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mevius 17-08-2017 01:27 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by vampiredevil (Post 16306620)
Bro send you 13 points

Min 5 to exchange

Uppppssss you 5 points

i^Xi0n 17-08-2017 07:08 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Seeking bros with MIN REP 10 to exchange only.

ClownTeaser 17-08-2017 08:05 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by Tension68 (Post 16306308)
return upz from Tension68 :D

Good morning. Many thanks to all bro/sis for generous ups/re-ups / returns. Very grateful.

PS - All second ups will be returned. :) If U can re-up me, I should be able to re-up U again.

Truthful 17-08-2017 08:28 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by Dddnoob (Post 16305660)
Up bro some missle

Upped you 5 points to trade.

Exchange of points welcome with +4 & above bros & sis.

ImbaME 17-08-2017 09:01 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by simple2kee (Post 16306043)
17 for exchange! :D:D

Hi bro !

Just gave you my points !!

Have a nice week ahead ! :)

1deg 17-08-2017 09:08 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Exchange of points welcome. Min power 5 .

For those who upped me , kindly pse leave your correct nick behind . No nick how to return ? Thank you .

Left to right

To be upped : ( empty )

Already upped :

stiwrx ; Seansky ; zeith ; Mobkillers ; Malaysian Datuk ; bokinhvan876 ; Coronet Peak ; KDLiverpool ; PeaceKris ; Tele ; Koiz ; ClownTeaser ; BiggiB ; fastfoot ; brutus ; snap ; ss333 ; Lemon2 ; Tangrenjia ; Radical ; effendy ; Pink2577 ; Joyluck ; naturegreen ; Solopop ; tnuc ; Saffronnation ; riderboy ; Mr Romeo ; Mplover ; Hoian ; kark69 ; AhMin ; Everlasty ; Lonely ; justanewbie ; MyMyMine ; cuntlover81 ; NaughtynSensual

New post needed : tresni888 ( PM sent )

Need to spread some reputation around before I can up __________ again .

simple2kee 17-08-2017 09:12 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
+17 for exchange :D:D

Silentreader88 17-08-2017 10:05 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by doubledutch (Post 16306984)
Thanks to those who up me. Will return your points soon, clearing few more in my list

I have silently added your points Liao!:)

strikeback4 17-08-2017 11:11 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
+39 Rep Points To Exchange
Priority Given to +10 Rep Power & above

Users that have been Upped
( Click to show/hide )
Naka_Timo, 8waldz, francesco, Deskboard, overboard, luvit, cyberkoh88, owl888 , Supervert , lonebonker , siam66 , Koiz, El bistro, HuatAh16, szczesny, Sailsingapore, tropiccana, Exbro, Botakhead2, baigonggong, SureScore, madpig88, 4Dguru, powerkid, Hurricane88, HayDay, Bugging, Lamborghini, Belt, ItsEsther, Swagelock, marlboroken, bbbjkim, gilaxes, ktmakmak, Andrew101, Wu Song Jr, DevilChan78, Tingtonglove, justl00king, owen10, Passerbyer, Slyer, badboys, arse-nal, Sexy_lion, Linkus, Kalv, basfreak, i^Xi0n, randily, Yvonne123, izaaat, Lovelyboy, bababoo, PeroPero, apollo, crackpod, Cafu, Rangerous, yashlro, esssinine, Lemon2, Smoky7, Prince7, Sponge05, georgemagnum, Tai_zi21, ken6890, lone_dog69, forsaken101, Rasta Marley, ly1968, SAFFRONnation, aakumu, topcook1, ngengheng, sunhuan-con, surbana, needsing38, SteelX, hamsapkwai, ho-lee, wkc77, liewkc2503, max_priest, cavemanng, ah rat, loneyheart, seabass, hungten, simple2kee, NorthEast, gozoo, meatvegelove, F-boy, unicornboy, nokia3510, sianren, GOODFELLO, skyleon, CoCk shoCk, Informer, Shiofukis, Masakarius, aDeCaLs, S.B.Y.1, CaptAm, bk81665, schmeichel, brunt, Clownteaser, Furby85, kopigaogao, Pink2577, 3MOQ, smartke, Exbros, braxlex, ProjectAlice, kengng, PeaceKris, menshealth, Fansees, bk4ever, jjmagic, Mplover, justanewbie, vrossi1980, EnjoyLife99, Sleepyguy2, Slide2despair, dyelook, plsfloodme, riderboy, wally888, Ktvbuddy, 69sex, tookara, SiaSuay, simimabochap, OysterLover, TonyCheong2, Effendy, Tho66, lobowolf, imfirecracker, Penguin23, diputs1269, Josh_Ray, bigbirdbird, nastythaiboy, Cash8877, otamay, CuriousSG, vanram, faithevans, lobangkingz, rawboy83, KaraII, Cloudy80, hoian, Toobee, reading, nantboy7, KenTeo, chukeliang, smay, cheeseL, asgapi, sky88, Msuzu, Goalie, Tension68, Saltyraw, jay.lay, KREMIL, Botakhead, Pompous, Jay chou, vampangel, rocketscientist, Charlie130, fei_fei45, draven78eric, ejectjoy, MattJB, newyorker88, FEDERER801, jessieisabitch, pocketrocket, ParaParaSakura, kick_ass, wohaha96, Malaysian Datuk, albertchen123, SMGG, Me Siam Bu, ipay4six, MarkNgSiongBoon, Oh yes, Zeith, ronin_dark, nixjrr, t4tortoise, Rally, water_boi, newton, korean

