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1deg 07-03-2017 09:03 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Exchange of points welcome. Min power 5 .

For those who upped me , kindly pse leave your correct nick behind . No nick how to return ? Thank you .

Left to right

To be upped :

Already upped : ( empty )

4Dguru ; tropiccana ; vincent8 ; parkerlon ; ahkim ; Hayhay ; whatafish ; Botakhead2 ; madpig88 ; Taramis ; The Milk Man ; kick_ass ; Xxon ; starbuck ; M600 ; Matcycle ; Happywoody ; Shiofukis ; Madpig ; Babymonkey ; Kindaichi111 ; guest68 ; jonkoller ; ShiningGlory ; merelyevil ; Oshimayuko ; AceAmando ; KobeTopGun ; Super M ; MagicEight ; Lion_barbell ; dvilla

New post needed : __________ .

Need to spread some reputation around before I can up ________ again.

Samkieu 07-03-2017 10:10 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Anyone next to trade

candle2000 07-03-2017 10:56 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by jonkoller (Post 15690656)
daily 6 rep for exchange

+3 points exchange

Thank you :)

All welcome to exchange

crackpod 07-03-2017 11:09 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
10 points for grab...

empty upz list

jonkoller 07-03-2017 11:39 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
daily 6 rep for exchange

69sex 07-03-2017 12:25 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by Violet (Post 15692128)
Delivered 2 violas :p

Returning your ups

Baigonggong 07-03-2017 01:27 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Anyone want to exchange with my humble 3 point ? ( NB : u need to have at least a power 1 to trade )

zl1983 07-03-2017 02:17 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
+13 available for +7 and above

pls PM me after upping for FASTER return


Me Siam Bu 07-03-2017 04:45 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
All are welcome to exchange...
please be patient while I up each bro daily. Thanks.
(kingkungfu charcoalfilter the old nite XXLCat hot1168 lhwalong Greenfrog cupid QT169 vampangel dysfunk Noobiedick CoCk shoCk recent post please)

Me Siam Bu
HornyKingKong NZKiwi Suwy BrillantKnight Madpig rawboy83 Pompous HuatAh16 Shiofukis Silentreader88 Informer sailsingapore Taramis RenaCross saga Eternal Luck Violet jonkoller ArowanaBullet Boarding kirk guest68 4Dguru IchikaOrimura Alpha001 CherryPickle Baigonggong RedFrog Saltyraw Bugging

SureScore 07-03-2017 04:55 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Can exchange points.

Min 5 points to trade. Uplist - 0

avboys 07-03-2017 06:34 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Priority to up list (premium):

To up list:

