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Re: Story: My first time

Ann: ‘OMG u didn’t! U damn naughty lei! Now I need to faster wash it off’

‘Let me help u.’ I said as I started fingering her cum filled pussy. My sense of pride at losing my virginity with (practically) a HOT stranger and my first sexual experience got me grinning from ear to ear, and I stared right into her eyes as I fingered her. She stared back briefly and quickly looked away.

She then pushed me away and said that we had to hurry, Vic and friend were still waiting on us for dinner. Those 2 seemed so inconsequential at that time but I simply followed the orders of my goddess quietly, like a giant wolf that got tamed and transformed into a puppy.

Went out of the shower and dried up, not wanting to shower anymore to retain as much of her lingering scent as possible. I got dressed and waited for her outside the washroom, and the cool night air calmed me down considerably and got me to my senses.

‘OH FUCK! What did I just do! I’m gonna get into so much trouble! Was it rape? She did say no… But she enjoyed in the end what! Is that still rape?’ dozens of conflicting thoughts raged through my mind, and I stood there, dazed as a rock.

I was so shocked that I didn’t even see Ann coming out. As she walked past me, she simply leaned forward, gave me a peck on the cheek, and said ‘4 times, that’s not bad’ and walked towards the canteen to find our friends.

‘Huh, 4 times? What 4 times?’


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