Will up users next in following order :

Priority List (Those with +10 Rep Power and above)

Queue List
hoosdathu, BroW, Sheepheadram, atomsgame

The following Post have Expire, please PM me when you have a new post
KUN MAN TONG, sky_liner2, bitemee, january29, leumas

HC NEWBIRD 17-08-2017 11:38 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Min. :::: 06 Points.


KOC88 17-08-2017 11:49 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
2 pts for exchange...
All welcome:D:D:D
Please be patient as I return your generous upzzzz daily.:)
Guarantee return if u up my points. Thank u all very much
List almost all cleared

To up list:

Returned: CampHQ, ultramantiga87, Anfield2017, Cloudy80, MerlinW, dyelook, chaku, sgoh, El bistro, PeroPero, iamnoob123, plsfloodme, TwinTowers, 69sex, simple2kee

***Bro Kovovo, Exbros, kuan aik hong(Please PM me your latest post /link. Thank you)

Steventan 17-08-2017 11:57 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
8 points to you guys. Have a great day.


Originally Posted by lost99 (Post 16300793)
Anyone wanna exchange pts? No queue now

*priority to those 5 pts and above thanks
*please PM me with your link to recent post for fastest response


Originally Posted by kurtis (Post 16300302)
Returned list:

( Click to show/hide )
gilaxes, qizai, smartke, 胡's your daddy!, Hurricane88, Tingtonglove, Ktmakmak, SureScore, ShaolinHamster, Rickey, Cafu, Sexy_lion, marlboroken, goalie, Koiz, Kalv, lonebonker, PeaceKris, Supervert, El bistro, nastythaiboy, vrossi1980, CuriousSG, madpig88, Truthful, bk4ever, simple2kee, Owen 10, owl888, Slyer, bbbjkim, HayDay, waikeekee, NorthEast, Tai_zi21, Lamborghini, justl00king, Clownteaser, Everlasty, meatvegelove, 4dguru, tundrawolf, Andrew101, guest68, ProjectAlice, SimplyUnperfect, arse-nal, justanewbie, dyelook, Lemon2, Mplover, jjmagic, lobangkingz, Informer, rawboy83, Ktvbuddy, smoky7, vampangel, asgapi, toobee, Shiofukis, crackpod, bk81665, EnjoyLife99, powerkid, CaptAm, ly1968, Furby85, Iluvfish, apollo, Prince7, reading, ejectjoy, Sleepyguy2, SMGG, Skycarpenter, candle2000, ah rat, Love 6969, Hoian, Pink2577, Fansees, Charlie130, Saltyraw, 3MOQ, Suwy, SG10, Pompous, baigonggong, XingLing, Ahqing, Young Hero, koc88, me siam bu, Samdude, Howgoodisthat, Super00, Sex1314, Metascooter, QT169, hamsapkwai, esssinine, Acegik, Europa, randily, Cloudy80, Bugging, sams11, hungten, conquer

Pending (The order starts from the bottom of the list):

Swagelock, Devil Reds

Waiting list is empty soon!

Do not PM me! I'll check for those who UP me. Just leave your nick in the comment.

Inactive user (PM me on your latest post, and I'll up you.)

Botakhead2, kopigaogao, szczesny, Silentreader88, liewkc2503

Thanks for the generosity!

MrSiao 17-08-2017 12:47 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Hi, please up me and I will return the favour.


crackpod 17-08-2017 12:48 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
11 points for exchange

HC NEWBIRD 17-08-2017 01:03 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by MrSiao (Post 16308285)
Hi, please up me and I will return the favour.



UpZ back 10.


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