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Re: Westerhout 10 wh10

no wonder lah.

still got 2 or 3 more girls other than 4,7,9,12

i only remember those i've stated cos they really give me deep impression lol.

g1 - laugh sibei loud. sometimes i video call my gf can hear her saying lai lai inside the fish tank haha.

g5 - dislike me and me gf

g6 - ba ba

g9 - very similar to g1, petite and small in size

g10 - that time i video call gf, she talking to her friends i abit left out then i see her bigo live. then gf ask what am i doing then i show her. she jitao jealous and f me upside down then ignore me for 4 hours lolol.

g12 - tall?

g19 - the Bi

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