Already up list:
( Click to show/hide )
lovelyboy; The Old Nite; Jage; chukeliang; sdancer88; nokia3510; nixjrr; ibanezjem555; unicornboy; Exbro; AhMin; Lion_Barbell; Tai_zi21; maituleow; jon2000sg; ghost78; Black Page; bonkhq69; bully; sting691; dingo35; *FiReWoRkS*; zoop; wpns; Woei; clubnite; tookara; More; smashkins; lait01; waahaa; xiaolong; 222nge; Oh yes; hitler; edmund899; fatty_leo; Laser; tnuc; Bennyl; coolfire69; sony2002; ms_74; Ace Spade; schmeichel; Vectra; mark3434; darkshiver; fire_element; mr_missile; rahl; sadlonelyguyer; calbin; HC NEWBIRD; muthu_curry; PeroPero; LengKia; eEconomist; hayashi72; ExBros; hoosdathu; soblur; Devil Reds; naturegreen; garagez; pixated; tim1; pocketrocket; jorje; snipeshot08; farkadipa; atoz67; bababoo; m00tix; cassano10; silverblue; hot1168; surbana; shuaige84; burzum; esssinine; titan; masters; alantan27; stiffness; seabass; MarkNgSiongBoon; MichaelWinn; Malaysian Datuk; conquest9; 84_Junichinda; wittyman; F-boy; power69; sjb1994; Evileyes; t123; ray2003; jay.lay; Lamborghini; Osama; oreoman; BikinisLover; lazuka; tuyet; simonqing; rocketscientist; xiaohanhan; Lawrence1713; hearthrob; snrlee; alex18122003; nitecrawllerr; WahLan; newyorker88; Ngengheng; marc5; dandan69; CoCK ShoCk; cavemanng; poker; topcook1; micheal3373; michael_368; unfit; fei_fei45; zl1983; BulleYe; izaaat; sean99; Inceptor; ultraman070; Rickey; Passerbyer; kyc2110; needsing38; vaxvms; lone_dog69; Me Siam Bu; Shoot To Target; lglg666; KohOnly21; kthan10; lobowolf; lonebonker; cyberkoh88; Mito; Hanster; w00f; sex crusader; sc slayer; clinton; lookingaround; ktmakmak; Linkus; Brunt; Smoky7; SureScore; sponge05; Goalie; jerrystockton; gilaxes; Ho-Lee; Froster; vampangel; Hurricane88; Tho66; owen10; justl00king; qizai; i^Xi0n; tinalam; smartke; dyelook; naemlo; basfreak; Arse-nal; VoltaRedonda; crackpod; Sexy_lion; bk81665; manu_no7; aloius; 胡's your daddy!; Binbin81; Apollo; Swagelock; waikeekee; Cumexplorer; Kalv; owl888; wohaha96; Cafu; HonestCrook; ShaolinHamster; meatvegelove; Tingtonglove; powerkid; hamsapkwai; badboys; hairy_abalone; Wu Song Jr; Prince7; Rasta Marley; sailsingapore; Steventan; Greenfrog; bunty; Slyer; El Bistro; Supervert; loneyheart; S.B.Y.1; Clownteaser; VIETLONER; SSSS69SG; Koiz; kristoa7; SimplyUnperfect; simple2kee; PeaceKris; siam66; wally888; bbbjkim;

Already up list (premium):
( Click to show/hide )
sgGem; smallbouy; Aluris; the1style; brobroB; BADDDman; Javabeans; sgpiggybank; SAFFRONnation; iH55; MengJai; Asugi; MensPlus; Nickochee; BBHumper; vanram; deshou; Botakhead; wu ti; user123456; ShittyAss; menshealths; Thundergod967; hugs; NorthEast; ken6890; Mr_Oreh; DreamMaster1985; terminator33; skunki; WithoutEuu; groo; infinitiumus; georgemagnum; marlboroken; Yakuza;

34 points for exchange for premium acc, up me and leave your user name then pm me for more details.

17 points for exchange for normal acc, up me and leave your user name.

Min power of 9 to exchange

ProjectAlice 07-03-2017 07:44 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Kob kun mak ka ...
Thank you all friends ... for support Alice na ka ... :p

NewJiewAP 07-03-2017 08:12 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by Milobing (Post 15692388)
Milobing +2

Return you 2 concert tickets :)

masterwanker 07-03-2017 09:15 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Min 7 pts for exchange .

1 in que . Please be patient . :)

PM sent to Hunterhi.

Tho66 07-03-2017 10:24 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Hi Bros & Sis out there, I'm definitely welcome anyone with at least 4-Power Points who can help to up my points. My apology to those Bros & Sisters who have lesser than 4 power points & have upped my points as I won't in return up your points. Would like to seek your understanding on this requirement. Thanks.

For those Bros & Sisters who have at least 4-Power Points and have upped my points pls help to state your SBF nick in the "Comment" column so as I can in return up back your points. Pls also ensure that your latest posting is less than 48-hours old. Thanks.

Awaiting next in-line for me to up their points.

List of bros whom I need him to pm me his latest posting so as I can in return up his points. Thanks. :)
norice, bad^boi, virtualman, raiderxp, Rams75, wan25w, AVSPOP, Nemesis_v, shawnanderson, indignant, Driftmaster, gouflook, spatbrain, snowcap, happyguy801, howck001, elth, Sal1234, mariosuper, Honestkeith, Flinger(?), B-52, iceboy29125, tanner132, sing-a-poo, Aceyfox, BC77, jsparrow, linoleum3, fei_fei45, Eises2, F-boy, pixated, Nuaster, Tailok

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