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loverboy25 15-12-2015 09:43 PM

My Journey
Since becoming a member of SBF in 2010, i got so much information on the Ladyboy scene from this section and later brought me to explore up the source in Thailand. As 2015 is coming to an end just want to share some experiences of my own and give back to the community.

This will involve a young man exploring his sexuality and making many friends along the way and off course some great memories and some not so good ones.

Since a very young age i always have a fetish for CD but off course when my parents found out would beat the shit out of me, it was something so uncontrollable and yet full of ecstasy whenever i put on that stockings and touching my legs and jerking off. I forgot how long i did that for and i thought everything stopped when i had my first girlfriend during my JC days, anything but....

One day i came across this forum not too long after graduating and there is this Keong Siak/ Desker section and i was like many BMs would have done read as much of information there possible and off course came to the famous section of the Rowell Ladyboys. There i was standing at the entrance of this great black hole and diving so deep into the dark side.

I still remember vividly i just gotten my first paycheque a few months back, and at the Rowell section there was this really hot ladyboy name Boeing from Thailand and i am sure many would have met her some 4 plus years back. (Till today i am still trying to locate her). Read the advice from the other BMs that not to go on a Sunday, what are the opening hours, payment and etc. I told myself wait till my next pay day and i will head there on a Saturday for a little bit of action when they just open, there i was waiting for that day to approach and i still remember telling my family member i will be out to Bugis to meet a friend.

Took the train and alighted at Bugis before walking towards Rowell, my heart was pounding and for the first time i was contemplating if i should actually do it. In the end i thought F**k it, just go there take a look and if Boeing is not there i will just go for a movie and head home. It took me about 10 minutes and there i was standing at the famous gate. There this little cute creature sitting among the most sexy group of ladyboys seat Boeing and that minute i simply flushed, pointed out to her. When she nod her head indicating you sure, i simply nod my head and enter through those gates.

I must be a slimmer and more handsome then and getting the grope from the group before i could get through, up that staircase and for the first time heard the most amazing squeaking sound of a ladyboy from the first room closet to the staircase. Boeing simply giggle and point me to the last room in the corner. Upon entering i still can't believe how beautiful and sexy she was. Black Bra and red panties with that nice bulge and a little pubic hair exposing, that gave me a instant hard on. I simply sat quietly on that little mattress looking at her and dumbfounded, she simply ask you okay? before giving me a kiss on my cheek and say "narak" (after exploring thailand for a couple of years) later i knew the translation was cute.

Next i search my pocket to hand over that three red notes and after keeping that in her purse. She must have known it was my first time visiting the place and say just relax we will have a good time. We slowly undress and she took off the bra but kept the panties on. That will be the cutest pair of breast and for the first time i touched those round and soft silicon breast and pink nipples. She says you want to suck them, off course i went ahead and suck them like a baby haven't had milk in months. I could see that small bulge is no longer small in those red panties and the tip of the cock was exposing.

I told Boeing, do you want to remove those panties because you look so uncomfortable. The next thing was a nice 5' inch staring at me and i was thinking aren't i here for the ladyboys and went on to suck that cute little thing while she moan. the other ladyboys moaning and squeaking in the other cubicles must definitely have turn me on further on. It must have went on for a good 5 to 10 minutes before i tasted something a little sweet and salty in my mouth. Thereafter i had my first BJ and it was haven and not before long a big pool of white liquid myself.

Interestingly we didit had the full package, maybe it was because i am still not sure. I got dress and gave her a hug before leaving, down the stairs and out the gate. That moment i felt very shameful yet knowing fully that i will be back soon

loverboy25 15-12-2015 09:49 PM

Re: My Journey
I also have an account in another forum, only the last photo is mine the other 4 was from another forum and a very famous BM (if my memory didn't fail me)

Aperture 15-12-2015 10:57 PM

Re: My Journey
Thanks for sharing.

loverboy25 15-12-2015 11:25 PM

Re: My Journey
More to come, and will include my trips to Thailand n also include relationship with a lb n the cabaret scene. Thanks for reading n comments

Summerhillt 16-12-2015 01:55 AM

Re: My Journey
I love your story! Please elaborate more. Wow, bro you took the plunge and went to bkk to further your ldb relationships!

loverboy25 16-12-2015 07:23 AM

Re: My Journey
Thanks for the comment. It wasn't something I would see myself doing at first, hope to come back with the next part in the next few days. My first exploration of a place call pattaya

kthan10 16-12-2015 07:32 AM

Re: My Journey
Liked your first story.. Looking forward to the next adventure :D

loverboy25 16-12-2015 08:14 AM

Re: My Journey

Some photos for my next few installments. Thanks for the points

Ilovetosex 16-12-2015 08:24 AM

Re: My Journey
Thanks for sharing...

sggirls 16-12-2015 11:53 AM

Re: My Journey
Thank you bro for your sharing.

