add, Sue had assumed I'd want to see her shave her bush. Minutes later, she was laying on my pillow with her legs wide apart, having placed a towel under her gorgeous butt.

On my knees, inches away from her crotch, I had the shaving crème, scissors, a new triple track razor, wash cloth, and the bowl of warm water, all of which she'd fetched in a flash.

"Now don't enjoy this so much your hands shake." Sue was teasing me, but also praying I didn't injure her I'm sure.

Carefully I clipped as much hair as possible with the scissors. Soon nothing but stubble remained. Working the lather into her beaver was thoroughly enjoyable for us both. While waiting for the remaining hair to soften, I ran a fingertip slowly up and down her slit for a couple minutes.

When her aroused body began to ooze, washing away the foam, I realized I couldn't delay my barbering any longer. Razor in hand, I gingerly shaved her until she looked like an eleven-year old. After happily feeling around for any missed stubble, I wiped away the remaing shaving crème.

Acting thoughtfully, Sue was patient, lying still while I studied her sexy looking pussy. One little spot looked a tad red, but she was fine, no nicks. Knowing one careless move might cost me an evening of making out with Sue, be assured I'd been VERY careful. Though my task was finished, I couldn't tear my eyes away; I opened her bald gash until all inside was revealed. While absorbing every erotic detail of her sex, my mouth was unconsciously moving closer to Sue's inviting gash.

"Hey, horn dog. I'm afraid if you start eating me, I'll never get to have any dinner. Think you could save that for dessert?"

Chuckling, "Well, I guess I do want you to have plenty of energy tonight. But I have a wish, that we dine in the buff. Not only will it be sexier, but faster too!"

Still naked as Jaybirds, we headed to the kitchen. Walking there with a hand on each other's rump made for a pleasant trip. Feeling the muscles move beneath her baby soft skin was sheer delight.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

this is a nice story, hope for more updates soon.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Great share TS, waiting for more updates
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

thanks for this nice story, please continue sharing ts.
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Re: Genie or Jeannie.....

Dinner was fast and easy, Mom had left us plates of food that only needed nuking. Four minutes in the microwave later, our 4-course meals were ready. Sitting opposite each other at the table, I made Sue shriek when she was taking her first mouthful; my big toe found her clit. For some 'strange' reason dinner took longer to eat than it should of; we had a ball turning each other on with our feet. By the time our plates were clean, I was hard and Sue was wet.

Even cleaning our few dirty dishes got interesting. Just fooling around, I pressed against Sue from behind. She felt so good that I simply had to wiggle my recent erection against her butt. Becoming more turned on, I reached around so I could fondle her breasts, my other hand snuck down to my sister's aroused pussy. Soon we were hotter than the dishwater. By bending my knees, I was able to guide my shaft up and down Sue's sexy buns. Damn that felt incredible.

"Sue, don't move a muscle!! I'll be right back."

Hurriedly I grabbed a small wooden box Mom used for a stool. Once I'd coaxed Sue to stand on it, her butt was 4" higher. Grabbing the lemony dish soap, I dripped a generous amount at the top of her crack, then spread it between her cheeks. Laying my erection along her crack, I pressed hard against her pliant warmth. This may not have been screwing, but sex just had to feel a whole lot like the sensations rocketing around my groin I told myself.

"Oooohhh God, Sue. Your ass feels amazing. Please don't stop me. Oh! I'm gonna come pretty quick. Ooouunnng!"

While kissing Sue's neck, I squeezed her breasts, running a hand from one to the other. My other hand went all over Sue's pussy; I was feeling her up, yet pressing her back into me to increase the pressure. Soon Sue took over the job of pressing back, plus she added a tiny amount of motion that was absolutely perfect. At that point I purely assaulted her clit.

A hand covered mine, guiding me down her slit. Sue's middle finger guided mine to her opening. Understanding her signal, my fingertip ran around and around the opening.

"Lewis, I'm almost there too. I'm ready for this, put your finger inside me."

Needing no further encouragement, I slid into her pussy up to the second knuckle, as far as I could reach while standing behind her. The warmth and texture I experienced jolted me as hard as if I'd dipped into a light socket. Over the next minute, constant sounds of passion poured from us.

