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nono1973 24-01-2016 11:01 PM

Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Dear all,

Since the old Batam Info Thread is now flood with lots of non-Batam related postings,a few members of the forum has suggested to me to create a new thread under the permission of a moderator. I believe the old thread will soon be closed and discussion regarding Batam related topics may likely continue from hereon.

As its the 1st time i start a new thread in this forum and i have totally no experience,so i start reading back on how other thread starters would have do it and i found the below from bro Hurricane88 on 1st laying the basic rules for a thread most appropriate to begin with :



Originally Posted by Hurricane88 (Post 8977375)
The rules remained the same:

1. No over zealous sales pitch
2. Clones are not welcome
3. TS will act as referee and will control the thread with fairness
4. No personal attacks
5. All posts are for sharing purposes
6. Please do not post off topic and focus on HCM as main topic
7. All members can post with no ambiguity and no fear

1. No over zealous sales pitch

I guess everyone likely knew about this. No advertising for a particular place/girl etc etc. Its this whole forum's golden rule,i think this part will need to leave it to the moderator to judge on what are their definition of having an over-zealous sales pitch. If you found anyone with that kind of tone,report them to the moderator.

2. Clones are not welcome

Clones were never welcome since day 1 of any thread in any forums,but no forums in this world can stop the creation of clones especially in popular social media sites like this one. What you can do is simply ignore them. There is an ignore button at the bottom left hand side of each post which you can click on to ignore a particular member's post (thereafter,all his other postings,past,present and future will all disappear)

Yes,clone/s are not welcome.

3. TS will act as referee and will control the thread with fairness

Like i have said it earlier,its my 1st thread in this forum,i dont know how this referee-ing thing gonna work. The real world was never fair to begin with,internet world will not be either. My objective in the previous Batam Info Thread was to collect Batam Information (and updates),at times consolidate them,categorize them,analyze them and later repost them for my easy reference to enhance a better time for my future batam trips. My main objective hasnt change since 2 years ago and i will try my best to stay on that part of focus.

This is a Batam thread,if your objective is known to seek something else (eg. picking a fight or flaming),i would believe it is only fair to those who wish to seek the thread titled-related information to ask you to leave. Everyone is right in their own definition and not everyone will agree with every others,so try to keep an open mind. Dont get overly obsessive over who's right or who's wrong.

4. No personal attacks

This one should be easy,any definition of a personal attack in my perspective will be suggested to the moderator for post removal and not moved to another thread/section. Applies for fighting,quarreling,flaming and over-heated argument in the thread too. Remember,it takes 2 men to start a fight,another person/s taking sides on one of the 2 men to start a war. Be considerate,humble,try to talk nicely and dont get too personal. The key here is to try to respect one another during posting.

a) Avoid using strong words you dont truly mean.

Example: "I hate that idiot." In reality,you dont really "hate" him/her. You only "dislike" him/her due to something. So avoid using the "hate" word.

b) Do not jump into conclusion when you only read one or two posts from an individual. Look back his old previous posting as well,check the whole conversation between who he is speaking to. Easiest way to ignite an argument or quarrel is to do selective reading and be reading between other person's lines. Read his whole post and the conversation on the whole on who he is speaking to (check who's post he quoted). Many personal attacks online start happening becos of some really very minor misunderstanding.

c) Avoid partaking in an argument by taking sides, quoting and replying to either party. It takes 2 to start a fight,3 and more to start a war. Your reply may likely fuel the already-heated situation. It take 2 hands to clap,if my left hand refuse to clap with my right,i will only be hitting air. A person with a good heart (and good intention) will NEVER take side in a fight or quarrel.

d) Every human surely have some form of 喜怒哀乐 (Delight, anger, sorrow, and happiness) and 贪、嗔、痴、妒、慢、疑 (Greed, hatred , ignorance , jealousy , pride, doubt). Learn to keep them in control (i am also learning as i grow).

e) Be sensitive to other's belief/s.

5. All posts are for sharing purposes

We are here to share our piece of experience on Batam and we all have different characters. 10 men bonking the same girl in different time ,all 10 men will have different experiences and feel. One man's meat,other man's poison. Try to keep an open mind and be open to negativity against your favourite places or girls and/or even your ways of getting and having things done.

Please be sensitive to others during posting.

6. Please do not post off topic and focus on Batam as main topic

This is a Batam thread,try to keep in line with the titled topic. A little TCSS here and there is fine but still,try to avoid over-doing it. Off topic postings will still be subject for suggested removal,especially unrelated to thread title's off topic post that has result in an unfriendly argument.

7. All members can post with no ambiguity and no fear

We are all adults,try to stand on the another person's perspective to see things. One type of rice feeds all kind of men,we are all grown up who can think before we speaks. Ambiguity and fear should not be in our way during any posting.