Nitestarz 16-12-2015 12:36 PM

Re: My Journey
dont stop bro...keep sharing

we all have our first time

loverboy25 16-12-2015 12:44 PM

Re: My Journey
Thanks for so much support, I think I will be posting the photos via tinypic or another site and post the link here.

Being a non posting member for the last couple of years I just learn how to up another bm points. So be patient I will up the points of my supporters

loverboy25 16-12-2015 02:24 PM

Re: My Journey
Part 2

From my last meeting with Boeing, it made me wonder so what was my sexuality? I still like ladies but am not attracted to guys, that question just came back to me again and again for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, i did my "research" on the ladyboy scene and off course came across the country that Boeing originated from. By chance, my company send me on a business trip to Thailand but i was not alone for the trip, there will be another senior colleague on this trip. The business trip was from Wednesday till Friday, my "light bulb" suddenly came and i requested to extend my stay for 2 nights till Sunday saying that i am meeting a friend from my school days which off course is a phantom friend.

My colleague was more of the technical side and i from the business side, he was the most boring colleague i ever have so he would stay in the room whenever we were not out for business meeting or meals. While this is not my first time to Bangkok, i was not too familiar with the area that the hotel my company put me up where the old airport and Airasia flights goes to. On the second day of the trip which was the Thursday, after dinner i decided to take a stroll around the hotel and thinking about my plan of attack for Friday till Sunday.

I remembered there was this little stall round the corner with all the leaflets of the various tourist attractions, was thinking to walk over and see if i can get some ideas. Once i got there, something caught my attention immediately posters of the world famous Thailand ladyboy cabaret shows. The Thai vendor saw me and my interest in the posters started his sales pitch for the shows and ask me where am i from? How long will i stay here? and a bunch of question which reminds me of my conversations from my friend before the trip, Dont answer as he is gathering information and will try to sell you everything.

So i grab the leaflets saying thanks with my "krup" hand sign and walk back to the hotel. Hide the leaflets carefully from my colleague, i wend back to the room and did some more searches of the various shows in Bangkok and their prices before booking one of them online call Golden Dome.

To be continued

loverboy25 16-12-2015 09:42 PM

Re: My Journey
Part 3.

As Friday and with the last meeting my colleague went back, both of us packed up and he left for the airport back to Singapore while i got myself another hotel just in case i have any "guest" for the next two nights. I have got myself a VIP ticket to Golden Dome Cabaret and was looking forward as my seat was 4th row from the front and i should be able to get a better view to the performers.

After checking in, i had a few hours to spare before the show got myself to Nana plaza. This is what today being describe as the Adult version of Disneyland and i can't agree more with 4 stories of bars and you could not miss the complex with the neon light bulbs blinding you. I walked around and got groped and molested along the way and just dumbfound with the number of bars and off course the girls and ladyboys on display.

I got into Casacade bar and the place has about 50 ladyboy dancers in bikinis on the stage dancing as i got there pretty early in the night so i was the only customer. After stepping in i felt like a prey in the human zoo with all eyes on me and for that moment i just froze before this really beautiful LB caught my attention and i pointed over to her to seat with me. Later i found out her name was Jenny and that will not be the last time i cross path with her. She was surprised to found out that i am not Japanese and commented i look like one. Got myself and her a drink before chatting further and for the first time i got to see the interior of the place was done like a cave and how right i was being the prey.

As i was looking around, Jenny slipped her hand into my pants without me noticing and that must have been a skill she practised over a million times. With a few strokes, i was awaken and she gave me a very seductive look before whispering into my ear "would you like to go back to the room". At that moment i was very and i mean very tempted but i told her i have ticket to the show and need to go soon. Immediately she suggested that she should come along but i told her i think the seat next to me might most probably be booked by then and told her i would come back for her before i go home. She gave me the watery eyes look and said okay i wait for you. That statement was one statement that is over use through my journey haha.

Some photos of Jenny, i met her on a couple of occasion afterwards in both Bangkok and Pattaya. A nice girl but can be a little aggressive if you know her for the first time

hornytim 18-12-2015 03:59 PM

Re: My Journey
Thks for sharing :)

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