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Old 27-05-2020, 02:22 AM
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Re: True stories/news from the MotherLand of the Chinese people

Great story to read. Thanks alot.
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Re: True stories/news from the MotherLand of the Chinese people

Could not continue from my previous post because I was too busy. Was sent out to another city on a working trip with 2 other colleagues from another department. This was actually arranged by Sierra to 'increase my exposure' within the company and give me a wider opportunity to show 'the people above' that I am of value here. So I went out of SH for 5 days, had to work from our hotel room for 2 days before our client sorted out the arrangement at their office. I even forgot that I saved a previous copy of the content below, until I really could not remember some of the details, closed the browser & saw the text doc in another window at the background ...

Now back to where I was, when Sierra told me about their 'secret surprise' for Vicky which I did not know until then. She was a little worried that I might be angry but I wasn't cos I think it was good for the girls to have a programme for themselves & hopefully bond together. Sierra told me it was Monica & Ann's idea & they did the booking & found the models & they only told her on the night before the trip. Later on when we were ready to set off for dinner, I realised it would be 'fishy' for us to call for a ride instead of driving out without having a 'proper excuse'. If we were to tell Vicky we were planning to go out for drinks after dinner, she might ask why not we buy back & drink at our residence instead (which makes sense). So I texted Sierra & later on she replied me, our PRC colleague suggested that she could say that she is familiar with the dinner place & it is difficult to find parking there. Indeed, Vicky did ask why we are not driving out after searching on her phone where is the place & our PRC colleague jumped in. So we waited for our rides & reached that place within 40min. Well, the place was packed, a lot of people so luckily we called earlier to book a room. The PRC colleague told us usually this place isn't so packed so not sure why it was full house that night. They serve a mixture of Hunan & Guangdong cuisines but I thought they weren't too fantastic. We even shared 2 bottles of 白酒, drank using those small & short glass cups which I rarely drink ever since I was posted here. Sierra had just 1 glass & stopped. They left the place at almost 10pm but I made up an excuse & asked to leave earlier. I told them I arranged a meet up with a friend & would make my way back on my own. Before I left them, I reminded Sierra to collect their phones b4 the party to prevent anyone from taking photos/videos & happened to leak them unintentionally. She said she would do that. I flagged a taxi to a shopping district & headed straight into Starbucks. Just nice, I could do some work there b4 making my way back. Just happened a friend who visited me at SH earlier called me & we chatted for awhile. I took a cab back to our residence, did some simple workouts b4 taking a shower & back to my room to watch some Chinese gaming streams.

I dozed off & was awakened by a phonecall from Sierra. I jumped out of my bed & ran out of my room immediately and I could hear them outside & walking in. They were all standing around the gate & obviously some of them looked to be drunk. Sierra was supporting Vicky by putting Vicky's arm over her neck & her own hand on Vicky's waist. Ivana was helping the PRC colleague while holding on to Ann's hand. Monica was behind them, struggling to close the gate on her own. 'Carry her in.' Was the first thing Sierra said to me when I went over. So I lifted Vicky up with my arms & carried her while Sierra told me to bring her to the couch first. I carefully dropped Vicky on the couch, who was wearing the bodysuit which Sierra bought for her beneath a cardigan & the skirt she went out with for dinner. She asked me if they were back already & I told her yes. The rest soon followed behind me, with Sierra & Monica the last pair in b4 Sierra closed & locked the door. Ann was still on a high, she did a quick spin on the spot, followed by some dance moves & asked for music to be played. Ivana was laughing & teased her that she danced the whole night already b4 hugging her. Ivana was the most sober amongst all of them, 真的是千杯不倒 but maybe she did not drink much cos I wasn't there. Sierra then asked her to bring the PRC colleague up back to their room while Ann made her way to the kitchen area. Monica who was wearing a white strapless mini dress said she needed to pee but was struggling to walk straight (I admit I found it funny). Sierra followed behind her as she tried to make her way to the back where the bathroom is. I asked Vicky if she wanted to go back to her room & she told me she wants to stay here for a while. She got a little high & when she saw Ann pouring a bottle of red wine in the kitchen & shouted for a glass. I wanted to stop Ann but obviously I was too late & had to help her bring the bottle & glasses to the living room where Vicky was. That was like the call for girls to gather, Monica & Sierra rejoined us & we clinked our glasses. Then Monica began to kind of revealed what happened during their party, looking over at Vicky while squeezing her boobs beneath her dress together with her hands. The girls laughed, Vicky looked abit sheepish initially but moments later, she slowly took off the cardigan & flaunted her bodysuit. Ann was also quite cute, she was still carrying the little bag on her shoulders, that supposedly contained the stuffs that they brought to change until Sierra took it off her. Then Monica began 'spill the beans'. She said Ann & later joined by Ivana & the PRC colleague, was dancing on the mini stage & on the dancing pole the whole night. Ivana & Ann danced with the models too. Ann & Vicky shared some 'hush hush words' among themselves while Monica continued to talk about the party. Then suddenly, Ann cut her off & asked the rest if they think the dress that Monica was wearing was sexy enough cos the girls had to wear something really sexy to the party. Monica bickered with them, said she wasn't wearing a bra & her dress was short enough. Ann shot back & said even the PRC girl, who always dresses conservatively, wore her crimson red nightie & matching red thong. Sierra said she was tired & went back to her room earlier. The argument died off when they finished the bottle & decided to return to their rooms. I dozed off almost immediately after returning to bed.

I was awakened by someone sitting on my thighs & covering herself with my blanket. I remembered she said 'wakey wakey' after I opened my eyes, grabbed my phone with my left hand & saw it was just past 9am. She was looking so good to eat in the printed white tee tt she was wearing, with her boobies jiggling freely beneath it. Later, Sierra took my morning erection into her mouth, deep down to her throat & it felt real good. I like it when she wraps her swirling tongue on the underside of my didi while blowing me. She doesn't really like to stick out her tongue & licked my didi head until I told her to, something which Lina always do. She crawled up to give me a kiss & whispered saying that the first time she blew me, I almost shot my load early. She likes to remind me of that every time since then. I told her I would pump her hard later & she would take every drop of me down her throat. All she replied was 'okay'.
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