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Story: My first time

So first time writing story here, not sure if bros will enjoy my writing style. Wrote something similar to my first experience.. 1 shot wrote everything coz i dont really like to stop halfway.. will write new arc if got campers/ followers (pray pray)

This is a story from 2 years ago, and is a story of how I lost my virginity. I was 18, and was year 2 in poly. Build wise, I guess you could say I was big and tough.
The rugby team trained/played occasionally with different JCs, and I saw her during a friendly rugby game with another JC. She was simply sitting on the bleachers chilling with her friends.

Ann was a thing of beauty. She played netball, which gave her powerful thighs and a well proportionate body… (ppl who dated sporty girls would know what I mean)but what made her stand out from the crowd was that she had beautiful features. She have beautiful, long flowing hair and snow white skin. Her lips looked pink and soft, and when her lips are wet… those things were literally pieces of art, art that not many could resist… Her thick, dark hair only serves to strengthen the contrast, and she had beautiful, big, hazel eyes. In short, a 8.5-9/10 SYT.

She literally caught the eyes of ALL the rugby players, as she sat by the bleachers with her friends, in her red PE t-shirt and her short FBT. Soon, the match started but both teams were performing really badly, myself included. (by then the rest of her teammates had joined her and it was literally a SYT buffet with some sluts her and there, how to concentrate). Eventually the coaches just gave up and made us do a joint training there and then.

After the training, I walked towards their school canteen to get a drink while waiting for everyone to shower. (Imagine 60-70 buff guys squeezing into a shower meant for 15, not fun) I walked over to find Ann talking with my secondary school partner in crime, Victor.

I shouted across the canteen ‘Eh Vic, in JC lei! No need study meh, got time xian zha bor!’
Victor looked up and ran towards me, caught me in a headlock, and dragged me back to Ann.
‘Lanjiao la! U liddat shout her whole team heard can! My target her teammate lei! U cockblock level gao gao hor…’
‘Paiseh la how I know… sorry sorry…’ and then I turned to apologize to Ann as well.
‘Wa u win liao lor. Now I no choice need to go out with Vic already, or else he lose face’ Ann said sarcastically.
‘Go out with me better, besides results, he everything else also lose to me. ‘
The three of us continued to joke around with slightly explicit contents for like close to an hour. By then, it was close to 8PM and the school was empty except for a handful of poor J2 students mugging for As.

I and Ann then went to shower before going to dinner together with Vic and his target.

Me: ‘wa kao! The shower area so muddy! Macham chocolate fudge floor sia’

Ann: ‘really meh… wait I come in see!’

What she said next really gave me the shock of my life…

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