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Re: Are wives in Singapore gold-diggers?

Originally Posted by EtherC View Post
TS why choose to spend your time blaming & moping? Do you want to drag in all your female relatives and blame them as well for being gold diggers? Your Mum, Aunties , cousins are all gold diggers? LOL roughly 3 in 10 marriages fail, did someone hold a knife on your throat to force you into marriage? As a grown adult, you have to be responsible for your actions & decisions. Ever consider there are still the 7/10 marriages that continue? There are still many couples who celebrate their 30/40th anniversaries. You need a change in your perspective seriously. See a counselor or a psychiatrist to work out your problems properly instead of coming to a fuking sex forum for answers to your life issues. Take Positive action!
If TS cannot come to this is a fuking sex forum for advice, then he should go look for his MP for help?
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