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Re: Anything in PJ/Damansara

Originally Posted by Qq3033 View Post
Just share my first experience with sex booster . VigRED + Blisswater delay spray .
I bought it few weeks ago but no chance to test until MCO period .
MCO , so free ma . Then test lo .
I took VigRED about 1 hour b4 and spray delay spray 30 mins before .
Then invited her to watch porn movies ....When watching , i can feel my body getting hot ...
My penis out of my control , erect like a steel rod . long and hard steel .
Really cannot stand , then let her naked and bonk her ..
In my mind only 1 thing . bonk her hard hard ....
I think she like my penis changes , she react difference . Moans much louder compared normal .
I kept bonk her , really bonk her very long time . At lease 30 mins .
I really surprised because never sex for so long time . Body getting tired but penis still very hard .
Kept bonking her gau-gau . She at lease reach orgasm 5 times . She moans really loud . Never happened before .
Finally she really cannot stand . she said too tired and too sensitive . If continue she will dead .
No choice lo , she continue with BJ , she really surprise with my performance . I really feel like a hero .
Finally , i blow into her mouth . ...
I really like the feeling . Must try .
But i will not rely on this every time having sex , just once in a while . Special moment to let her surprise .
You try VigRED Red . 1/2 tablet good enough . Can bonk until she go heaven .
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