Deliriously I probed each spot I could reach inside of Sue. Displaying a primal frenzy, my sister's hips humped into me, betraying an approaching climax.

With little warning, I came. Sperm flooded her crevasse; with each spurt her crack grew warmer, more slippery. Sue's taut buns simply felt like a place where my body should drain itself, so drain I did. My glans was teasing the hell out of Sue's rectum. The warm sperm bath, the sounds of our coupling, plus feeling a finger inside her pussy for the first time drove Sue to a glorious orgasm.

To my utter delight, it took a long time for us to finish. My sperm bath and rubbing was exciting Sue; the more excited Sue got, the more excited I got. Our emotional ping pong kept us writhing together long after our climaxes faded.

Eventually Sue became so sensitive that she had to ask me to stop moving my finger, yet she continued holding me inside her. For much of this time I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing me, that was so amazing. This whole time, I kissed Sue's neck and shoulders until my lips nearly went numb.

Finally we had to move on. Using a warm paper towel, I lovingly cleaned up the mess I'd made on her butt. The yellow soap, mixed with my white sperm made an interesting mess. After her butt, I wiped her legs, the box and the floor. Amazing how far a little liquid can spread.

While I finished cleaning us, Sue dried the dishes and put them away. Finally done with the dishes, we held each other close. A number of gentle kisses were shared, but mostly we basked in the intimacy of holding a warm, sexy, naked body close.

When I suggested we go downstairs, Sue nodded her agreement. Together we made a couple giant drinks to sip on. Taking Sue's hand, I led us down the narrow stairway to the basement. When I first got home, I'd snuck down to set the thermostat up high enough so it would be toasty warm because it stayed pretty cool in our basement until mid-Summer.

Since Sue hadn't seen my Forbidden Planet tape, I loaded it into the VCR. Being a classic, I couldn't watch it too many times. Thought it was made in '56, the script is timeless, and the special effects were decades ahead of their time; in fact they still look outstanding today.

Cuddling up, partially facing, we intently watched the movie, yet our hands managed to go exploring. A few soft kisses were exchanged, then a few more. Not forgetting how exciting it felt when I put my finger into Sue's pussy, I wanted to grope inside her again. Gradually my hand worked its way towards its goal. 

"Sue, I want to feel inside your pussy, right now. May I, please?"

For a fleeting instant, Sue was tempted to tease her brother. Then her own cravings got the better of her. Flashing a pearly smile, Sue dashed to the basement's half-bath.

Returning, she sat on the crummy old towel we used when we'd been working in the little shop area around the corner. Spreading her legs wide, my sister shot me a sly grin.

Nice thing about a has a stop button. While French kissing, my hand felt up her pussy until both Sue and my fingers were wet and slippery. As I wormed my middle finger into her, Sue slunk down, adjusting herself for maximum penetration. What I felt took my breath away.

Sue's mysterious depths were somehow...perfect. Words came to mind: heat, slippery, tight, smooth, soft, exciting. That was it...exciting. There was a world of sensations, but this place was exciting. Totally exciting. Having my finger inside my sister was exciting beyond expectation, beyond comprehension. My finger was finally in the very place I'd long dreamed of my penis being; inside a warm, young female. My penis was dancing like crazy, yet Sue hadn't even touched me for a while.

"Sue, why haven't I done this before. It is utterly incredible inside your pussy."

"At first it was my period, but...part of me has wondered how far I wanted to go Everything has been great, but...ooooh, that feels so good...but somehow sucking, rubbing, even making out still left some lines I hadn't crossed. Just between us Lewis, I never wanted to be a virgin bride; sorry Mom, but blaaahhh! So I guess I needed time to make sure I was OK with finally letting a boy go inside me at all. Hope you understand, but you can only do things for the first time once, ya know."

"Yeah...yeah. Sue, I think I understand. Ever since I started getting boners, there were many nights I'd fantasize about having sex. A bunch of those nights it was you I'd dream about, especially after I'd seen some skin or rubbed against your body at some point during that day."

Sue thought it was kind of cute that her brother suddenly blushed from sharing his thoughts, even though he'd been feeling up her naked body for some time. The gaze that had been on her chest, lifted to her eyes. A resolute expression was faintly discernible as Lewis resumed speaking.

