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Re: Jakarta 2 {NEW} (old Jakarta Info thread closed)

My friend 3Some is an art. I am fond of it. Even done 4Some lots of time. There are some rules for 3Some. Below are some tips on it:

1) Both the girls should be friends. It would be weird if the girls don't know each other.
2) Take Shower with both by staying in center. One in front other on your back. Apply just little water than close the shower. Never apply shower gel above your face level. Soap creates problems in kisses. Starting rubbing till lots of foam is created. Than after take shower, dry and go for the bed scene.
3) Light soft music. No mobile on. Open 6 to 8 condom packs.
Never ever change your position just sleep. Start Bj and continue your fore play for 30 mins.
4) After that never allow each girl to dance on you more than 5 mins. Keep on changing CD and girls. After some time you will get to know which Girl is good in movements so keep that for your Climax.

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