8. Post trimming

Number 8 is not in bro hurricane's rule list,i added it in becos i need to help others know how i will likely be exercising myself as a TS to trim post that were not relevant to the thread or if there are disputes in a thread. In most cases after some careful study on quarreling,fighting and heated argument,case of a situation A can lead to situation B,then lead to situation C,D and eventually situation E which becomes a dispute/fight/quarrel. On such scenario,i will look from situation A to E (maybe even further backward),i may trim irrelevant posts leading from each respective situation to another situation. Meaning the whole entire quarreling/fighting/dispute conversation may disappears. And if you happen to notice your post/s went missing,it MAY NOT be becos you were not posting things right. It could likely means your post/s were caught in the middle of a snowballed contradicting situation. I apologize to you here in advance.

All in all,the above regulations were set meant to be a guideline,aiming to keep things in place and not to be against anyone. I sincerely hope for your understanding.
I have chosen to quote-lock the above 8 regulations to be used as basic guidelines for this new thread becos this is about sharing of Batam Information and Experiences,for like-minded bros forming a gathering to visit Batam ,be doing something good and enjoyable for themselves in their Batam trip/s and to help one another in need. And it should NOT be a Q & A on why such regulations were formed.

In hope for your understanding.

And thank you for reading.

nono1973 24-01-2016 11:04 PM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

To sum it up,this thread will be almost exactly like the previous older Batam Info Thread.

Only main difference is i would humbly hope for no quarreling,no fighting,no flaming and to avoid going off topic here. We will try to focus on sharing information,sharing FRs,sending out healthy reminder/s to each other,everyone gathered together to cheong Batam,have a happy good time there (whether together or not) and we return here to share so that others can learn the rope and maybe have the same good or better time you might have. Not having a good time in Batam,also nevermind. You can still share what isnt right in your trip so that others will not follow your same foot step (and learn) or be notify in advance of some not-so-good girl/s or place/s you been to,so as to at least try to avoid having a bad time.

May the GOOD core value of the old Batam Info Thread persist in the years to come. We learn from one another. You learned from me,i learned from you. You know more,you teach me.i know less,i will try to learn more from you so as to try to keep up with you pace. And when i eventually know more than others,i humbly help others who know lesser. Creating a good positive cycle so that the good works from the previous generation and this generation can then be carried down to the next generation to come.

In order NOT to allow this 1st post go out of topic,allow me to bring you to the beginning of my collection of Batam Information collected from the old thread. Crediting it all to ALL the previous senior bros who selflessly shared their experiences there.

For the newbies who has little or no experience in Travelling to Batam and yet wish to travel there,do read the below links 1st :

Above link is my Batam beginner's walkthrough guide from the previous batam info thread created at a time when i am still in a newbie mentality but the booking joint map there is a little outdated. You may wish to refer to bro Freedom's recent map made in 2015 below for a little more updated details (its not a complete map tho,but should be good enough for most to navigate around) :

Do note too that Prima Ferries stated in that Batam walk through guide link no longer exist. Its now called Horizon Ferries as in 2015 onward. Location of the ferry terminal in both country (Batam and Singapore),addresses and phone number remains unchanged. At the point of this post,one can still book ferry ticket from Prima Ferries website but you are actually travelling via Horizon Ferry. No upfront payment needed for booking. You pay only when you reach there to collect your boarding pass (unless its peak season,eg CNY ,Xmas,please call them to enquire).

Prima Ferries (doesnt exist anymore) = Horizon Ferries (replaced Prima Ferries)

To know where to cheong,here's a copy of the cheong list dated on Oct 2015 :

The cheong list is updated once every few months and/or whenever there are more new things to be updated and/or when i have the time,so do keep a look out on the latest posting in this thread.

With all the basic information on getting to Batam with accommodation and places to cheong settled. One will need to feed himself (maybe his Batam girl/s too) and thats where the Batam Food List made in 2015 comes into play.

Again the cheonging list and the food list will need to be constantly update (during my free time and/or if there are new info),so please do keep a look out at the latest posting in this thread as well as my signature links for update. As long as i am still here in this thread,i shall continue to update the available listings as much as possible base on what others shared here. This is 2016 and i am working on other list/s and if time allows,i will upgrade the older listings too.

Keep in mind,in years/months to come,information in this 1st post i type here may likely go out-dated. Always keep a lookout for the latest post in this thread. And thats one of the main reason why this thread was created. For everyone who constantly share update on any changes in Batam.

May heaven bless all readers and contributors of this thread to have a good time in Batam.

Batu Ampar = Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal

Special note to all 1st time Batam visitor/s and Batam Newbie/s :

Avoid asking questions that has been repeatedly answered before. You may unlikely get a reply and even if you did,it may not be a complete one. You may wish to 1st read the collective information below :

Some key Batam Information :

My 12 Batam trip summaries in 2015 :

Pricing for Special Service for Massage (my own perspective)

How i would bargain in Batam

How to "search" for what you are looking for in ANY threads :

How to post picture in this thread :

How to search for a person's post :

How to use the Hide Code

How to use the forum's ignore button :

All the above and more can also be found on my signature too.