"This week when we've been apart, all I could think about was how it would feel to slide my penis inside you. Picturing my cock disappearing into your wonderful body is the most exciting fantasy I've ever had. But maybe doing it with you also scares me, maybe I'm afraid I'll ruin something I love. Over and over I tried to figure out, was I wanting to make love to you, or just hot to screw you. It's hard to be honest with yourself when you're horny I guess."

"Oh, Sweetie. First, put another finger inside me. Yeah. Yeah. Ooooooohhhhh. I think I could learn to like this. Lewis, I've learned...oooooohhh, yeah...a ton about you the past week. If you...ooooooohhh...only wanted to get your rocks off, you'd never have said a word. You've had chances to try getting into me, instead you've been wonderful, someone I can trust and...more. Oooooohhh, damn!! Sweetie, I want you to run up to the kitchen and grab the can of whipped cream. I'm going to teach you how I'd like you to use your mouth on me. I don't want to come yet, and I am soooo freakin' close."

I must have looked ridiculous climbing the stairs 3 at time with a hard on flopping every which way, but I got upstairs and back in a flash. My panting wasn't from the running either, my sister had me panting for more of anything she'd allow me to do.

To pace ourselves, we switched to some gentle kissing until we both cooled off just a bit.

Picking up the aerosol can, Sue did the suggested 'Shake Well Before Using'. The way her violent shaking made her tits wobble and bounce made my dick do a delirious dance.

Once the whipped cream was no doubt as agitated as I was, Sue assured me everything we'd done so far had been terrific; what was about to happen was simply because she'd gotten a wish into her head. Explaining that she too had fantasies, Sue admitted that one of hers had been for a lover to lick and kiss her a certain way until she practically came. So our new game was for her to put a dab of whipped cream where she wanted to be nibbled, licked, or whatever...that would be up to me. But I was expected to clean her thoroughly! The last instruction was accompanied by a very wicked grin.

Laying back, Sue asked for me to kneel on the floor by her head. The first shot from the can filled her mouth.

My tongue competed with hers. We pushed the cool, sweet fluff back and forth between our mouths until it was gone. Sue assured me some was still on her lips, so I licked her laughing mouth until I heard a 'ssssssppzt'. A trail of white had mysteriously appeared along her neck.

Carefully I scrubbed my sister's throat, then her upper chest from shoulder to shoulder, followed by her cleavage. 'ssssssppzt' 'ssssssppzt' A circle just above the base of each breast awaited me. My heart raced. I had eaten Sue, I'd fondled her breasts, but I had yet to suckle them, and I had been wanting to very, very badly. It was only timing and lack of experience that had kept me from tasting her. Now I was about too.

Over the next couple minutes, I cleaned the closest tit fully, then cupped it as I leaned farther to lick the other one until spotless.

When the next 'ssssssppzt' 'ssssssppzt' covered her puffy areolas, I felt my testicles tighten. Damn she looked hot. Sue had focused my assault on her nipples. A blind person could see I loved her breasts. True to her word, she lovingly taught me what excited her the most. Before long I knew exactly how she liked my tongue to lick around her nipples, how to suck just her nipple with my lips, when to devour the entire puffy end, then flick the nipple with the tip of my tongue.

The way her hands went through my hair assured me when my mouth was pleasing her greatly. 

'ssssssppzt' I followed a new trail down the curve of her breast all the way to her navel. Sue had been making purring sounds all along. The groans I heard when I drilled into her belly button taught me where another of her erogenous zones was. Her tummy was undulating as a new 'ssssssppzt' directed me to her pubic mound.

Then she fooled me; a spot appeared on her left thigh just above the knee...the next 3 spritzes led me ever closer to her pussy. 'ssssssppzt' The sequence was repeated on her right leg. When I finished, inches from her sex; Sue's arousal filled my nostrils, inflaming my desire to mount her.

'ssssssppzt' 'ssssssppzt' I swabbed the very outer edges of her engorged vaginal lips. 'ssssssppzt' Her pussy now looked like a pastry. Opening wide, I dove in. Sue had been great to eat before, but now I could really eat and suck her pussy. Like a starving man at a buffet, I avidly ate my sister. 

