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hccheonger 26-06-2018 09:25 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
MINIMUM 17 points for exchange :)

qazxcvbnm, soulfunk, silverstrike, Sometimes_only, Regaine, skyscrape, ReelSchnick, PocketRocket, joker88, Storm Arc

Keep In View:
NoFearSg, ah rat, Suwy, Nixjrr, jonkoller, BCMan, kirk

Returned This Week:
Greenfrog, ComplainKing, jin81, EnjoyLife99

July UP list:
ipay4six, chatlovers

zl1983 26-06-2018 09:30 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
+15 points available for 7 pointers and above

please PM after upping for faster return or if i have yet to return ur up


Goalie 26-06-2018 10:33 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Can exchange? Min power 1 welcome.

Queue - 1

slicker69 26-06-2018 12:08 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
To All Bro In Uping Pts.

I have return all the pts. For those I am not able to return, I have pm you to provide me the latest entry update.

All bros are free to exchange. Cheers!

realTrump------pm your new entry
blackknight24Ma------pm your new entry
january29------pm your new entry
alphaoasis------pm your new entry
Greenfrog------pm your new entry
imfirecracker------pm your new entry
izaaat------pm your new entry
FitPartner------pm your new entry
magical------pm your new entry
ivan_7979t------Done 2/4/18
superman67t------Done 2/4/18
needsing38------Done 3/4/18
xiaobudian------Done 3/4/18
alphina------Done 4/4/18
ml1138------Done 4/4/18
Deesiaokia------Done 5/4/18
Haru^biao------Done 5/4/18
Imogen------Done 6/4/18
HornyKingKong------Done 6/4/18
MassageCheong------Done 9/4/18
FitPartner------Done 9/4/18
kewlest------Done 10/4/18
sgpiggybank------Done 10/4/18
trasneil------Done 11/4/18
FEDERER801------Done 11/4/18
Seebeysong------Done 12/4/18
qw023------Done 12/4/18
kyc2110------Done 13/4/18
braxlex------Done 13/4/18
shadowst11------Done 16/4/18
lanlanloh------Done 16/4/18
insomia------Done 17/4/18
Eddie Tan------Done 17/4/18
Soulfunk------Done 18/4/18
mango999------Done 18/4/18
Lawrence1713------Done 19/4/18
m1969------Done 19/4/18
Islands------Done 20/4/18
johnny21------Done 20/4/18
icypryce------Done 23/4/18
MrGunner------Done 23/4/18
kthan10------Done 24/4/18
[email protected] 24/4/18
Cognoscenti------Done 25/4/18
nixjrr------Done 25/4/18
SamLoMo------Done 26/4/18
Chij------Done 26/4/18
kumantong369------Done 27/4/18
Lawrencelaulan------Done 27/4/18
jin81------Done 30/4/18
exactmatxspeed------Done 30/4/18
PeroPero------Done 1/5/18
victor125------Done 1/5/18
Banned------Done 2/5/18
amercianpixcel------Done 2/5/18
ShiningGlory------Done 3/5/18
jenoroth------Done 3/5/18
Jtjan------Done 4/5/18
inbed007------Done 4/5/18
BulleYe------Done 7/5/18
Jaguar00------Done 7/5/18
mingkia------Done 8/5/18
michael_368------Done 8/5/18
kim-seng-heng------Done 9/5/18
jonkoller------Done 9/5/18
canonboy1234------Done 10/5/18
royalrabbit------Done 10/5/18
Xiao_Zhu168------Done 11/5/18
SGErotica------Done 11/5/18
HRHorniness------Done 14/5/18
antartica------Done 14/5/18
3Dragon------Done 15/5/18
houguy------Done 15/5/18
forbidden123------Done 16/5/18
JohnBoKKJ------Done 16/5/18
veins------Done 17/5/18
assrammer------Done 17/5/18
iJiBye69------Done 18/5/18
LeeHsienLoong------Done 18/5/18
CrazyThaiLover------Done 21/5/18
stephenL------Done 21/5/18
Hanster------Done 22/5/18
garion------Done 22/5/18
suaray------Done 23/5/18
FUNNYANDHORNY------Done 23/5/18
woooot------Done 24/5/18
daren999------Done 24/5/18
kingston_81------Done 25/5/18
ray_lee------Done 25/5/18
iii_light------Done 27/5/18
max_priest------Done 27/5/18
SnowLeopards------Done 28/5/18
jervis93------Done 28/5/18
WankJanice------Done 29/5/18
rocket1128------Done 29/5/18
HC NEWBIRD------Done 30/5/18
chukeliang------Done 30/5/18
88batman------Done 31/5/18
tomboy------Done 31/5/18
sams11------Done 1/6/18
stop------Done 1/6/18
chatlovers------Done 4/6/18
arowanna------Done 4/6/18
karmaisabitch------Done 5/6/18
NewJiewAP------Done 5/6/18
ken6890------Done 6/6/18
`destinY------Done 6/6/18
Nickochee------Done 7/6/18
krait88------Done 7/6/18
RedDog------Done 8/6/18
SK3636------Done 8/6/18
thaigers------Done 10/6/18
bigboobsloverrr------Done 10/6/18
silverug------Done 11/6/18
newbird26------Done 11/6/18
Yomun aka Vin------Done 12/6/18
sex_pervert------Done 12/6/18
Cybername------Done 13/6/18
Deylan------Done 13/6/18
TaurusGuy------Done 14/6/18
mrtesting------Done 14/6/18
SilentKillerSB------Done 15/6/18
FunnyHippo------Done 15/6/18
hehehahaa------Done 18/6/18
cuntjigger------Done 18/6/18
neyney------Done 19/6/18
billyphoopeepee------Done 19/6/18
mmm111------Done 20/6/18
darky------Done 20/6/18
lawking------Done 21/6/18
supperclub------Done 21/6/18
lty1986------Done 22/6/18
Stormz------Done 22/6/18
maituleow------Done 25/6/18
Prettyfly------Done 25/6/18
wolfboy------Done 26/6/18
kk38------Done 26/6/18