Alternatively,you may choose to read this below as advise by the many seniors :

The common places of interest in Batam...(other than going to Batam for sex)


nono1973 25-01-2016 12:20 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by iicycold (Post 14075553)
Have a good trip,bro.

Thank you bro. This coming trip is more onto finalizing my CNY 2016 trip...i should be all ready to make CNY 2016 better than CNY 2015 in a more intelligent way of my terms, batam buddy coming along too.

I am also looking for plan B and C,just in case there is an all else fail situation,hehehe...:D

Now whats left is to look forward to it as i type.


Originally Posted by iicycold (Post 14075553)
save sm good girls for me in permata hor.

i just send u my FRs on my last trip.

Hehehe....1st come 1st serve situation. I will send you my report too...later...

All who joined me in my last trip couldnt believe their eyes that there at least 2 SSYT in Permata Indah,hehehe...and even more surprising that they didnt cost rocket high price. Honestly speaking,when it comes to this kind of thing i usually have reserve some doubts,hehehe...what i meant by non-rocket pricing is about a million to 1.2 million,hehehe...too bad my friends cannot book them as they were already pre-booked by other quicker bros,hehehe...and bear in mind,its 1130am when we were there on a weekday.

*whatever i says here has been witness by real people,for your info.


Originally Posted by PigletDiDi (Post 14076275)
Will they provides album for reference and can explain more info on overnight procedure or prices.

Hiya bro,I know what you are asking for. Not every places will be like the Moonlight series.(1 in 10 perhaps) And you may wish to pre-warn bros in your future group trips about the pros and cons on picking girls from there. As the saying goes,there is a 1 in 100 or 1000 chance that there will be a chance to be eaten by a tiger when one goes up to a mountain that has tigress. The girls "there" were not bound by contract for your info hence i have not bring newbies to those places. Moreover,these girls can be found at 30% to 50% off at some well know discotheque in Batam after lights out.

Just saying.


Originally Posted by visitorfromfar (Post 14076590)
What are good places to go for full service massage? and how much do they cost? I'm thinking of going to nagoya hill and see something nearby.

Also, any places I can go to get a few beers and meet girls who speak english?

Answers to your questions may already be on my signature link.


Originally Posted by longlong135 (Post 14076779)
This "man's fight" went on and on until the golden $1,000 banner is out.
Almost fell off my chair... This $1,000 don't know got include FJ after the work anot...

You stirred my interest with your post.

Since you are talking about hang flower joint,share with you Sillypore,the real Singaporean who hang S$1000 Crown aka 皇冠,only need to pay S$300 and still get a bonk (i read some hang flower joint discussion thread and this part wasnt discussed much ,i dont plan to do it here). Only Sillyporean pays S$1000 aka Banner and didnt get a bonk. The even more intelligent Singaporean will come to this SBF forum to get probably the same singer at S$150 per pop. :rolleyes:

Highest i have seen so far is S$100k kind of 黑金皇袍 Black Gold Robe on a singer's birthday,hehehe...once a year ma...those were the girls that has been already bao by some big boss. :D


Originally Posted by longlong135 (Post 14076779)
Come to think of it, I have yet to see any "flower-hanging" pub in Batam.
Is there any? Might be a good business to start there, maybe better income than booking joint...

In order not to go out of topic,i added the below hang flower club in Batam for your reference. It was my 1st interaction of Indo song in Batam.


Originally Posted by longlong135 (Post 14076820)
Same question I asked before in this forum... haha...
Places recommended by brother IIcy is Nadim airport...

Look closely at the question again,there is a difference hence the reply might likely be different even if its replied by the same person.


Originally Posted by Bigbird00 (Post 14077063)
I saw Nono posted some Dental info. I guess someone needed some Dental works in Batam.

Thank you for sharing,bro. ;)

nono1973 25-01-2016 12:26 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by momopopo (Post 14079487)
Hi all. Planning a 1 day solo trip tmr for some release.

1st,I apologize for replying you too late as you most likely already had gone to Batam and returned by the time you see this post.


Originally Posted by momopopo (Post 14079487)
My rough plans is 2x massage with happy ending.
With some shopping of food to dabao back in between.


Originally Posted by momopopo (Post 14079487)
Can have advice on the following?
What are some of the MP you recommend? Preferably not too far tho i can try taking cab( 1st timer)

I dont recommend but if you are just aiming for 2 massages and some simple food here's a suggestion which i usually do if i go for a simple day trip w/o the need to use a taxi :

1. Drop at Harbour Bay from Harbour Front

2. Head for Ocean Massage at the row of shop houses outside Wey Wey 2 restaurant. They have a variety of packages ranging from 280k + to 498k + and the highest was around 800k if i dont remember which includes a FJ with 1.5 hr of massage (or was it 2.5 hr?).

3. Harbour Bay Mall has a theatre,can watch a movie there. (25k to 40k per ticket depending on hours and days)

4. Quite a handful of food court and sea food restaurants in that area,so food should not be a problem.

5. Clean Massage at Manzu,2nd floor of Harbour Bay Mall. Keep in mind,clean massage can some time has some inconsistent "dirty" too.

