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My journey from a boy to man

After reading so much stories in this forum for quite sometime now, i thought that it will be fair if i can contribute my part of story to the bros and sis in this forum.

A short intro of myself, I am 31 this year, married with one daughter and one son who is coming out to greet me in a month's time. I kept my virgin til 21 then i lose it.

Reading the stories which bros shared, I will share my part.

All the stories narrated here are all real.
Not all are about sex. Some are about stupid things which I have done and I am still laughing over it when i recall.

When i was in sec 3, I was very active in my ECA (NCC). Not only in my school but also in the HQ. At that time, I have only one purpose being active. That is to chase a gal who i name "N" from another school. This gal (one year my Junior) is the most popular gal then. A lot of people chasing after her. She is ard 160cm/45kg/34B. She is a very hard nut to crack.

Even when i am chasing her, she was with different guys. Being naive at that time, I think it is okay. I did not think so far. But now thinking back, I guess she must have lost her virgin way before i chase her. I think i skip all the chasing part... it will bore all bros and sis to death.

I chase her from sec 4 to sec 5 and managed to get her to be my gf after 3 times of rejection. ( very persistent of me eh? ). After being together for quite a while, the furthest we went is have a peck on the cheek, holding hands and that all. Very innocent relationship. 3mths later, we started to proceed more... But bare in mind, I am a virgin til 21.

One night after our GCE O levels, as usual we hold hands and I am walking her home. We decided to stay near her block to chat as it is still early for her. We went to the play ground to chat, this time i am broader. I hug her close to me as we chat. She was wearing a jumpers with a sports bra. As we chat, my hand starts to roam into her jumpers and caress her tummy. Occasionally, intentionally touch her nipples. when i touch her nipple she will moan sexily into my ears. It is so encouraging and it is as if she is asking me to go on furthur.

Me: dear, do you feel good?
N: Mmmmmm (moaning sexily into my ears)
Me: Tell me do you want me to play with it longer? (stupid question, while i am still caressing her)
N: ahhhhh

Being a horny already, I slip my hands into her bra, and give her breast a gentle squeeze.

N: ohhhhhh... I am wet...
Me: Wet? Mmmm you mean your xiao mao mi wet? ( me and her secret code of her pussy :P)

I wanted to move my hands downwards to feel the wetness, suddenly "Brrrrrrrr" Damn! her Pager vibrate (that time use Pager no hp)!!! Immediately, she composed herself and look who page. Sadly, its from her home... meaning she has to go home. I intended to open up and let her feel my humble 2IC but... sigh... there goes my chance.

Me: haiz... have to send you home liao... wanted to talk to your xiao mao mi one.
N: nvm, 2morrow I let xiao mao mi befriend xiao xing xing k?
(Woot!!! Wowwwww! high!!! she wanna let me 2IC befriend her sister!!!)

With that she gave me a peck, adjusted her attire and i walked her home.

So we arranged to meet up the next day at her house when no one is at home.....

Entering her home the next day afternoon when her parents are not around, which is quite dim as the curtains are drawn.... she greeted me in a oversize T-shirt.... oh! did i forget that she has a habit of not wearing bra at home.............................................. ............................................

I will carry on if I get a good respond from the community, if not i will stop writing and not wasting the community's time. Pardon me for my lousy english only C6 in O levels.
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