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Re: Jakarta 2 {NEW} (old Jakarta Info thread closed)

Originally Posted by TonyCheong2 View Post
Great FR bro modusoperandi!

Hope this last bastion of cheap cheonging will not be destroyed by American style spenders/tippers any time soon.
I don't think Jakarta bros have much to worry about here's how I see it..

Jakarta pros:

Cheap pussy and many SYT gems to be mined.
Easy to fly to destination with many side places to visit outside Jakarta.
OK accommodation options.'
Nightlife is very active for normal and cheong activities with many late night venues.

Jakarta cons:

One of the worst cities in Southeast Asia. Looks and feels like a 3rd rate South American slum city with even worse traffic. Phnom Penh has better urban planning than Jakarta.
indonesian culture with muslim attributes a big turn off for some people.
Lots of scam with taxis, police, and cheong places.
Service standards several notches below BKK, Vietnam, etc.. levels.
Indo and international restaurants very average to subpar.
Non pussy related products and services in shopping malls all overpriced and subpar quality.

Also, if you want to date normal girls here you will most likely spend more on a normal date night out with no guaranteed sex than you will just p4p. This is the only city in asia where p4p is way better value than hunting normal girls.

I think the cons will deter a lot of would be cheong hobbyists.

I enjoy a change of scenery and sometimes I just like cheap pussy even if service is mediocre to not so good.

Money is not a primary issue for me though and i'll pay for much higher quality if I feel it's worth it.

Jakarta is good for quantity for sure but service quality and scammy everyday stuff will deter a lot. Jakarta is not for beginners like Bangkok which is a good thing for Jakarta based bros. An inexperienced newbie would have a terrible time in Jakarta.

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