All the above were ideas of my own where i do not need to use a taxi for a day trip with minimum travelling.


Originally Posted by momopopo (Post 14079487)
Read some posts so hj is 150k to 250k and fj is 250k to 400k ? Did i get the rates right?

100k HJ and 200k FJ is what i will start off with (i use it as a benchmark).

Their (the girls) 1st quotation will always be higher,usually about 300k HJ and 600k FJ (up to 800k for FJ and even 1 million a pop for hotel massage) How low the price will be depend on your bargaining skill. You do not need to know the language to be able to bargain. There is a something called universal sign language.


Originally Posted by momopopo (Post 14079487)
What time do they open as i plan to go early and come back sg by 8-9pm (keepin mind i am going for 2x)

Most smaller scale standalone massage shops open at around 11am,some at 12pm but thats where the time they will still be eating while waiting for customers to walk in. So do bear with their burping sound during your session if you plan to go there during those hours.

Personal advise,have low expectation and try not to rush.

May you have a good time in Batam.


nono1973 25-01-2016 12:38 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by iicycold (Post 14079593)
Beside the phone bill u'll need to add the supir/ojek fare to room bill too,unless u r staying in hotels near Kaha.

Yep,yep...if the amount of taxi fare to travel to Kaha and phone bill all added up to be more than booking the hotel online,then booking online will be in a way more convenient and cost effective.

For your info,Kaha in my last trip tells me that 7th and 8th is considered a public holiday in Batam. 9th Feb,which is a public holiday in Sillypore is not a considered a public holiday. So,i saved 50k ,hehehe...

Check out the Indonesia Official Public Holiday for 2016 :


Originally Posted by iicycold (Post 14079738)
U still not look young enough? Later becm The Return of the Condor Heroes's xiao long nu ,60 yo age like 30yo age then u knw.

Who likes to look old when they can look young? Hehehe...honey is not the only thing that can help a man look young. I am more into my own health. If my Lung ,Kidney and Liver can be as strong as when i am younger,then most illness or those not-so-good symptoms of any particular malfunction organ will be less likely to occur.


Originally Posted by iicycold (Post 14082394)
Enjoy yr trip,bro.

Jus y did u chng yr money at HB yesterday evening?

Clever,you knew that it is a Harbour Bay money changing pricing when you see the amount of 9600/SGD on that day. I didnt change there of course,but my friends who arrived early did. :D


Originally Posted by Naka_Timo (Post 14082812)
Book early for hotel n ferry to avoid disppointent and also most hotel and ferry rates will be increase on both day.

Good advise for those bros heading to Batam towards CNY 2016. I am monitoring the hotel pricing as i type this. Very interesting to look see at it cos i saw ridiculous hotel pricing during CNY 2015,dont know if it will happen again this year,hehehe...

Harris Resort normal room costing more than a grand before tax last year,hehehe...


Originally Posted by longlong135 (Post 14084346)
How do you do the quote lock?
I noticed that I am unable to quote all of your message...

Thats the reason for quote-locking. To make you unable (or hard) to quote all of his post message. Only the one who quote-lock can unlock it by editing his/her initial post within about 29 days of the original post. And thats the reason why i "quoted" if i have a very lengthy post so that no one can quote my whole post which newbie/s initially have the tendency to do. That would in turn make them breach the forum rules for quoting the whole post and they end up being under further moderation due to the zapping.

Not totally impossible to unlock the quote-lock,just very much more troublesome. And if any particular bro who choose to unlock the quote-lock,it can only mean one thing. His aim is to break the forum rules. And no,i am not going to show the public the step by step ways to unlock a quote lock.


Originally Posted by longlong135 (Post 14084399)
From my experience, I only tried before Sakura Massage and Zen Wellness Massage located within the Nagoya hill area.
Both provide massage packages with Happy Ending (HJ), not sure about FJ though. I did not try any of the extras.
You may want to ask the lady at the counter, they are very open about the VIP and SVIP package with extras.
Ladies are polite, strength of massage is good for me, excellent service to each of my request and spacious room with bath tub...

If I recall correctly, Zen Wellness provides 1.5 hrs full body massage in VIP room, cost about 600K rupiah which already includes HJ.
Beautiful MLs... in my opinion.
Both places owned by Singaporean boss... I heard...

My temporary reply to your questions...

You just provide some very good information from my perspective,bro. And why has it to be temporary? Your post will become permanent in about 29 days time where you wont be able to edit it,hehehe...not many here were able to provide much information on Zen and Sakura massage except maybe 1 or 2. Below link for further reference on the 2 places :

Of course, it would be better if the pricing and their kind of amenities were add onto it.

i sincerely thank you for sharing good information here.

nono1973 25-01-2016 12:54 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by Lucifer84 (Post 14088650)
I can't believe they actually increased her price from 1.2 to 1.5 with this kinda attitude and services. Yeah, like I said before. She at most only worth 800k. In fact with 800k I can get a better one from other joints. Reason for taking was to find out whether did their services improved.

