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Re: My journey from a boy to man

Originally Posted by Sexcation View Post
Thank you bros/Sis for your support As I am under moderation, I will try to write as fast as i can.
She pulled me in to the house and we french deeply. We are desperate lovers anyway.
While kissing, I roam my hands to her nipples which is already very errected.
She let out a seductive moan.
I can't wait any longer. My 2IC is bursting out of my pants!

Me: Dear, you are very sexy and seductive when you are at home!
N: For you only... ( she managed to say while she is moaning from the high )

She moves her hand towards south and into my berms and she is using her finger to circle gently around the tip of my 2IC outside my underwear.
Erotic! I am feel high and precum seems start oozing out. My 2IC cant seem to wait for more action.

To return her a favor, I move my hands down to feel the new friend which 2IC gonna befriend. To my extornishment, I do not feel any cloth when i move southwards, instead i feel wetness, the moist on a skin which i have not touched before in my life!
I break of the french look at her innocently.

Me: Dear, you need to go to the toilet or something?
N: huh?
Me: You are very wet below, just now you bathing and rushing out to open door for me huh? you forget to wear your panties? (very innocent question of me, 1st gf in my life mah! what do u expect? )
N: you silly boy! you forget that today I am letting xiao mao mi to befriend xiao xing xing? Wearing a panties only add a barrier mah. (She said that while she carry on circling the tip of my 2IC)
Me: Oh ya! (act blur) Then I should remove the barrier of xiao xing xing as well? hee

At this point of time, I have no intention of having sex, just petting is already sufficient for me. Being a innocent 16year old, I am afraid of sex and strongly believe that my 1st time is only to be given to my life partner. ( This thinking was earsed after being brain washed by my Japanese friend at a later stage of life )

I removed my berms and underwear and my 2IC sprang out like never before.

N: Oooo xiao xing xing is sooo hard and thick!
Me: hee you like what you see?
N: I like!
Me: you wanna hold it?
N: Of course!

"Oh my god!" she cooed. "This is really thick and hard. Can it really go into xiao mao mi?"

(I am wondering too, Such a big shaft can enter such a small hole? )

I hugged her and the smell of her hair really makes me want to swallow her up as a whole. We move to the sofa continued with our unfinished business.

As I play with her nipples, her moaning gets louder and louder. Her puss juice starts to ooze out like tapwater.
At the same time, she is moving my shaft up and down in a slow, gentle manner and I feel like I am going to burst anytime... I am trying to hold desperately.

I do not want my soldiers to rush out so fast! I grab her hands and ask her to stop.

Looking at her in the eye, I lifted up her T-shirt and attack her boobs with my mouth. being a noob, I attack the nipple straight and give her good suck like a baby.
I think I have over done it.

N: pain! stop!
Me: sorry sorry!
N: do it gently k? if not spoil liao next time u cannot play le. hee
Me: orrrr... ( obediently, i procced with the sucking gently )

She moan louder and louder as if asking for more.
Suddenly, her breathing gets louder and faster... she spasm and shivered! I was suprised! (I did not know what is cum back then).

Me: Are you okay dear?
N: ahhh... ahhhhhhhh.... this is so shiok....
Me: huh??? really ar??? It is like very high.... and your whole body turn soft? (I am trying to figure out if the feeling is the same as how I cum when I masturbate.)
N: yes yes!

She hug and kissed me deeply.

"Thank you dear!" she said happily.

N: As a reward, xiao mao mi will meet xiao xing xing now!!!
Me: Okay! haha

As she climb on top of me aiming her wet and moist puss on my 2IC............................................... .................................................. .................................................. ..................................

Busy for now carry on later
Up me if you like my story. Prolly will update faster if I am out of moderation?
There is a sound of someone unleashing the lock of the gate... We panicked and rush to get dress... She rushed to the bathroom while I quickily get dressed... As a guy and being trained in ncc, I can change relatively fast from the change parade tekan. Haha

Anyways... That's the furthest I have went with this 1st gf of mine... We did these countless times but we just never managed to have sex... Maybe I dun luv her that much to lose her? Or rather I m too traditional.

I chased 'N' for nearly a year... And was togther with her for 1yr2mths6days... My first love...

Breaking up with her, I m very very upset. To me I m just an average joe, taking such a long time to chase a gal makes me feel like a damn loser and it furthur pull down my confidence...

I was in poly year 1 semester 2 when I broke up with her. I am able to realise that I m not as lousy as I thought... From engineering faculty, I venture to business and accounting side to know more people. Business and accounting are well known to have the most gals and also the prettiest gals in poly

Soon... I get to know more than what I bargain for... I get to know a gal from a jc who I call her 'S'. She stands 1.64cm with a c cup (I feel it later on)... And most importantly a cfm face!!! I get to know her from a chat... If I m not wrong shd be mirc.

When I get to know S, she doesn't appeal to me at all. But her friend whom I name P is the one drawing me all my attention... So I planned to know P better thru S.

Long story short... At the end of the day, my friends tried to pull string with me and S... And apparently I think they have got the wrong idea... I m interested in P who is an accounting student and not S...

A silly part of me is if my japanese friend has appeared earlier... i would have take the two kills!

So one day my class has a BBQ in ECP, I invited P along only but turn out S accompany P to the BBQ......................................

thanks for your support I will try to update as much as i can. As i work in a restricted area, there is no internet assess. I will try to update via my HP if possible.

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