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Thumbs up Local Chinese BBBJ Gem Not To Be Missed

Originally Posted by mohawk View Post
decided to give gem a try after reading so much positive FR. only managed to.get her 4 days after trying to arrange a time slot with her. she is always busy...
very friendly and non commercial feel, great bllowjob and i opt for the slow sensous blow. found a secluded multi storey carpark and action begins after taking a smoke in her conti car. amazingly she managed to make me cum after Bout 30 mins.
thanks for the curry puff sweety.
Originally Posted by Blackboy95 View Post
Managed to book her again after so long and she doesnt disappoint. Her sucking skills is always there no matter what time you book her. Always so good to chat with her and break the ice before getting into the action. Managed to unload my week's worth into her sweet mouth after 30min
Those in the queue do be patient, if its meant to be she will reply you duly.
Originally Posted by mobkillers View Post
FR on Chloe

Was thinking of trying tarma on this rainy day but too bad Claire is not available so met up with just Chloe.
Greeted me was a young lady with big eyes and beautiful smiles. Actually Iím damn nervous because of booking someone local. We chatted and managed to relax myself.
Stripped down and went to shower and lie on the bed. Chloe climbed up to me and start licking and sucking on my nipples. Slowly making her way down to my groin areas and start licking and sucking on my balls... her tongue then lick her way to my harden dick and start to slurp on it. She guided my hands to her pussy and I start playing n fingering it. She was busy licking sucking and deep throat my dick as I keep fingering and aroused her at her clit area. Suddenly, I felt warmth on my hands. Whatís that? I try flicking her clit faster sensually, a gush of warm water leaked onto my hand. Oh damn, she is leaking sorry, squirting. Super turn on by it as I continue flicking her clit and fingering. Waves and waves of water splashes onto my hand.
Turn her over as I go on top of her. We engage in a passionate kiss French whatever I wanna call that. Slowly I kiss my way down to her boobs, they are size D and all natural and soft. Start kissing her boobs and using my tongue to encircle around her nipples. Slowly flicking her nipples and sometimes fast. My the other hand went down on her and start flicking on her clit, water just splashes out onto my hand. Keep kissing sucking licking flicking her both boobs/nipples and with my right hand making her squirt. By then the bed is like a puddle of water.
Super turned on by these and suddenly she grab my dick and push it into her. We both get into a hug and started kissing and rocking her. She is tight down there so not to pick up speed as I slowly bang her n playing with her boobs. She is getting more turn on with each thrust I make and in no time we are fucking crazily. Stopped her and change to doggy, piak piak piak... with my hands I tried grabbing her boobs from behind. Then ask her lie down on her stomach as I enter her from behind. Turn her back on her back and I start fingering and flicking her clit. More water gush out. Grab my dick and pushes into her pussy and bang her hard. With my right hand grabbing her boobs and My left hand fingers in her mouth for her to suck and lick. Buay tahan liao... can feel gonna explode anytime. Raised up both her legs and placed onto my shoulder with My both hand grabbing her boobs, I bang her hard, fast and ferociously.... argh.......!! Argh!!! Arghh!!! Splashes all my little armies

Looks - 7/10
Boobs - D Big soft n natural
Figure - 5.5 slight meaty but allís good
French - yes passionately
Bbbj - 8.5/10
Squirting - yes, like fucking in a bed of water
Fj - 8/10
Originally Posted by copy View Post
Just have a session with Claire which I totally enjoy every single moment with her.
So to all Bros that yet to try her, your chance will come as she will try her best to slot you in.

Made a arrange with her and she even offered to come pick me up even when I offered to go pick her. A service that u don't see in the market but she just want all Bros to enjoy and relax and not feeling tired.

Once in the car, she is very friendly and can talk about anything everything and she will honestly reply you.

Once reach the location, she don't straight rush into the session. Will make you feel comfortable first before moving to the back seat for the action.

Before action start she will brief you what you need to do and from there just enjoy the session with her.
There is no need for points for her session as confirm you won't regret finding her as she is really good in what u find her for.

Not a time watcher as once deed is done she don't chase Goh off like others instead she will chat with you more before ending the session.