Its CNY season,bro..price surely increase in every joint. But i am glad you send that warning of your incident to warn bros here about the girl,Putri. Believe me,when there are demands more than supply,"blind men" will still go to her. And curious bros here will visit that place like me to try to know who Putri is. OKT will smell something fishy and have her name changed. So the best bet will be skip MM this coming season. (when there is a higher demand than supply)

I will not forget one thing last CNY2015,each girl from a couple of booking joints can take up to 5 overnight customers a day. OKTs wont care (no complains allowed),hp all off etc. Tho i am not a victim,but well...i kiasu ma. Worry if i arent careful enough,i will become the next victim on the que line this coming CNY2016,hehehe...

Or if anyone wish to die die book from MM,then they will have to watch out for a little petite fat fat girl with just a normal look which the OKT will say she is very young and with a stuck up look-down-on-customers kind of glare.

At this point,i am still on my stand that a girl who is not good in a joint do not mean that all girls in that joint isnt good.


Originally Posted by Lucifer84 (Post 14088650)
Anyway, recently I got a free upgrade from kings massage where the ML quoted me 500k for hj and I managed to bargained to 250k. She asked if I want to fuck her when she's rubbing my small head and I told her that I already got a cewek waiting in my room and she said no worry it's free lol

So,its 250k for a FJ + HJ? conclusion,the girl has shown that she likes you,hehehe...

How come i never have such good deal? Hehehe....i envy break record liao lor,being the 1st person i knew who can get a 250k for fj at Kings Massage,hehehe...

Thumbs up to you!!

nono1973 25-01-2016 01:22 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by Naka_Timo (Post 14088805)
Yes, saw it when we were in the car. Anyway dpearture hall and arrival hall. There were more polisi on patrol and also on high alert mode.

Thats was one of my biggest worry.More police may means more of them eyeing for "money" this festive season and thats in the name of protecting the tourists. I think i am more afraid of those corrupted policemen than the terrorist,hehehe..

I always keep this set of Batam telephone number stated below with me whenever i visit Batam:

In case one day things like the below happen to me:


Originally Posted by Ratcool69 (Post 930283)
Dear Bros, be cautioned...Batam is becoming from bad to worse.. my friend had just returned from his trip from Batam..yup one night in a hotel and two nights in Barelang Polta Base..that's right he spent two nights in jail..

He had gone over to Batam to have his wife's passport to be stamped and come back in to Singapore (his wife is an Indonesian).

His room door was knocked on at 6am in the morning and was entered by 4 polisi and wanted to check his room and they said that he had drugs with him..they checked the room profusely..after about 15 mins of checking (he doesn't play or use all these drugs)..all of a sudden one of the polisi suddenly came out with 1/2 a pill of E..he got a shock and asked where did the polisi find this and the polisi said just underneath the bed on the floor...

they immeadiately handcuffed him and demanded SGD$12,000.00 yup that's right SINGAPORE DOLLAR TWELVE THOUSAND..he explained to them that he does not use drugs and do not know where that 1/2 pill came from..he asked them to do a urine test on him and they said no need..

how..they asked him..after much talk they said ok ok SGD$8000..they will settle but he have to sit inside until the money is handed over...BASTARDS!!!!

he called his friends in Singapore to have the money brought over..they then brought over the money and handed it over..they then released him..

This is becoming too much..this is because of the bloody polisi got no money to take from the judi as everything is closed and all of a sudden they have no rich lifestyles they aim people..somehow..I also believe that he was marked from the start..

this is bad..very bad..go to batam..calculate budget..ok ok $200.00 can cheong..then pay until your ass hole burns..

I think I will take a break from batam for the time's getting to hot in there..don't want to get burnt..and one burnt will be very painfull..
:mad: :mad:

And i read about the solution provided by another bro to the above :


Originally Posted by eddy (Post 930322)
I have rarely been to Batam but the rest of Indonesia is my rice bowl and playground for many years now.

By Indonesian law, you can only be held up to 24hrs after which you are entitled to a phone call. In the interim, as much as they want to force a statement out of you (I am sure your friend has signed some kind of confession), you have EVERY right to refuse to say, write or sign anything without the advise of your lawyer.

Its a poker game.....depends on how long you will last and if you succumb to their mind games. And dont be afraid to demand for your phone call.

Remember.....THEY HAVE 24HRS TO FORMALLY CHARGE they are pressed for time too. After 24hrs, bang table, throw a tantrum, threaten to report them etc etc etc if they do not allow you a phone call OR RELEASE YOU.....they can delay this by a few more days to 'extend' their investigations but REMEMBER YOU ARE ALLOWED 1 PHONE CALL AFTER HOLDING YOU FOR 24HRS

One way to avoid the mind games and pshyco tricks is to just ask for a cell and when in the cell, go to sleep! This is super cool and will frustrate them them impression that you have been through all this shit before.....remember, mind games, now YOU play your mind game with them BY ASKING FOR A CELL and BY GOING TO SLEEP. Almost 100% guarantee u will be out of there in 6-12 hrs if you can give them a little $$$ for all that wayang.