Steadily rolling hips made it clear; Sue was extremely aroused. Her breathy voice confirmed it. "Please, get over me in, a 69 position."

Though careful not to hurt my sister, I sped into place. My dripping erection swung above her face. Sue still held the can close by her pussy, so I stayed on all fours, a foot above her slit, wondering what my next dessert item might be. 

When I saw the nozzle slip inside her pussy, I almost lost it. 'ssssssppzt' The message was clear enough. I ate out my sister. I ate her like a madman.

Tilting her head back, my sister guided my erection into her mouth. Yet I was only thinking about the soft, sweet flesh my tongue was delving into as I scooped out the sweetness inside. My hips were running on auto-pilot. The textures, the warmth, the laving, together they coaxed my hips into a primal humping motion.

After pulling me down so my shaft went entirely into her mouth, Sue pushed me up until I was swinging free over the face again.

"Lover, lay on top of me, I want to kiss you." Even though I was all set to go after her clit, I was far too turned on to say no to anything Sue wanted. Gingerly I did a 180 turn. As I lowered myself, she raised her knees, centering me between her athletic legs. Sue reached between us; I felt her lay my shaft along her slit, then a hand on my buns pressed our bodies tightly together. Her hips rocked gently, we slid or sex organs against each other. Displaying a sense of urgency, Sue drove her tongue into my mouth.

After a minute of tongue play that left my head spinning, Sue broke the kiss. 

"Lewis, I want to rub you around my pussy. Lift yourself up so you can watch." 

Barely able to breathe because I was so excited, I locked my elbows, lowering my head until I was seeing back along our bodies. I saw Sue's fingers close around my cock. Unblinking, I stared as she pulled me down until the red tip dipped into her vulva. Sue moved my engorged glans up and down her slit several times before teasing her clit with my hot knob. Speaking as she continued our sex-play, she was somewhat hard to understand because her breathing was so labored.

"Lewis, Sweetie, the way you licked my body before. It was perfect. Just like in my fantasy. In my fantasy...keep my fantasy, the next thing my lover did...was take my virginity. He...he made love to me, I felt him come inside me...I felt his warm sperm coat my insides."

As I watched, Sue moved my glans to her vagina, she raised hips until just a tiny bit of the tip disappeared into her. Like a punctured tire, I hissed as I first sank into her.

Several more times her hips rose, meeting my steely erection; with each push I sank deeper into Sue. My hips were dropping imperceptibly lower each time her hips lifted. Over and over I fought the urge to drop my weight; I wanted to plunge into the tight warmth beneath me, yet I held back.

Dear Lord, I was definitely getting well inside her pussy! When she dropped her hips, the knob no longer showed.

Soon I was humping a tiny bit; pulling up, pushing ahead, each stroke went a tiny bit deeper into her virgin body. With every stroke, the distance between our groins grew a little bit less. When only 3" of my shaft still showed, Sue grabbed my butt.

"Do it."

Giving in to my lust, I pushed in to the hilt. Wrapping her legs around me, Sue twisted until I was as deep as I could possibly go into her womb.

Ecstasy flooded my senses. Suddenly I was afraid to move, it was more luck than skill that I hadn't come yet. Slowly I lowered myself until her breasts molded against my chest. We French kissed until our hips moved of their own accord. Relaxing her steely grip, Sue partially unwrapped her legs until we had a decent rhythm going. All too soon my penis began to swell, Sue sensed it.

"Lewis, I'm ready. Come inside me. I want to feel you pumping your sperm into my pussy. I feel you, I feel you getting bigger, I feel your cock moving inside my pussy, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come. Oh God, I love you."

"I love you to. Oooohhh!"

Arcing my back, I drove in deep, then held that position as the first spurt shot from my body into hers. I withdrew...plunged...sent another stream flying into my lover. Sue's muscles milked my shaft, powerful messages hit my brain; fill her, fill her pussy. The tingling in my groin seemed to subtly shift to new places. A huge sense of well-being washed over me. After each pulse of semen passed through my cock, I slowly withdrew, then hammered back into her depths.
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