kick_ass 26-06-2018 12:24 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Anyone up for exchange?

Bro Slide2despair, Spikerman, Tailok, Amplus, weiwe, Tele, badboys, lost99, skyscrape, Ssamuel, Jonathansiv, samlomo, sams1
No latest post to return. Please pm me.

Appreciate the pm if you do upz me. easier for me to monitor

Pending: Nil

Pending 2nd Round: Goalie, retepoet, botakhead

Baigonggong 26-06-2018 12:40 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Anyone want to exchange with my humble 6 point ? ( Note : u need to have at least a power 2 to trade )

ProjectAlice 26-06-2018 06:04 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by veins (Post 17499254)
upped you please check.

Add 5 points ka ... :p

Power666 26-06-2018 07:46 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Minimum 2 points to exchange

masterwanker 26-06-2018 09:09 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Min 7 pts for exchange .

0 in que .

Please be patient .

guest68 26-06-2018 09:14 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
8 pts for exchange :)

Tho66 26-06-2018 09:20 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
Hi Bros & Sis out there, I'm definitely welcome anyone with at least 4-Power Points who can help to up my points. My apology to those Bros & Sisters who have lesser than 4 power points & have upped my points as I won't in return up your points. Would like to seek your understanding on this requirement. Thanks.

For those Bros & Sisters who have at least 4-Power Points and have upped my points pls help to state your SBF nick in the "Comment" column so as I can in return up back your points. Pls also ensure that your latest posting is less than 48-hours old. Thanks.

Awaiting next in-line for me to up their points for the 2nd time.
Hurricane88, Sailsingapore, Koiz, Kalv, Smoky7, Rasta Marley, owl888, simple2kee, Prince7, bigbirdbird, Me Siam Bu, esssinine, TingTongLove, meatvegelove, SureScore, Goalie, ah rat, CoCK ShoCk, bigloser0, justl00king, MarlboroKen, Supervert

List of bros whom I need him to pm me his latest posting so as I can in return up his points. Thanks. :)
norice, bad^boi, virtualman, raiderxp, Rams75, wan25w, AVSPOP, Nemesis_v, shawnanderson, indignant, Driftmaster, gouflook, spatbrain, snowcap, happyguy801, howck001, elth, Sal1234, mariosuper, Honestkeith, Flinger(?), B-52, iceboy29125, tanner132, sing-a-poo, Aceyfox, BC77, jsparrow, linoleum3, fei_fei45, Eises2, F-boy, pixated, Nuaster, yaybaby, AhYe, jinsongsia, mingkia, tomboy

loneyheart 26-06-2018 10:14 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by veins (Post 17499254)
upped you please check.

Upped u bro :) Cheers

undergroundtree 26-06-2018 10:20 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by veins (Post 17499256)
upped you please check

Upped you a couple !:)

Me Siam Bu 26-06-2018 10:56 PM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.
All are welcome to exchange...
please be patient while I up each bro daily. Thanks!
Me Siam Bu
Wish to hit 10K before June
Bro & Sis Support Support

aturbo topguru lucky_lucky Seebeysong trichard 18sons Gilacow 木头和尚敲木鱼 Radiator

oxeso 27-06-2018 07:19 AM

Re: Thread for Exchange of Rep. Points.

Originally Posted by veins (Post 17499256)
upped you please check


MIN +4

Need PM from 2 bro/sis who upped with comment "Points up bro" n ''Thks bro'' but no nick. Tq..

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