Same thing happened to me 2 times alrealdy......once in Makassar, South Sulawesi 4 years ago and another time in Palu, Central Sulawesi.

Both times, I told them not to waste my time, that I know the law in Indonesia and just offered them 5mil rupiah (Makassar) and 3mil rupiah (Palu) to save everyone the trouble and time......I was out of the station after about 5-6 hrs each time. I had all those involved in both incidents sacked once I got back to Jakarta and complained/explained to my big bosses

Remember THEY CANNOT TOUCH YOU......but they sure as hell will try to scare and frighten u until u shit in your pants......just stay cool.

Nothing will happen to you.

It pays to read and seek for solution to a problem faced...of course the author of the post is talking about Jakarta,but lets not forget there is a Singapore Consulate in Batam as attached on :


Originally Posted by eddy (Post 930615)
and for those of you who go to Indonesia on business PLEASE dont assume Singapore is part of ASEAN so no need to apply for a visa.

IF YOU ARE DOING BUSINESS IN INDONESIA OR EVEN TALKING ABOUT BUSINESS, YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR A BUSINESS VISA. I think the first time applicant will be given a 3-6 month visa while subsequent renewals is usually for a 1 year period.

Yes you can try to escape applying for business visa but when caught with company/product brouchures, proposals, laptop full of business info etc etc WILL be in trouble because its an immigration offence.

This kind of offence will bring only a small penalty but is troublesome in the face of evidence. However, they MUST hand you over to immigration authorities and have no right to hold you.........

REMEMBER....... its all mind games everyone is playing..... threaten that your career/married life is finished, bluffing that it normally takes 3 months before they produce you in court etc etc etc blah blah blah.......while it is TRUE that the case will take months to get to court, you just cook in the cell for a couple of days max before your lawyer or relative will come to BAIL U OUT.

The FIRST CALL you should make is to the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta and look for the attache in-charge of immigration affairs.....the phone number is 62-811- 863-348 and tell them your problem, (PLEASE dont forget to tell them where you are, hor). This immediately puts you on the Singapore embassy radar and initiates a case file.

Its important to tell Embassy exactly where you are, hor. Dont waste your time at the station looking down at the floor. Indonesian customs/army/police/immigration authorities always like to 'dress up' their offices and it will be very easy for you to glance around and see all this info plastered all over the place. If it helps, please also look out the car/van window when they transport you back to station for road name or landmarks (Eg. 'I dunno where this place is in XXXXXX town but its very near a Mc Donalds/mall called XXXXX etc etc ). It makes it easier for them to find out your exact location because the station where you are held might take a fucking long time to call the embassy (if they are willing to contact the embassy at all) many large towns there are normally a FEW police stations and also Polisi Intel (Police Intelligence) dont just waste time and get moody, keep your eyes peeled for clues on your whereabouts.....makes everybody job easier.

Anybody want to talk to you or ask you questions, ALWAYS demand to see their ID and take down names and ID numbers. This is required by Indonesian Law and they cannot deny you this information.

NO the Singapore Embassy will NOT bail you out (they dont know if you are really innocent or guilty, thats fair) but at least they can inform your family or relatives where you are and also that means you are no longer 'lost' or 'missing'. Someone from the embassy will visit you to check that you are in OK physical condition and none of your human rights are abused. The embassy rep will also take note of your requests (like 'inform my gf/boss/landlord etc etc' ) and advise you of your rights.

Even if they did not abuse you, PLEASE LIE and complain that you have been pushed around and physically abused etc etc.....the embassy will make it very clear in no uncertain terms to the polisi that you are not to be touched, that your cell must meet minimum hygine standards, that you must be properly fed and hydrated.

They will ask the polisi to check your passport to verify that you are indeed a Singaporean and at same time remind them of your rights.

It is RARE that you will get to this stage but who knows.....anyway its RARE because they want money and want it QUICK......

NOW please hor.....dont be a stingy bastard.......if you want to get out quick.....just empty your pockets of every single cent u have and tell them that THAT's IT.......take it all and settle up because you have NOBODY, NO FRIENDS, NO RELATIVES, NO PARENTS etc etc that will come help save you with S$20,000 because you work as a factory supervisor drawing low pay.......and THATS WHY YOU GO BATAM/BINTAN FOR A CHEAP HOLIDAY !!! (Please for God sake dont say 'thats why I go Batam to look for prostitutes!!!!' ) (this is for mongers caught in nearby indonesian islands)

Oh one more thing....if u have the balls.....u can curse them in their face (especially AFTER the embassy official visit you).......they cant touch you or lay a finger on you.

Tho all the quoted post above here were more than 11 years old with some coming to 12 ,but all these streetsmart basics will always be valid for the many years to come for any Batam travellers.

Another more than 11 years old advise...

