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Re: sibei good bonk fL2 dome FR

Unlucky unlucky.
Not one to write FRs about WLs if they already have good enough reviews.


Starting things off with Your Mileage May Vary,

Looked around the forums to get a good full course release after the week, and decided upon her after many good reviews of recent, booking was a breeze, was excited until it was time to meet.
Reached her private apartment, but no instructions on how to get past the main gate with no intercom option(claimed it was spoilt). Got alot of awkward stares as the residents walked out and I was just waiting and texting to try to get in.
Someone opened the gate and I walked in after instructed, did not give me instructions again on how to reach her apartment, told me to wait by a lift lobby while she came down and fetched me, all this while being in 3-4 camera’s view.

Finally reached her apartment and she asked for payment up front (dumb now that I think about it, but secure enough since there were good reviews). Stripped and showered alone, was handed a wet towel. Gross.

Started non existent massage and ended in 5mins after pestering me to do a tarma with her housemate and claimed her housemate can FJ, declined politely and she started being pushy, claiming that she was green and wanted to be adventurous, needing my guidance and teachings. Finally relented after I told her I did not bring enough cash. Asked if she needed to remove her top, then proceeded to do so.

Started to blow me, and was actually pretty good at it, so just continued. After 3mins, stopped and started HJ, and I thought at this point she was going to start to cap and FJ now.. all downhill from here.

Nope, I asked about it and she said she did not have it listed on the web.
Sure.. she doesn’t have it on now. So I got confused and asked if it was required to top up, got slapped with a “even if you give me $10k, I also won’t do it”, I just wanted to leave by then. Asked her to stop and I went into the shower, visibly unhappy.

Came out of the shower and dried myself with the wet towel again (yikes) and just quickly put on my clothes to leave this nightmare. Damage control started and she said she was on her period (maybe you guys wanna ask beforehand) and it was not convenient.
Okay buddy, came with expectations and it got trodden on the ground.

So didn’t finish but here are stats

Location: 5 (secluded but residents walking in and out, bad time maybe?)
Face: 6 (20% discount, photos definitely look better)
Body: 6 (Slim as far as I could see, did not strip to birthday suit.)
Boobs: 6 (C cup, 1/3 top soft, bottom rock hard)
BBBJ: 8 (only lasted for roughly 3mins, so..)
Butt/Pussy: NA (shorts were on the whole time)
Attitude: who really knows?
FJ: 0
RTF: really?

What a bad start to the weekend.

Contacted XM and on the way now to try to save the week for a 2nd RTF. Fingers crossed.

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