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Originally Posted by 1KnightinBKK View Post
Bros trust me she's either in her late 30s or early 40s.. You can tell a woman's age not just by the looks but also her voice and the way she thinks.. Her napoleon complex quite jialat.. Always compare herself to the younger MLs who I know are already in their 30s.. She's defos older than them by quite a bit to talk like that.. But find old ML also got its perks la..

By the way China passport birthdate all this can fake de.. Don't believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see my friends..

Also pink nipples and vaginas, use bleaching cream or soaps with bleach can liao.. In Thailand plenty.. China no need to say..
totally agree with bro Knight. she told me she is 29 but i laughed inside and kept quiet because i didnt want to puncture her balloon. nevertheless, great JG and attentiveness so very relaxing when i visit her. i am probably BSing myself like she BS me her age but i really think she made my little brother longer (erected) during and at least a couple of days after the JG. maybe that magic comes with age and experience.
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