Hurricane88 25-01-2016 06:43 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread
Support you for the new Batam thread...:)

The old thread is closed and can still be referenced...:)

BlickBassy 25-01-2016 07:39 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

The original batam consist of 100,000 local inhabitants and 10,000 Chinese. The people were fishermen. In the 60s, they were hopeful with the prospect of being part of Sinkiepore when elder Lee first mooted the idea. At the start of the 70s, migrants from all of Indo came as job seekers. Once the game plan to convert the island to an industrial park was inked, the oversea investors came in droves, turning a sleepy fishing village into what Batam is today. First the Flores came, then the bataks. (they settled down in mainly Batu Aji). Others came along and eventually a marine industry was also Developed.

From batam to galang Bahru, a new road was slated to be built. There are six bridges connecting batam to what is known to be barelang today. Before the 70km road was constructed. Most villages were located by the sea leaving the inland relatively untouched. The people from those islands commute by unmoterised sampans. Fishermen will travel by sea to Tanjong Pagar. And even without passport a bounded area was allocated for them to sell they seafood mainly fishes to the Singapore middlemen. No matter the dialects, the language of trade, Teochew was spoken by all. Non Chinese speakers were disadvantaged and have to rely on their Chinese 'neighbors' to be their own middlemen. When we travel to these islands, usually the Traders are the Chinese. They will for example buy fuel, solar and benzin from places like Tanjong Pinang and mark them up for a profit at the advent of motorised transport.

Back to barelang. The word comes from the 3 main island groups, batam,rempang and galang. Ba(Tam)re(Pang)(ga)lang. Before the land bridges were made, galang became a UN refugee came for the boat people, right up to the early 90s when the last of the Vietnamese were repatriated. The luckier ones were sent to USA and other countries but most of them have to go back to VN. Every so often, the returnees will come by the the defunct camp which was turned into a museum. As the batam population swelled to over one million to feed into the industrial Parks, the Javanese came to barelang and converted Jungles into farms. Lately, chicken farms pop up along the highway as the population income grew. Fishermen turn to aquaculture too. It is not uncommon for boats to turn up at these farms and take all, lot, stock and barrel, just before the CNY when prices of seafood is at the highest. Oh forgot to tell you, two wave of rabbits fishes will turn up at these islands in barelang. There is a hive of activities as the fishermen stop going to sea now because the sea is rough. So they turn from hunter to gatherer, building fish traps. The Pek Tor stop eating and they bodies swell with roes turn the fishes into prize catch. During other Seasons, the fish has an aweful taste of rotten seaweed but during this period, it is turned into a most tasty fish. The fishes turn up here like clock work every year to spores. That is the reason why we called it the new year fish.

Part one of history and going for breakfast now.

MiG27 25-01-2016 10:07 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread
Contd in here since old thread locked.

Forget to mention it is now more straightforward using wifi at hana hotel.
Just need to choose Hotel Hana n key in pw which can get from recep.

Woke up good 2nd day morning......after seeing Man U lost......haha.
Breakfast nothing great n not much ppl too.
Went to tua pek gong temple n as it was sunday.....quite a crowd.
Proceed to my secret place massage n i was the early customer.
Only 2 chicks working.....took the more pretty one. Came in n looks like figure. Nice smile.
Massage.....using oil n i should hv inform her to use cream.....easier to wash off.
Average massage n she keep rubbing n touching bird now n then.
40 mins up.....she appears not good in english n took sometime to figure out price.
400 for fj n 300 for hj w full strip.....she quite stubborn w pricing.
In the end, didnt take up gave her 20k tips.
Kudos to her, she still maintain smile even though slight displeasure.
Walk to jodoh top 100 to buy something which dc mart dun hv.....
Had my lunch there......25k.
Head back to hotel to deposit my stuff.....
Had a shower n it is 3pm btm time.....maybe go joint to take a look.
Change money at formosa area n rate is 9660.....
New berry was the joint i first went....
Abt 10 gals available....

blueboat 25-01-2016 10:41 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread
Supporting new thread. Thanks.

newyorker88 25-01-2016 10:52 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by Hurricane88 (Post 14126620)
Support you for the new Batam thread...

The old thread is closed and can still be referenced...

Closed due to too much quarrelling among some people? :confused:

newyorker88 25-01-2016 10:55 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by BlickBassy (Post 14126711)

. Before the land bridges were made, galang became a UN refugee came for the boat people, right up to the early 90s when the last of the Vietnamese were repatriated. The luckier ones were sent to USA and other countries but most of them have to go back to VN. Every so often, the returnees will come by the the defunct camp which was turned into a museum..

Galang refugee history is a very sad story. Remember the good life you have and beware of those who try to install hate among us.

nono1973 25-01-2016 11:13 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by Leoric (Post 14072476)
I like the way he writes those stories too. All of them has some life reflecting lesson,not out of topic as Batam Info & yet appropriate to the behavior of human nature in this forum & in the sex scene.

I would love it if anyone were to look back at my very old posts before i begun myself in the Batam Info Thread. It reflects how i was cut out here today and why i was doing what i am doing now,setting up all the guides,have all these listings,writing these long-winded stories,summarizing my trips etc etc.

