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Unintended Insemination - 借種

My name is David, aged 25 and this is a very recent true incident that has probably, made me lost the BFF any person could ever have and possibly, made me loose her forever.

Nina & I have been friends for 9 years and our friendship was truly deep & pure. We never eyed each other in a lusty way and kept the line between friendship & sex, clear and distinct. However, Nina is a very appealing girl to notice with long straight hair reaching her waistline, a healthy figure at 34D-30-34, wheat-ish complexion, fresh and innocent next door girl look and standing at a height of 5ft 6 inches. Just as all close friends discuss matters of sex, we used to do it too. Being a carefree girl, she used to wear t-shirts without inners in early days of our friendship when her bust was less mature than now. As her boobs started to grow, her t-shirts used to clearly bring out their shape and I used to get uncomfortable seeing that so I imposed the habit of wearing inners on her.

Before she got married in 2014 we used to often discuss matters like sex positions and fantasies and as it turned out, both of us had similar, less aggressive fantasies, the most common being that both of us wanted to have sex with more than one person. She was a virgin till marriage but I had already had sex with two women by then which she often discussed with me and said in a jovial manner “if we would not have been friends I would have approached you for a relationship and maybe then we could have had sex”. She got married in 2014, a day that we had immense fun teasing each other in every possible way after which she shifted to Singapore with him and we lost a constant touch.

She returned to M'SIA in March 2016 to meet her family and friends when she called me one random night and asked me to meet her for coffee. As we were chatting over coffee I casually asked her as to how was her first sexual experience with her husband?.

She was happy with him sexually as it turned out he was good in bed but she kept the details hidden and changed the topic which was unusual for her. So I asked her as to what was the matter to which she replied that her husband is not capable of impregnating her and this is disturbing her.

She hasn’t told anything to him and they have been trying since the last 3-4 months for a pregnancy but have not been able to do anything.I suggested adoption and surrogacy methods to her, to which she said that she wanted to bear her own child, so I suggested artificial insemination, but she had a different plan.

She was against artificial insemination because she feared safety and said on a jovial note,

“what if the sperm is of an ugly guy, I don’t want my children to be ugly” and she laughed off.

“What do you intend to do then?” I asked.

“I have a plan,” She said just before sipping her coffee not making eye contact with me.

“Tell me about it” I intimidated.

She kept her cup aside and asked me if I could take her for a drive to some place quiet. Intrigued by what she was up to, I agreed and we headed towards the West Coast Beach.

While we were sitting by the sea at one of the benches, she kept looking at the sea thinking something as I was looking at her.

“Have we come here to admire the sea?” I asked to lighten the atmosphere.

She looked at me & smiled and with a continuing gaze into my eyes she started laughing. I found it to be odd so I questioned her,

“What? why are you laughing?”. She shook her head and said,

“Nothing”, shaking her legs in a playful manner she broke the ice on the matter,

“I am planning to ask a friend for a baby” & she looked at me with a smile on her face.

I was shocked by what she said but I appeared to be composed and asked,

“And?” to which she responded,

“And…that friend is you”.

I continued to maintain my eye contact with her while bringing up a meek smile on my face,

“do you think you can hide it from your husband forever and bear the guilt?” I asked.

She lost her smile but gave an explanation that did justify (my lust) logic,

“Yes, I can bear the guilt because he would be happy to see his own child and I would be happy to see him, Besides, I trust that you would keep it a secret for life, the only thing that is going to turn negative is our friendship because we may have to part ways as friends”.

At this time several thoughts ran my mind but I’ll have to admit that the thought of being in bed with my hot best friend did dominate my thoughts and I accepted her offer with a stupid response of


We moved to my house which at the time was empty as my family was out. She quietly moved to my bedroom without wasting time and sat on the bed as I settled in and brought her a glass of water.

As she sipped on the water I sat next to her looking at her from head to toe. Her hair were tied in a bun today with a black clip keeping the bun tight, slight sweat glister on her forehead (the sweat was probably because of anxiety), light jewellery on her ear and an empty but beautiful neck, opening way to the neckline of her black sleeveless dress which managed to hide the size of her boobs, while coming close to her waist and ending just above her knee to reveal the most perfect set of legs I may have ever seen on a female body with properly toned feet and a nude nail polish.
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