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Re: L18 H40 ( 6 New Girls Start Work On 23rd Aug This Friday 2013 )

Similar experience for me.

She's definitely an eye catcher ... I stepped in and took notice of her straight away, then continued to browse and our eyes reconnected.

This was my first experience with her ...
Body/looks stats... same as yours below.
But GFE wasn't too bad ... she tried to kiss me, seduce me, and was touchy ...
But during FJ i thought it felt rushed. She wanted me to do many positions, not sure why.
I thought her pussy is quite loose. Doggy started off nicely quite fleshy butt but can feel her tail bone, perhaps butt fleshy but too soft.

During my 2nd visit, everything went downhill ....
No more GFE at all ... no seduction etc...
FJ super mechanical, again, she wanted many positions, when we finally ended up in missionary, her head was turned away ... was like fucking a dead-fish at this time.

Perhaps its a chemistry issue, strangely during this second visit, couldn't connect with her at all.

Well, its always good to try around.

Have fun!

Originally Posted by comm View Post
Met up with a bro and we went walking today...

Up and down from lor 20 to lor 6, din see any new girls that i like. The only girl i saw interesting was 1217 g69. So after 1 round of walking we decided to go lorong 18 again to look a 2nd time.

Enter 1840 saw g15....look chio and syt sia.....straight away on her.

Looks: quite chio syt

Body: knn tio bluff....small boobs. Slim body. Curvy ass but during doggie can feel the hard bone so doggie fail.

Sop shower.

Tight enough, nice healthy body. Does not like u to touch her head. Does reverse cowgirl

Dao towards me
OK , mouth did not complain altho i could see she was sian.
Overall fat uncle comm felt that she did not like him and maybe this is a old cow eating young grass, altho she did not like him but she also did not complain.

Looks: Very Good
Body: poor
Services: poor
Attitude: OK


Hmm...based on her looks and youth it is still possible to recommend her. BUT If service or good attitude is your top piority then maybe have to consider. Overall it was OK for a 1 time complains.....but the way she subtly treated me, made me miss the good attitude treatment i got recently from wh10 g10 and 0843 g8

My experience is also roughly the same as the previous 2 frs of her
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