If you look from my beginning,Batam wasnt even my initial planned destination to go to on a regular basis. I was planning to go some other places in Asia and not Indonesia, Batam. I went to other threads ,like every newbie did, i asked some of the most basic questions any newbies would have asked.

1. The approximate budget to bring for the trip for the number night stay

2. Hotel stays where its near to cheonging places for a newbie to easily navigate

3. How to navigate from thereon

4. Things to watch out for,the good and bad.

5. How to be paying right

You know what was the reply i received whenever i ask those questions? Or after reading thru part of the respective thread,what was the reply to newbies who ask those questions? The answers were always almost the same ones i get from Uncle fishingman's collection below :

I am new,i read thru part of those threads (some even with over a thousand pages),i am not sure in almost everything,i asked a few questions humbly and sincerely and i am as good as not having an answer at all. Worse,even got humiliated at times. But still thats fine with me becos i take it that i am new,i need to be humble myself more perhaps but even at wasnt an easy path to get to where i am today.

i was pretty mad that i am new until i reach the previous Batam Info Thread. There are at least some bros here willing to help start up me off in Batam. To name some of them,they were bro Naka Timo,bro Newyorker,bro AV Lover,bro Tiuminator,bro fishingman,bro nightcrawler and many others (sorry,i cant remember all names very well as mentioned previously that i dont hold too good a memory).

My Batam Guides

I start to pick things up about Batam and travel there and I tell myself from that day onward,i am going to try my best not to allow another "me" having to go thru what i have gone thru (in Batam). Thereafter i read this thread again for the 2nd,3rd and later on ,the 4th times...the whole thread nearing 2000 pages. I note down all important points,set it...created a guide and later a constantly updated listings base on the knowledge of past and present contributors. At the same time,i also collect all the Frequently Asked Questions by newbies. i study why seniors so much detest answering to newbie's basic questions by standing in their shoes and eventually come up with an idea.

Since i considered myself still super newbie to Batam back then. I used my most current mentality AS a newbie to created my very own Batam Walkthrough guide for 1st time Batam visitor so as to better allow other newbies like me in future to have a clearer and better understanding of Batam. At the least,help them to get a starting ground to minimise mistakes. Believe me, I will not be able to have that similar newbie mentality again today. And i wish during that time i have a nono1973 to help me.

With all the guide/s in place,anyone who ask a repeated newbie questions,i need not answer them all over again. I simply point them to the correct direction with a link from my signature. If they chose not to 1st read them, then even the "Monkey God" personally comes to them cannot help them.

And if they read and couldnt understand or if they have further queries after reading,they can still asked their question/s in the forum and this is the part where most seniors or those who has the experience in this thread will be more willing to reply.

My Batam Summaries

Then come my summaries. Why am i writing summaries of my almost every trip to Batam nearly EVERY MONTH? No one does that,or at least no one will have that discipline to do that for more than 1.5 years. Remember the Monkey King in the journey to the west story? The monkey was born from a piece of magical stone billions of years old,so innocent as a baby untainted by humanity.

From another perspective,I was like that in this thread too. Everyone including myself start off in this forum,well-mannered,humble...willing to lose a bit of pride for some good quality information they could gather from oldbies in order to have a good time in Batam. But over a period of time when i become more knowledgeable,i have enough information on Batam to get me by,my wings become strong and able to fly to any part of Batam within my will....i will begin to become PROUD! Becoming too much of myself,a know-it-all,selfish ,impatient person who isnt so much willing to share...and who knows i might even start pinning newbies or oldbies (or anyone) down for the slightest things by biting on some words or a sentence they say.

That is where my summaries comes to play. They constantly reminds me,i was once a newbie,i was once weak and w/o wings,i was once asking for help too...more importantly,i remember i once started out humble and polite. People in the thread helped me. My summaries keeps a record of my previous trips,beside being for my own reference of my future batam trips,it also keeps me on my talk nicely,to be humble,to behave,to be more patient and to speak with care. Hence i make it a point to have a summary in every Batam trip. In some way,it has locked away most of my prideful self and keep me from going astray.

In case you havent notice,I try to keep myself as rational as possible during a reply and cut back on having emotion. When i am emotional affected,i stay away. Until my head are cool enough,then will i reply. Therefore my replies to others were usually late,hehehe...i know what i am after,and i remain on that focus.

If there is an obstacle in what i plan to do,i will try to work around it.


I have learn to gather information,share them and let information collide with information to sparkle questions which in turn leads to even more information which i can then collect them. A win-win situation for myself and hopefully for all too.

In my perspective, there should never be an "all good" and no bad in a particular joint,food places or anything in Batam (or vice-versa). If there is,definitely something is not right somewhere. My focus has never change about gathering good information and hopefully i can one day make every of my Batam trip a good trip.

As for how to do that...well,i am still learning. There is still so much to learn.

I love Batam! ;)

fishingman 25-01-2016 11:23 AM

Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread
Bro nono, very nice thread. Neat and organise. I support.

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