So for Bros that still waiting please be patience and for sure u will not regret finding her.
Originally Posted by Blackboy95 View Post
Finally got a chance to try out a session with her after trying to slot an appointment with this super busy lady here. So bros out there do wait abit till she contacts you, fret not your chance will come.

Exchanged contact and made the arrangement down for a afternoon slot. Location was convenient and there was ample parking lots in the area. Got to the unit and wow. She had the looks and the body of a model and i bet if you walk with her down the streets you will feel so proud. Being with her, there is not a minute of awkwardness as she breaks the ice with you and we talked about anything that you can think of.
Back to the deed. She preps you by telling you what she will be doing and proceed to cleans you up. Hygiene wise i would rate full marks for her as she will make sure she cleans you up before and after the deed. After preparing you, be prepared for the best bbbj you will receive. She will try to accommodate to whichever way you like and if you let her do her way, be prepare to unload your load in no time. She will engulf your whole tool with the CFM face. By her 3 mouth i to tell myself to control as she is really good with what she is doing. Her skills was so good that i emptied inside her mouth within minutes and she made sure to suck you dry before she cleans you up.

Overall service i would rate it as 99/100 the 1/100 for her not being mine to keep. Make sure to treasure this gem as she sends you to heaven. If you are looking for a hot sg ahlian who looks like a model and serves you well look no further. I will be back for more claire 😆

Originally Posted by miee View Post
Just finish a session with chole she really looks young to me and a sincere n friendly gal which like a friend chatting with each other.

Bbbj this I can feel she is the best compare to a few I have went to. After searching for awhile I have found this bbbj that I looking for haha really amazing. If she can cim then the package will be fully powderful but she don't do this haha.

Boobs is really huge n firm!

Rtf = yes.!
Originally Posted by cheekyboi1 View Post
Just finished meeting claire.
Feel that she is a friendly, sincere and open girl who is particular about her own and your hygiene. Asks you for your preference before starting to make sure you get the most out of your session. Bbbj started after her cleaning procedure and make me release in no time.

Originally Posted by spiceboy View Post
Just met up with Chloe for a lunch session today, a friendly lady, easy to break ice, big boobs and service not bad too.

Brief FR for Chloe:
Looks: GND looks, young and cheerful.
Body: A bit meaty with tattoos, still acceptable. Nice ass for doggie.
Boobs: Natural D, soft and yummy to lick.
Frenching: Passionate, especially when she gets high.
Painting and CIM: She doesnít like it, please respect her.
BBBJ: Good suction with deep throat occasionally, handsfree style.
Squirting: Can feel her juice keeps dripping when fingering, leaving some big wet patches on the bedsheet after the session 😜
FJ: Accommodating and responsive, especially in doggie position.
Overall a good bonk despite some restrictions.
Originally Posted by oeioei View Post
Recently met up with Claire for her bbbj with cim x2 rounds.

1st round i just lie down and let her do the legendary super fast and handsfree bbbj till i cim. In between she gave me some balls licking too. Shiok sia...

2nd round halfway thru the bbbj, i requested for mouth fuck and we changed position. This time she lie down and i am on top of her and fucked her mouth like fucking a pussy. CIM again while fucking her mouth.

Originally Posted by killingprod View Post
I dont really leave FR as I stopped being a cheongster for 2 yrs now but only surf SBF to intro some gems for my friends.

Managed to meet up with Claire today. She was very open minded and friendly. I was slightly nervous as I never had an encounter in a car but talking to her made me forget about it. As a first timer, just follow her lead and be prepared to be mind blown. The ending for me was intense and she wont leave a single drop behind. You may let her know what you looking for and she will try to keep you satisfied.

A plus point, she's very considerate as it started to rain and was concern for me as I am riding a bike. She asked me to leave her a message when I am home but i rather not disturb her as its late.

Overall, the experience is very positive and hope to meet her soon again as soon as i get my vitamins back!
Originally Posted by setz00 View Post
Owe the ladies an long overdue fr.

As I don't write fr often shall keep it short. Tried the tarma with them last week & gotta say one of the best experience ever had. Both were easy going girls so can break the ice easily. Experience wise, really one of kind & never a dull moment with them.

You have to try it to believe it. I shall not rate them with numbers as one person's view may differ from mine. But in all a worth to try experience
Thanks For Support Bro!!
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