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Re: Jakarta 2 {NEW} (old Jakarta Info thread closed)

Hello gentlemen,

Long time BKK thread poster but i'm in Jakarta now on some business. First time cheonging in Jakarta so I thought i'd post some Jakarta newbie impressions of places.

Travel Hotel.

I'm staying within walking distance of this place and the surrounding neighborhood is a big garbage dump. Walking is no fun in Jakarta but i'm a short 15 min walk away and I hate jakarta taxis and am too impatient to wait for uber every time.

I only knew about travel based on reports here but it's still a relatively low key place that hasn't gained the infamy of some place like Nataree did in BKK.

I went there around 5pm today and was impressed by how many girls were on the couches. It was a packed house with very few customers in attendance at this time of the day. Two mamasans immediately homed in on me but I waved the first one off because she wanted me to sit and waste my time showing me her girls. Second mamasan pointed to a girl and told her to come to me. I was about to wave her off too but her selection was very impressive. She pulled a syt with BIG natural breasts and perfect hourglass figure with great ass. I probably would have chosen her anyhow.

I went ahead and sat down while mamasan takes the bracelet off to get the receipt and then I paid her the 350k rps and off we went.

Name: Frita
Tits: 10/10 Really I didn't see anything wrong with these tits they had perfect areolas and natural.
Face: 6/10 Cute face but nothing special. She had this dyed blonde hair highlights.
Fuck: 5/10. Eh. Standard SOP pump action. Pussy not tight pretty average
BJ: 5/10 standard covered.
Personality: 6/10 She was friendly but you can tell these girls seem overworked.

Overall: 6/10

Damage: 350k + 100k tip

She also had a pretty nice ass. Very amazing ass for such a small girl. All in all the experience here feels like going to Mcdonalds and getting a burger with fries. At this price though there's nothing to complain about really.

Jakarta is not a very easy city to get around so I think cheonging won't ever reach Bangkok level here so prices should stay reasonable for awhile..

Jakarta is the best value in southeast asia right now I think.
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